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    Quote from Nerevar

    Strange... I guess this just isn't real, then.

    What kind of ungodly computer do you run that you get 243 fps! :steve_shocked:
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    posted a message on Keep Emerald Ore in Game Petition

    I'm fine with it being rare. People just need to understand that mining is not the main way to get emeralds but just a side way and nothing more.
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    I doubt that villager trading will be out soon because the AI programmer has been working on scrolls not minecraft for a little while now. Don't worry though he will come back to minecraft.
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    posted a message on List of changes and additions we can expect in 1.3
    Currently a lot of people seem to e uneducated about 1.3 so this should help clear things up. This is a list of what we know is coming in 1.3.
    • Editable books will be added made with a book, ink sac, and feather
    • Books will now use leather in the recipe so it takes 3 paper and one leather
    • Each type of wood will have its own slab
    • Multiplayer and single player will merge(more info later on)*
    • Various things will now have shift clicking enabled
    • Mine carts and boats can be launched form dispensers
    • Mod API(currently being developed by the bukkit team there will be at least a server side version but may not be a client version)
    • Cheat option allowed in single player(you can enable server commands on single player)
    • Chat setting in the menu( Chat on/off, colors etc.)
    • Pick block feature(was already there is just getting revamped)
    • Silk touch works on ice and glass panes(ice will not turn into water in the nether)
    • Bonus Chests(a chest is spawned when the world is generated with a random assortment of tool/food)
    • Hardcore added in multiplayer(if you die you are banned, if everyone dies the world is deleted)
    • Wooden tools can be used as fuel in furnaces
    • Cocoa beans have a 1/200 chance from dropping form jungle tree leaves(works like apples in regular trees)
    • Server side texture(a recommend texture pack can be set and the server will prompt players to download it when logging on)
    *The current combination if single player and multiplayer is very buggy. It is designed to do multiple things. It is unclear weather this will be in 1.3 or not but it is designed to allow players to invite other players to join them on a single player world. The combination also decreases lag on a server. This will not get rid of servers, it will just allow players to host local servers off their single player worlds. People would only be able to access these worlds if the host is playing on that world and the person trying to get on was invited.

    Thank you for reading if you feel i have missed anything please feel free to comment below.
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    posted a message on /help, /toggledownfall (weather command!)
    Quote from Windows_i7_920

    Latest snapshot, turn cheats on. Yes, then they are. Its epic.

    These commands have been in the game since 1.0. the only new thing is that in last weeks snapshot you could enable them in single player.
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    posted a message on When will snapshot come out?
    well it will probably close to the end of may being that they want to implement the mod API(at least the server part) into the game by 1.3 and there will not be a 1.2.6.
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    This mod is wonderful.
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    posted a message on "New sandstone-like texture spotted in 1.2 terrain.png, what could it mean?"
    It looks like a similar style to the new stone block. They both look almost like blocks for an accent temple or something.
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    posted a message on What about the spider jockeys
    Personally i would be happy with just a spider jockey egg.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] MoreCreative 2.5 - Creative mode categories, custom lists, search bar, mob spawner/painting/time/weather control, enchan
    Quote from Twicie

    could you make it that the enchantment menu is aviable in survival please?

    it is available you just need to allow the mods features in survival by going into the mods menu by pressing c
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