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    posted a message on Quick player head question.

    Version 1.4.2/12w37a (2012): Added as a hidden and disabled feature, human heads can now have the skin of a specific player. A line in the language file implies that there either used to be, or in a future update, the possibility of obtaining a specific player's head. Player heads do not/will not drop in vanilla, but mapmakers/modders/etc. can make them by adding an NBT string tag "SkullOwner" -> (player name) on the skull items.

    November 7, 2012: Jeb states that the official opinion is that "[dropping] player heads [on player kills] are a bit too gory for Minecraft, so it's better suited for a plugin or mod."

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    posted a message on Inspirationless

    The best thing I've found to revitalize the adventure of vanilla survival play is to start a hardcore world. Suddenly, everything in the game matters a whole lot more. For example, one becomes very, very happy to find one's first coal and iron veins. Danger lurks around every corner. Just digging down to the lava layer becomes a harrowing battle sometimes.

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    posted a message on Lost Horse Canyon: Found a Horse From My Castle . . . Deep Underground in a Random Ravine About 2,500 blocks Away
    Quote from MotherLydia»

    The end of the World?

    I had to sigh and exhale loudly before answering.

    No, it's not the end of Midgard, and thanks for your interest.

    However, a different glitch—no doubt caused by turning Minecraft on and off repeatedly while I was trying to figure out what was going on with this damn horse—really put me in a sour mood.

    I'm currently playing two hardcore worlds at the same time. I'm sure I'll return to Midgard someday, but my presence on these forums is rapidly fading, as is this year's interest in the game for me. I haven't played in eight days and don't plan to play soon. I may go into Minecraft hibernation for six months, just as I have every year, which is why Midgard is 5,000 Minecraft days old and not 10,000 (like Mr N Derman's, above).

    My most recent post:

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    posted a message on Mysterious Arrow ...

    I don't know what caused it, but I was shooting arrows while looking for a glitched/invisible horse (which are all over in my pasture). I exited Minecraft and came back and the arrows were like that. Three or four times it happened. Vanilla 1.12.2.

    Of course, I know the arrows came from me, but this is a large biome world and I've not even found a frozen biome at all, so there are no Strays here. I've never collected dragon's breath and these were regular arrows.

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    posted a message on Mob farm, how to kill mobs and flush drops without a hopper floor

    If you place a hopper in a minecart, it will strangely suck items down through one block (of any sort) as it rolls on the tracks below it. Not sure if that saves a whole lot of iron and other resources or not, depending on the size of the floor. It's not a glitch and is a very common method of collecting mob drops. You then need a hopper unloading station:

    The video has both loading an unloading stations, but if you're using it to collect mob drops on the floor above the rolling minecart, you'll just need a way to get them out of the minecart hopper, and that's what the unloading station is for.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Minecraft day 100 in my vanilla, hardcore, single biome desert world I'm now calling "The Oasis."

    However, I'm not currently at the oasis. I'm about 1.2 km away at a location where I have constructed a villager breeder. It's right beside the future site of my skeleton spawner XP farm. While I decided not to AFK fish farm before slaying the dragon, I didn't mind waking up this morning and leaving my computer running all day as I was at work. It wasn't to "get ahead." I already have an over abundance of villagers in my world, of course—not to mention Mending for 14 emeralds. I just wanted to make certain the villagers will breed. They did!

    As I have cheap (<E20) access to Infinity (both in the breeder and in the world), the skeleton farm's arrows will be unneeded surplus. Too bad fletchers don't buy them. Neither do I need bone meal as Fortune III on my pick provides an overflow of potatoes and carrots. I will use it primarily to repair Mending equipment and fuel enchantments. I like skeleton spawner XP farms. I don't think they're too slow. I just AFK and surf the Internet as they fill up. Gives me a break. They're relaxing, in my opinion.

    I kidnapped relocated the testificates from the nearby village by simply pushing them into carts on rails. Though I found an abandoned mineshaft back at the oasis, traveling all the way there, then finding it, then fighting for its tracks when I have ample amounts of iron (more than a stack of blocks) made little sense, so I crafted them from what I had on hand. After hacking down all the village's doors, I left the two butchers behind to their doom. There are no pigs, cows or chickens in this world, so butchers are a waste of space and resources. I watched the zombies set to work as the sun sat behind the village.

