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    posted a message on 🏝🌳[~LostMC~]πŸŒ³πŸπŸ‘ [1.12.2] πŸŒ‹ BUILDING COMPETITION - WE NEED YOUR VOTES - CLICK FOR DETAILS


    We just finished hosting out first building competition. Now we need you guys to check out the builds, and vote for your favourite.

    The theme was caverns, so hop onto our server @ PLAY.LOSTMC.ORG

    Once you get there do /COMP

    This will take you to the competition grounds, you will see some signs, click to visit each competition build.

    Once you have seen them all, run the command /COMPVOTE to get the link for voting.

    We appreciate your time checking out these builds.

    Remember the theme is CAVERNS so its whats on the INSIDE that counts!

    On LostMC we offer an experience.
    A vanilla-ish survival server, for the players who enjoy a fun, community based game.
    Read below to see what the server offers.
    We hope to see you soon.


    - Multiple Worlds [EARTH - Vanilla MineCraft terrain, and UTOPIA - Custom terrain with higher mountains, deeper valleys, larger/more realistic trees, so very different from Vanilla MineCraft]

    - Teleportation [Warps to major spots on our map, as well as set homes]

    - Ranks [A free PEASANT rank gives you a few more abilities, and we have 4 purchasable donor ranks that give you a wide variety of extra powers]

    - Magical Items [Custom crafted magical items, including: FlyCard, HealCard, WildCard - and many more to come]

    - Resource World [A special world, just for collecting resources and looting, resets often, to make sure you have access to all the best things, as well as keep our main world clean and tidy]
    - Land Claims [Earn claim blocks as you play or buy more claim blocks, claim and protect your land and posessions]
    - Real Estate [Buy and sell land claims, create towns or villages to interact with your friends]

    - Votes/Crates [Vote for the server and reap some great benefits]

    - Jobs [Join jobs and earn money to spend on the server]

    - PlayerMarket [Players can rent shops, remodel/decorate how they choose, and easily sell items to make more money]

    - Quests [**COMING SOON**] [Adventurous quests to give you something else to work towards]

    - Furniture [Use some fun new furniture pieces to decorate your home]

    - SlimeFun [More tools, more machines, more plants, more weapons - something for the you to really work towards]

    - Balanced Economy [Working towards making the economy on this server a little more balanced, and less of a focus]

    - Fair play! [Not even staff have access to /fly - we all play the same game]

    So what are you waiting for… join us on LostMC, and try a server that isn’t so ordinary, or very ordinary, up to you!

    IP: play.lostmc.org [1.12.2]

    Join our DISCORD if you would like to chat with us and suggest some ideas for our server.

    Check out our WEBSITE

    -Shane (Your friendly Owner)

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    posted a message on Please help me restore my server world

    i just downloaded your world, ran it and it crashed.... I changed the randomTickSpeed to 100 (to test) and it seems to be running fine now :) So give that a whirl

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    posted a message on Optifine

    So you DONATED to optifine, and want your money back?

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    posted a message on 🏝🌳[~LostMC~]πŸŒ³πŸπŸ‘ [1.12.2] πŸŒ‹ BUILDING COMPETITION - WE NEED YOUR VOTES - CLICK FOR DETAILS

    Thank you guys all for your kind words.

    I am so happy to have you on this server.

    You truly are the best team of players.

    I really hope we get some more awesome players to join in on our fun!


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    posted a message on [SurviveMC] 99% Vanilla - Mature 18+ Quality Community [Grief-Free] [Friendly] [Hard] [Contests] [1+Yr Old]

    Hi KrNel

    I joined this server because I wanted a place to play with Mature players.

    Most of the players on here are pretty mature except for yourself.

    So I just wanted to point out a few things.

    #1 Youre pretty rude, you need to learn to speak a little more politely. No need to be an ass when someone hasnt read your "intro rules document" word for word.

    #2 That document needs to be cleaned up a bit, you clearly have anger management issues that are showing thru in your presentation. You say "CRAP SHACK" about 15 times(i didnt actually count i just know its a lot) Politeness goes a VERY long way.

    #3 How you handle your forum posts. I read thru a lot of the posts on your forum for the server. Most of your replies are quite rude. Lighten up.

    #4 For a server that is looking for "MATURE" players, you seem quite immature yourself. I am 31 years old and I do not appreciate your condescending tone in your remarks or how you talk to people.

    #5 Leaving, when I left the game I told people that i was leaving because of you. One of them admitted to me that you talk down to EVERYONE like that. Not cool bud, not cool. IF you want to run a mature server, lead by example. Be helpful, be polite. Again, kindness goes a long way.

    Lastly, I run my own server. And i decided to join yours as an escape from mine. Sometimes being an admin can be overwhelming, and its nice to get away, and just play, without having to help other players. But your server was just not the one for me.

    I hope that more departing players share their feedback with you, because I think you need to see it a little more.

    Kindest Regards,


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