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    posted a message on Can't log into the Launcher after Acc migration

    I migrated my account and set up a Microsoft account with the email I already had in use.
    So the email used to log into the launcher should still be the same, I thought, and went to log in but it won't let me do so.
    I tried all the passwords that I have in use (in case I forgot which one it was that I used while migrating the acc) but no luck. Nothing works.

    Anyone know how to fix this or what I am doing wrong?

    Fixed. If only I could read...
    I had to go back on the login screen (which opens with the halfway filled in information on the wrong page by default, might I add. Completely making idiots like me just try to log in again and again...on that wrong page.) and select what account to log in with. Amazing.

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