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    posted a message on Post a photo of your first ever minecraft world show off what you have done since you first played Minecraft! #Nostalgia

    Awesome idea!

    Wow! You've really put a lot of work into your world. Looks great! Love the pixel art.

    I tried to create a new world in 1.7.10, but it crashed . . . I'll do the same if I can figure out the problem.

    EDIT: Fixed the problem. Render distance was set to 32, which isn't supported before 1.8.

    Render distance in 1.7.10 is 16 chunks, the maximum then. I should have turned my 1.9.2 screen shots down to 16 as well, but . . .

    Three shots from a newly-created 1.7.10 world with my seed and three shots from a copy of my vanilla, hard-difficulty survival single player world, Midgard, created July 2, 2014. I copied the world to enter creative mode, then deleted the copy. Screenshots are from today, taken for this thread.

    Screenshots are 1920x1080.

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    Quote from turbotonic27»

    did you say skeleton xp farm ? both my skeleton and zombie xp farms stopped working after 1.9 stupid update , piston grinder wont work any more . whats your design ?

    mine used to suffocate them until half a heart 1 punch kill . or splash potion of healing but now with this piston bug in 1.9.2 it just drags them in the wall and kills them no matter what .

    sorry i know this has nothing to do with enchanting

    Sorry, didn't notice your reply.

    I built it nigh on two years ago from a couple different videos, so I have no idea what one exactly. However, there are hundreds of examples.

    I have since recently found a very close skeleton spawner nearby my main base, Castle Midgard. When I rebuild it, this is the design I'll use:
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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    the cost per level (multiplier)

    "Multiplier!" Thank you! I think I can begin to process this all now.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that the multipliers don't seem to be priced by effectiveness to me; otherwise it would seem that Thorns, with three levels and a multiplier of 8/4, is the best enchantment in the game. If they balanced effectiveness with level cost, you'd be very right about Mending—I agree it's very powerful. Perhaps Mojang wants the enchantment to be available on all "favorite" items and the balancing factor, rather than levels, is its rarity. Mending is extraordinarily rare, even with an AFK fish farm, I've only manged an average of one a night in four or five nights. Just a thought.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    That would only be true for Feather Falling I; Feather Falling IV is four times more expensive because you have to multiply the enchantment cost by the enchantment level, which is 2 for Feather Falling (8 for FF IV) and 4 for Mending

    Perhaps this is what I'm missing: the enchantment levels of spells. You say the enchantment level of Feather Falling I is is 2. Where do I find a list of enchantment levels? Am I just not seeing it?

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    posted a message on Minecraft is laggy on my wife's PC

    Time for a new computer. Dig one out of the garbage bin if needed. If you were my neighbor, I'd give you a system with better specs than that.

    Here's a great gaming computer:

    CPU: Intel Core i5-6400 6M
    Motherboard: ASRock Z170 Pro4S
    Memory: G.SKILL 16GB (2 x 8GB) Ripjaws V Series
    Video Card: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 960 GV-N960WF2OC-4GD
    Power Supply: Thermaltake 700W TR2 TR-700
    Storage: SAMSUNG 250GB 850 EVO MZ-75E250B/AM
    Case: Corsair Carbide Series 200R
    Windows: Microsoft Windows 10 Home - 64-bit - OEM
    Monitor: ASUS VN248H-P
    Total: $1,015.37 at Newegg.com

    If you don't need a monitor or Windows, you save more than $230.

    Don't want a "gaming" computer? Take out the video card and save the $224. The processor has a built-on Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU.

    An Intel Pentium G4400 processor is only $65 right now, saving $125, and is more than . . . Well, it's so much faster than the P4 she has it can't even be compared. It's like comparing a skateboard to a motorcycle.

    So, with all those changes, you're down to a new total of $432 for what's really a still a great computer that will run Minecraft very well. Here it is in list form:

    CPU: Intel Pentium G4400
    Motherboard: ASRock Z170 Pro4S
    Memory: G.SKILL 16GB (2 x 8GB) Ripjaws V Series
    Power Supply: Thermaltake 700W TR2 TR-700
    Storage: SAMSUNG 250GB 850 EVO MZ-75E250B/AM
    Case: Corsair Carbide Series 200R
    Total: $432.43 at Newegg.com

    My strongest advice would be to use a solid state drive instead of a traditional mechanical hard disk drive. She has 80 GB now, so at nearly twice as much, the Samsung is more than enough.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I've been working on the interior of Castle Midgard.

