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    posted a message on Big Updates or Small Updates?

    Sorry if this belongs in Discussion I haven't used these forums in months.

    So Searge sent out a tweet saying people to not panic that 1.10 is coming so early. This sparked a conversation on Reddit and I'm curious to what you guys think about it. Would you rather have Big Bulky updates every year or small/medium sized updates every few months?

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    posted a message on What do you think of the current state of the game?

    I like it enough, I really really wish that they improve the terrain soon.

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    posted a message on Please change 1.9

    You say it takes no skill now, what. It took no skill before all you had to do was spam the mouse button or runaway because dr.spam wouldn't stop 'mlging' you and you sound like a spammer whos mad because all of sudden you have to do different things.

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    posted a message on Minecraft is ruined for me.

    Oh dear god no! 20=40 fps! HOW TERRIBLE! You need to stop being such a whiny little baby, I play with 10-30 FPS without optfine. and oh god no, someone is quiting the PC version because of that, like holy crap, get optifine or something.

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    posted a message on 1.9 combat, is this really going to be the new combat?

    Hopefully instead of adding like hit in the face hit in the stomach combo kill or whatever they just add more weapons/arrows and stuff not complicated stuff.

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    posted a message on Ex Nihilo (the Skyblock companion mod)

    I just launched the worlds first Kickstarter for a Minecraft mod.

    Please help me spread the news guys!


    Could you explain why you need 10k to make a mod?

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    posted a message on What is your favorite website?
    Some stuff I can't post on here or I'll be banned.
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    posted a message on Something like Minecraft 2.0
    I like this idea Suppart.

    Awlso, game versions don't work like that, it'd be 1.10 (or something like that) instead of 2.0.
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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Quote from BeacanGaming»
    Hello people!

    My names Joe (otherwise know as Beacan/BeacanGaming on YouTube and other games) and I'm from rainy old England! I'm 24 year's old and have been gaming for most of my life. I pretty much enjoy every genre and type of game out there but love to be challenged by games, game's that require no brain usage usually get boring for me in the first 30min's of playing it.

    I've played many MMO's in my time and enjoy gaming mostly on my PC but i also enjoy playing on my Xbox 360 or PS4 (not getting a XboxOne until the new Halo is out!)

    When I'm not gaming I'm usually spending time with my mate's or getting drunk at the pub! lol

    I hope to become a useful member of the Minecraft Forum community and get to know a few of you better So far I've found this community to be one of the better and more active one's out there on the internet.

    I recently started myself a YouTube channel to pass some time and I'm loving it so far

    If anyone get's lonely don't hesitate to drop me a PM, I'm always up for a chat (trying to keep this post as less creepy as possible..)

    Thanks for reading


    Welcome to da forams.
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    posted a message on Pokèmon timeline?
    Okay, I don't think the remakes should count. Because that's exactly what they are. Remakes.

    Pretty sure the entire series is basically a remake of every other one just with different names, better graphics and new Pokemon.
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