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    Quote from MrWiggliesยป
    The cave system in pre 1.7 was the worst thing I could remember. Almost every surface looked like they were torn apart (something like ripped surface openings that you see in apocalypse movies). Apart from that, there were so many intersecting caves, it almost seem like the underground is very hollow and unstable (not that minecraft does realistically applies physics). Exploring caves back then was like doing a chore (unless that player is fond of mining, just like you).

    I have to agree with you, it is the most caved world that everyone probably can see. Is this the world where you actually mined 1 million cobblestones? Somehow, I also thought that the world was way bigger than this (unless that was your other modded world, sorry I got confused).

    im not the only who plays apocalypse games on minecraft or


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