    How does everyone like my outfit? Be honest. It makes me look fat, doesn't it?


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    I decided to try combining the books first, then enchant the boots as that is the order in which I have always done so in the past.

    Before doing so, I made a backup so I could see how much the other way would cost.

    The difference was dramatic.

    Combining the two books cost 2 levels. Combining the boots with the resulting book cost 22 levels for a total of 24, or 25 considering a named them "Cloudstriders."

    In an alternate universe, combining the boots first with Mending cost 17 levels and it cost another 31 levels to combine them again with Feather Falling IV for a total cost of 48 levels.

    My three questions remain, however.

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    Quote from Mr_N_Derman»

    When i first used the coordinates in MC, i was mightily perplexed by the apparent swap between the Y and Z axis; I've always understood Z to be depth/height ...

    Agreed. Instead of giving X/Y axis, we generally give X/Z.

    Of course, I'm no mathematician; I've never even played one on TV and I didn't even stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. So, I'm not the one to ask.
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    As far as I know, the effective outcome of this thread is the same no matter how (or whether) it's answered: I'll end up with a pair of boots that I'll never have to enchant again. So, it doesn't "matter" how I enchant these boots; Mending means I'll never have to worry about them again. Plus, I have a skeleton XP farm and stacks of diamonds, so levels and materials are of no real consequence either.

    However, I want to better understand this particular process.

    I understand the basics of enchanting. I understand there is an accumulating surcharge; I'm not seeking information about the surcharge in general so much as I am seeking to understand how it influences this particular enchanting process.

    Currently, I'm standing at my skeleton XP farm where I do all my enchanting. I have an anvil, enchanted diamond boots, and two books. The diamond boots are Protection IV, Depth Strider III, Unbreaking III. One book is of Mending and the other is Feather Falling IV. No other enchantments on either book.

    I want to add both Mending and Feather Falling IV to the boots if that's possible. I don't see any reason it wouldn't be, but I once tried to combine Sharpness and Smite, so I know some enchantments are mutually exclusive. From the wiki, I gather none of these are.

    The boots have been enchanted on the anvil once or twice before. They began as unenchanted boots and either a combination of books or a single book was used on the anvil to enchant them, I can't recall. They say NBT: 2 tag(s), which I think means they have been enchanted before.

    Adding Feather Fall to the boots says it will cost 19 levels; Mending costs 17.

    If I put the Mending book in the anvil's first slot, it says it will cost 4 levels to combine the books. But, it will only cost 2 levels with Feather Fall in the first slot.

    Here are my requests for explanations:

    1. What does "NBT: 2 tag(s)" on the boots mean? Does that mean it's been enchanted before?

    2. Why does the order in which the books are placed on the anvil change the cost? (Regardless of the order, it will combine into a single book with Mending and Feather Falling IV—so it's effectively the same book, right?)

    3. In what order would it be most efficient to combine these three items? Enchant Mending on the boots for 17, then enchant it with Feather Fall? Does it even matter—that is, would the final cost end up the same no matter how they are all combined? EDIT: see next post.

    I greatly appreciate helpful replies.

    EDIT: Reddit user Mariofan8811 explained the NBT tags: 1 by default, +1 if enchanted, and +1 if named.

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    posted a message on I died in lava

    We feel your pain. :-(

    When I read, "Just enchanted my gear of which had mending enchantments," I shuddered and winced sympathetically. That's a bad one. I've not yet managed Mending on more than just my bow and a pickaxe. If I were to lose either, it would hurt.

    Once, I jokingly said, "You don't know true loss until Minecraft teaches you." Obviously, that's hyperbole, but it burns. It really does.

    Mark it on the calendar as a bad day. It will hurt for some time, but you already know you'll eventually regain what you've lost.

    Uninstall that virus masquerading as a virus protector, though. Use Windows Defender. It works much better and is less intrusive, and is less of a resource hog, a win-win-win. Take it form an former IT professional.

    No, don't just uninstall it. Uninstall it with hate.

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    posted a message on Living in a Mooshroom Paradise [1.9 Vanilla Survival Journal]

    Very nice journal! I'm enjoying reading.

    Keep those skeletal horses until you find a saddle—they can make good mounts.

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    Certainly so.