    The population in the bubble city is thriving. Every so often, I take an axe to the green coats and white aprons, but it doesn't seem to faze the living. It's suppose to keep them from breeding for some short amount of time, but from what I can tell, it doesn't. At least, not noticeably. It's not like I'm keeping them in the bubble against their will. I tell them all the time, any time someone wants to leave, they're free to go.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Minecraft day 48 in my vanilla, hardcore, single biome desert world.

    After looting temples and smithies on my way to the oasis, I began branch mining. When I had exactly enough diamonds to forge a full suit of armor, a pick, and an enchantment table, I did so. At the same time, I had exactly 30 levels, so it was also time to construct bookshelves with stolen borrowed books from village libraries and start enchanting.

    On the table, none of the armor pieces had Protection (or Unbreaking) as options, so I enchanted the pick with Fortune III. I forgot to name it Hailstorm, but plan to do so later. I then imbued Hailstorm with one of the four Mending books I purchased near my spawn, about 3 km from the oasis.

    The whole process expended five levels, so after some deliberation, I decided not to add Mending to any of the diamond armor.

    I'm out of diamonds and don't have a diamond sword yet, but I rarely enter combat, so it's not a pressing concern.

    Though I would really, really like fire resistance potions, I've not yet entered the Nether. In fact, I've not done anything since forging my first diamond pick.

    (Above) With 30 levels and four Mending books, I'm ready to build an enchanting station.

    (Above) The enchanting station is as plain as it gets, but it's fully-powered.

    (Above) Forging Hailstorm on the anvil. I'd love to have Unbreaking III and Efficiency IV, but Fortune III is a godsend.

    (Above) My first suit of iron armor isn't that beat up so I expect the diamond to hold out nicely as I enchant it piece by piece.

    (Above) The oasis, MC day 48.

    (Above) The sun sets over the oasis on MC day 48.

    I haven't gotten around to making an infinite village breeder yet. Other than Mending, all the villages around are junk. Farmers are particularly rare and I make my emeralds primarily from potatoes and carrots, though paper is also a big seller.

    As shown in my last post, I have a skeleton spawner. So, I may relocate there to repair my Mending items and fuel enchanting, not to mention collect arrows for combat. It's only about 1 km away . . .

    . . . However, the oasis feels like home, so for now, I remain.

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on "Noob" woodland explorer map question

    Well, there's two glitches I've never saw or heard of before.

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    posted a message on Lava ocean world problem

    If you can find natural water, you can find sugar cane.

    I would wait until I got (Unbreaking III, Mending) elytra and would using the Punch II bow method of propulsion to look from above.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    While I am still enjoying my last hardcore world (see above), I started another hardcore world inspired by this thread. The only options were "hardcore" and "single biome (desert)."

    I hadn't given desert single biome a try since before 1.9 made dead bushes drop sticks. While I'm still waiting for planks made from sticks, it was a step in the right direction. Though one can get a creeper to blow up stone to make cobble, one can't turn cobble into a pick without a crafting table.

    There are villages, but I don't like relying on villages in my challenge worlds.

    Of course there are abandoned mineshafts for wood, but that relies too heavily on the RNG for me. Spawn too far from one and starvation is immanent. Digging without tools is no fun at all, either. I just don't like hunting for abandoned mineshafts in desert worlds (though I'm fine with it for mesa worlds!).

    I chose the lesser of my two dislikes and made a desert world without changing any options. I knew there would be a whole lot of temples and villages, and with villages came all sorts of food. While that doesn't make for much of a challenge world (like my two favorites, Frozen River and Mesa), I figured it would be fun. That's what the game's all about.

    (Above) For a barren world of infinite sand, there sure is a lot of water.

    I spawned in a river and went toward the nearest village, which was on the horizon of my 32-chunk render distance.

    Of the very first two villagers I saw, one was a librarian.

    Yes, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be really, really funny this time, considering what happened last time, if the first testificate and librarian I meet was again selling Mending for a cheap price? Oh, wow wouldn't that be really rich!"

    (Above) Nope. Wasn't any funnier this time around.

