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    1. What is your in-game name? SharpMaxwell
    2. Your age. 16 (I hope this isnt an issue)
    3. Your country or timezone. Eastern Time (US & Canada
    4. Why are you interested in joining an SMP server? I just want a chill vanilla server to play on and maybe make some freinds, I dont really like playing in singleplayer cause it feels lonely.
    5. Do you consider yourself an experienced Minecraft player or are you a beginner? I consider myself experienced, ive played minecraft java for most of my life and have hosted my own servers before
    6. Have you ever been a part of any other Minecraft community like this before? Ive been a part of multiple SMPs, ive also hosted/administered my own in the past with around 700 people in the community
    7. What sort of a person are you IRL? Do you have any other hobbies? Im kinda a shy person irl, I like the normal stuff like videogames and computers.
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