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    posted a message on Hammer and Sickle Banner Symbol

    I'm fairly certain Mojang would like to not use political symbolism in their textures, especially things such as swastikas or Soviet emblems.

    You're welcome to use or make a resourcepack to convert the Mojang logo on a banner into a sickle, but as far as making it an actual asset, it's no doubt a big no.

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    posted a message on how do i get the oldest version of the game?
    Fyi, when a user answers your question, it is not polite to be rude and insult them as you have done. This is just friendly advice from one member to another.
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    posted a message on MCProHosting - World's Largest Game Server Provider - Official Host of: Hypixel, ZexyZek, LootCrate, SkyDoesMineCraft and more!
    Quote from Blaked_Potato

    I am here to ask if I could please have a server hosted for me.

    How much RAM I want : Enough for 5-10 players at a time for say a month and if the server is popular I would like an upgrade to 15 or 20 if possible and also enough to have a few plugins I would like.

    Plugins I would like: My whole reason for making this server is becuase I have recently been seeing the amount of towny servers go down so my main plugin would be towny. Some others I would need would be something permissions related, essentials, something for a money system such as iConomy and some others that I can't think of off the top of my head.

    What I hope to do with the server: Again my reason I would like to make this server is to provide the joy of a towny server I have seen the number of towny servers going down in the last few months and are being replace by factions or whatever the golden shovel one is. I have played on many in the past and have loved the joy of knowing what I build is safe from harm. I also would like to help people who have trouble with minecraft such as new players and players who struggle with things such as crafting recipes.

    What I would do different to that other server: My server would be a place with peace during most of the week and a war on 1 day most likely a Saturday or Sunday. It would also have very different donation ranks with many more and different permissions to other servers some of these would be permissions such as fly, god, hat, different kits and much much more. When I have the donation store brining in enough money to pay for the server hosting I would happily pay for it.

    Conclusion: I know it is a big thing to ask for a free server but I think it is as big as some other things I could probably find on this fourm really all I am asking for is a minecraft server with 5-10 slots and about 256 MB of RAM.

    Thank you for taking this into consideration


    I just wanted to clarify I only want it free for about 3 months so I have time to get donations set up and get money to pay for the sever.

    Quote from Shadowclaw

    Dear MCProHosting,

    Hello, I would like to request to see if I could earn a free server, for the Mac I am running on won't port forward even after all the steps and trick I use. My Mac could work with the Vanilla server, but none else could join due to connection problems. My server was 2 gigs and held 100 people, which only one slot could be filled at a time. The other server I own is a free Bukkit server, which lags out with just 2 people on it on my old PC. Also, the Bukkit server crashes occasionally for no purpose at all and installing plugins takes decades. Both of these servers were called tfarCevitageN, but neither really worked out well. If you could help, I would be more than happy to accept and help out. I already have a website dedicated to the servers ( and DonationCraft will hopefully be able to be installed by you if you could make a free server for myself. (P.S. I have a PayPal, but no money is currently placed inside the account because I have a lack of money.)


    Just going to point out that both of these requests would be like going to a store and asking if you could borrow a TV for a year. The host does not want to lend out free servers at the risk that you might not ever pay them back for the service, just as the store does not want to do the same. How server hosting works is they make money off of your payment to rent out a server. No money, no server. That's really all there is to it. Your only other alternative is a portforwarded server on your local machine, but at the cost of your ISP charging you for using more bandwidth than you are permitted, or having your parents pay a big chunk of a bill.
    Quote from schauera30

    Made my account just to warn you guys of this server host. do not use paypal with them as they set up an automatic payment system just like any other company such as blizzard,microsoft,etc would use but hide in their ToS that they do not cancel when you cancel or terminate the server and continue to take money out of your paypal account/ bank account for a service you arent even using. I lost about 75$ on this company that they refuse to refund to me because they say that their ToS informs of this situation yet when I had created the server nothing told me this outside of the ToS and when they had sent an email to confirm cancellation of the server they did not tell me of ending the automatic payments.

    Again I warn you of this because even after exchanging emails with their customer support they will still not refund me the money for a product I didnt even have and hide behind their ToS so they can take money out of your account for free.

    As someone who has used the Paypal subscription system, I can say this is false. If you subscribe on Paypal, it is your own fault for not unsubscribing on Paypal, because of ignorance of the system. Not MCPro's for not telling you. Their ToS has nothing to do with it.
    Quote from JaackMC
    When I was using MCProHosting I had a very bad experience. Their Multicraft panel was very slow to load and during the time we were there they had lots of downtime with the panel, too. However the server itself was okay and did as it should.

    Have experienced this off and on, but this isn't their fault. It's your connection to the domain. This happens all across the internet wherever you go, its your ping. Make sure you don't have multiple programs or windows connected to the network and see if the speed goes up. Again, it is on your end, not theirs.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10/1.7.11] Optifine HD for Minecraft
    Optifine 1.7.9 has not been released, and it is still at 7.4. It's kind of rude to hoodwink people like this...
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    posted a message on [1.7] Using /summon & /give DataTags in Map-Making (TUTORIALS)
    Quote from Caleb1475

    How do u summon a mob that has its health showing like the wither
    and give it mote health?
    I don't even know if that's possible..Wither is a boss, and te reason it shows its health is because it has a crapton of it.
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    posted a message on hire a Decorator/builder for free!
    Quote from nerdygirl2002

    I'm going to side with her on this end. You are all stereotyping based off a name and age. This is partially why I stopped coming here, the lot of you can be real jerks sometimes, regardless of the topic. That is rude and disrespectful, when you generalize before you have proper evidence to prove you are correct with your assumption.