    Not only was he selling it for cheap, it's the cheapest price possible: 14 emeralds. I gnashed my teeth. I wasn't even going to get the chance to put this guy in glass, I doubted.

    I left the village and eventually traveled west. Where I found something completely unexpected . . .

    (Above) A tree!

    . . . A tree! I didn't think trees would grow in the desert! Indeed, they don't, but they do in the river biomes, and along one's bank is where I found it.

    It was at that moment, I decided to take the world seriously, even though I already had one going strong. Of course, with this being hardcore, a backup won't hurt!

    I journeyed farther to the west, spotting a skeleton spawner along my trek.

    I continued for about 3,000 blocks before I spotted another tree. Walking closer revealed a green oasis.

    About 3,000 blocks from spawn, I finally found "home."

    I'll keep everyone posted on this world. I didn't play much, but I've managed all iron tools, partial iron armor and a bow so far. Time to branch mine.

    Thanks for reading!

    EDIT: End of first day pics (MC day 14):

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    posted a message on Infinite deserts.
    Quote from Aurantifolia»

    I've been able to get wood from mineshafts, I wish I could find a sapling.

    Your post inspired me to give Deserts a try again. Single biome and Hardcore are the only two options I selected.

    I found a tree about 3,000 blocks from spawn:

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    posted a message on Infinite deserts.

    Pretty cool crater you've found there!

    I'm not a builder, so I don't have any suggestions for that.

    However, for a single-biome challenge, I like Frozen River and Mesa best.

    For Deserts, there's no reliable way to get wood above ground, which is required for survival, so I'm not a real big fan of those. It became a lot more viable in 1.9 when dead bushes started dropping sticks, but reliance on villages (or the RNG for a world seed) is the only dependable way to survive, and I'm personally not a big fan of that style. Still, I have a Desert-only hardcore game going.

    Frozen River is a flat, infinite plain of ice with tiny little islands dotted here and there. Rarely, there will be a tree growing out of one, so gathering wood is possible.

    To me, a Mesa single-biome world seems even hotter than a Desert one due to the Mesa's reds and oranges. It also generates a lot of Abandoned Mineshafts at the surface, so wood can be obtained that way.

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    posted a message on what should i build?

    Welcome aboard, Ruax!

    You might take a look at the What have you done recently? thread for some inspiration by seeing what other forumites are currently building. I'm not much of a builder, so I'm of little help.

    There's also the What to Build: The List, the third most popular thread on the forum, and, though locked, the 1001 things to add to your house thread right below it.

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    posted a message on I am doing something wrong..

    Dying often while learning how to play Survival is common. You'll die less as you learn from your mistakes. However, like TheRealFanatic said, we need more information about the deaths for us to help you understand what mistakes are being made.

    Generally, if you're having problems at the beginning:

    • Sleep in a bed every night right at dusk.
    • Immediately craft a shield to defend against skeletons.
    • Craft a full set of iron armor as soon as possible.
    • Keep your construction area very well lit.
    • Light caves fully as you explore.
    • Return home often to unload inventory into chests.

    I would think a person would get bored in Peaceful, but I know a number of people who enjoy it. Like TRF said, it seems Peaceful is a good in-between for Survival and Creative.

    Still, lava (and later, the Void) is the ultimate equalizer. Everyone has a sad "lava ate my diamonds" story.

    You can press F3 to display the debug screen to see a block's light level. Anything 7 or below can spawn a monster.

    If you're seeking diamonds, branch mining at Y=11 is the preferred method, but again, lava is a constant and very dangerous threat.

    Good luck!

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    posted a message on Spider Jockeys Still Around?

    Wow! A reply from the Minecraft celebrity himself!

    Quote from King_Ray»

    The way you can obtain them has changed for now due to a bug. Spider jockeys can't spawn naturally but can spawn through mob spawners. Chicken jockeys can't spawn naturally but can from mob spawners as well as baby zombies jumping onto near by chickens. Husk chicken jockeys can't spawn naturally nor from mob spawners but can as baby husk jumping onto near by chickens. Stray spider jockeys can no longer be obtained in the game in 1.12 and same goes for Stray horsemen jockeys

    That's how I understood it after reading your report, except I didn't know there ever was even supposed to be Stray horsemen!

    Thanks for the videos!
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