    End cities will naturally generate far from the main island in which the battle with the Ender Dragon occurs, so long as one is playing 1.9, of course; it doesn't matter what version in which the End was created.

    I started my vanilla, hard-mode SSP world July 2, 2014—version 1.7.10—slayed the dragon a month later, have been playing it ever sense, and am now currently very much enjoying the elytra, end rods, and soon, dragon's breath arrows with my Power V, Infinity, Flame, Punch II, Unbreaking III, Mending bow, "Ember Reach."

    Once the dragon is slain, an End gateway portal (one of 20 maximum) will appear in a random location somewhere at the edge of the main island. They can be difficulty to see. Tossing an ender pearl inside will transport the player to an End city island far from the main island. I pillar up to the portal before throwing; a miss results in a trip to the Void, which isn't nice any time of the year.

    Regardless if the dragon was previously slain in an earlier version of Minecraft, it can be re-summoned in 1.9 by placing four end crystals on the exit portal; the pattern is easily found (one in the center of the edge on each side).

    Yes, 1.9 is quite a fantastic update!

    To those who are inexperienced, my advice is to take at least four stacks of arrows to do battle with the Ender Dragon, as well as a bucket of water for calming and defending against Endermen. I would not recommend fighting the dragon for the first time with all one's best equipment. Bring plenty of steak/pork and a few healing potions. Take a few stacks of dirt to pillar up the obsidian columns in the event of the need to do so. Absolutely, don't attempt to liberate an End City for the first time with valuables in your possession! I give that advice and I'm an avid hardcore player who thinks basic overworld combat is still a bit too easy in 1.9. The End Cities are just right, though—pretty tough!

    Here is a record of my first trip to an End City with lots of pictures:

    My Quest for Elytra Complete! (Pic Intense, End-Game Spoilers)

    Hope that helps!

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    posted a message on 1.9.2 AFK fish farm not working... Is it just me??

    Version 1.9.2 did not break .

    Perhaps you could post some details about your version of the AFK farm and what "doesn't seem to work anymore."

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    posted a message on [1.8.9] Mobs Keep Copying

    Returned from enchanting to find all three of my iron golems were gone . . .

    Very, very disheartening.

    I'll not rebuild them. No sense in constantly wondering if they're going to vanish into thin air.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Wow, that looks awesome! What else do you have planned for this castle?

    Too much to list! Much of the interior is hollow, so there is months of work there. The keep is far too dominating a feature of the castle—right now it seems more like Midgard Tower than Midgard Castle—so I'll have to think of ways to pull the viewers' eyes downward as well. Large, complex fountains may help. Beacons as well. I have only one currently, but would like three or four for decoration.

    Improvements to those two large turrets that don't have crenelations in front will greatly enhance the castle's appearance.

    Quote from rodabon»

    Looking good Sharpe. The Elytra gave you a reason to push on with the build eh? That's going to really give your castle some serious vertical dimension.

    Right, you are, Rodabon! Since I'm doing this in survival, I've been greatly enjoying my gliding down to sea level in order to review my progress. I also do a 360° fly-around every now and again, though I would like to be able to fly in one direction and turn my head another. However, the trip back up to the cupula takes much longer than I'd like. I plan to add a powered rail mine cart elevator to the middle section.

    The wings were a fantastic addition to Minecraft. I've been so busy with this build that I never have managed to obtain a book of Mending, so I've about worn the wings out. A trip to the End is in order, though I'd rather keep building, a rarity for me. Like I say, I don't consider myself a builder at all.

    I've finished the north-facing facade of the cupula. The details are very slightly different than the west side, but I can't figure out which way I like more. Also, I replaced the torches with ender rods on the top tip of the gable. Two sides left.

    Can't wait to install OptiFine for 1.9 (just checked; looks like there is a release build today). Today's progress so far would have made fine screenshots with shaders.

    Screenshots are 1920x1080 (so, right click and open in new tab for the tech-handicapped). Render distance 32.

    The castle is so massive and my render distance is so great that its size is deceptive. It actually seems smaller and closer in the images than it truly is. For example, if one falls from the top of the cupula just to the floor upon which it stands, death is very likely without armor. Even my Feathfall IV iron boots, I've been taken down to 3.5 hearts.

    Edit: Here's a view from the tower looking down to where I took those screenshots in Bleach Bone Forest (note red arrow):

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