    My ign is Adrilidexus, my skin is a metrosexual survivalist in fatigues. I'm the complete opposite. I do creative over survival, and am more of a joker instead of a leader. You wouldn't know this based off the skin or name, though.

    *steps off soapbox*
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    posted a message on A huge message to ANYONE who goes to school!
    Quote from TheEBlocker

    search up "antisocial personality disorder" on wikipedia
    Antisocial and APD are not the same. I am antisocial, but I am not psychopathic, nor do I commit crimes. Not everyone with APD is a lawbreaker either, just like not everyone with Autism is mentally incapable or everyone with MPD is insane. This is generalizing without solid proof, and it is wrong.

    You cannot take on bullying with violence. Take it from someone with a short fuse, has put his mom in a headlock because he went over the edge, and has literally thrown a kid into a wall for kicking him in the crotch. All violence does is fuel the fire. If you want to tackle injustice, you have to tackle it rationally and with moral.

    In the world we live in, though, it all comes down to survival of the fittest. Can you survive the torture and pain of bullying or not? Can you grow up past it and learn to be the better person, or will you do just what they do as a means of "revenge"? From what I get, you would do the latter and fight back, and that is wrong. You cannot let anger fuel you, nor let violence be the only way to do anything.

    Mind you, I do agree with the socializing with the outcasts. In fact, I founded a cliche in my school built and controlled by just that, outcasts. We don't fit in, and we are proud to be different. We are seen as the dark ones, because of our music tastes and how we are faithless in any religion(I grow up in the Bible Belt. You're either Christian or your not here in East Texas.), but while we may be shy and not talk to anyone throughout the day, when we're together at lunch, we're far more social than you could believe. And that's not even factoring in how we are around our own family.

    People will always be shy, there's no way to fix that. They have to learn to work around it and use it to their own needs and benefit, or grow out of it. As said, maybe the loners are the loners. Maybe that's just what they want to be, alone. It doesn't make them a weirdo, or an antisocial person, or even someone illegal. It means they are who they are. Different and unique.

    EDIT: I might add that even though people may appear to be jerks, they won't always be. The preps, the jocks, the geeks and nerds, the metalheads, they can be friends. It's like The Breakfast Club in a way, but in real life and not as mushy gushy with the romance. So don't generalize people just because of how they act, and don't compile a whole cliche as that because of that one person. Everyone will change, just give them time.
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    posted a message on mojang is being silly because they haven't learned anything from optifine
    To everyone bringing up the new computer argument:

    Computers aren't cheap. And buying a new one won't solve the problem. My desktop runs Windows 7, 3GB RAM, and a 300GB hard drive. It was bought for image and video editing, but I have since used it for gaming and spriting personal textures. Now, on all other games, the FPS is great on the lowest graphic settings, and even on med settings, with a framerate of 20+fps. But Minecraft had a bad habit of dipping into 10fps and even 3fps at rare occasions. When I installed Optifine, I was able to use the Far render with no lag problems whatsoever, and if there ever was any lag, I would just restart my Minecraft and it would be back to normal speed.

    Now, after working my you-know-what off in a chicken farm scooping manure and culling crippled chickens for over three weeks, I had enough money to buy myself a personal laptop. I got one with Windows 8, 4GBRAM and a 500GB hard drive, and an above average processor and video card. All other games, again, worked fine. But Minecraft? It was like I had died and went to hell, it was so laggy and choppy every five to ten seconds. Again, I installed Optifine, and the lag was gone. I could play on the best graphic settings able, no problems whatsoever.

    So while the common argument is "buy a new computer", you need to take into account a few factors:

    A ) Computers cost money. Money needs a job to earn. Some people aren't as rich as you believe them to do and are struggling, such as me and my family. We don't have the money to waste on a PC, and neither does majority of other gamers.

    B ) A new computer doesn't fix everything. It's not always the computers fault, and its not worth it to trash it for a new one if the problem itself isn't fixed after doing so. Complete waste of well-earned money.

    Heck, Minecraft could probably even be played on an old Windows 95 with a bit of swapped tower components, etc. It's not always the whole computer itself, and if that's why you guys keep suggesting it...well, I feel sorry if you bought a new computer just for Minecraft if your previous one was perfectly fine on everything else. You wasted hundreds when you could have used what you already had...:\

    If I recall, Horses came from Mo' Creatures, and Mojang collaborated with the creator to create them as an in-game mob for 1.6.2, correct? So the same could be done with the makers of Optifine, if so wished. If not, it's nobody's fault, and we can just deal with it as best as we can. That is just my argument, though.
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    posted a message on I need to convince my dad to buy me minecraft...
    Spend your own money on a Visa/Mastercard Gift Card in the store and use the serial number like you would a normal credit/debit card to buy the game yourself, that's how I buy my magazine subscriptions and other things online.

    It's really not your place to tell your dad how he should spend his money, especially for a game for you. Your parents worked for their money, they don't need a child to tell them how to spend it, when the kid can use his own money to buy things for himself, like he'll have to out in the real world.

    I swear, kids these days are starting to act as if they deserve everything they want just by asking...You can hate your dad for not buying it for you, but he doesn't have to. There is no rule or law, when you can get it yourself. It's his money, he'll spend it based off priorities, and Minecraft would be a very very very low priority, compared to sustaining you and your health.

    Just buy it yourself. Don't make or convince your parents to do jack. That is manipulative and not the child's place. You don't govern them, they don't have to.

    Sorry if I'm coming across as blunt or rude, but I'm being as sincere and serious as I can put it into words. Your dad and mom don't have to spend their well-earned money on a PC game for you that isn't as important as your shelter, food, health, life, family, etc. You can just use your own money for that. Not theirs.
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