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    posted a message on The Redstone Water Wheel!
    Instead of a wood plank, how about "Wood" in the middle and filling the corners for the crafting?
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    posted a message on Improvement to the Hoe
    We all know the hoe is one the least destroyed items in Minecraft (unless you mass farm) and should have more uses than just tilling land. But to get this post done straightforward let me get on to it.

    The idea is that hoes should be able give you a CHANCE to get extra crops outputs. This way you will find yourself making more hoes to break wheat (or whatever) with it to give you extra drops. Each tier would give you a different chance. This is to work on all plants, generally speaking. So wheat, pumpkins, grass, flowers, etc would be able to give more.

    Here are my suggested chances:
    Wood: 0.5%
    Stone: 2%
    Iron: 5%
    Diamond: 8.5%
    Gold: A surprising 20%

    Each time you break a crop it would take down a durability of "1".
    Gold has a 20% chance since of the low durability, but this can be easily countered with an unbreaking enchantment, but you might want to think twice before using all your level ups on that hoe to get extra food, but an exp farm could re counter this.

    This is to give the hoes another use rather than just tilling land, you will barely go through an iron hoe in your game play of one world unless, as stated above, mass farm. But every time you break a crop it would go through that chance of the tool and if it passes, you get 2 times as much wheat, but for melons that's alot, So melons would be 1.5 times of your drop you would get using anything other than the hoe.

    So that's the idea. Ask me questions if you need more information of what I need to put in. And yes, I've gone through the search bar.

    Sorry if explained horrible.
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    posted a message on New Swimming animation
    I recently was playing the Alpha version (No corrupted files, whew!) and I was swimming, so I thought the Alpha swimming animation would be be good because it looks like your character is actually pushing to make him swim instead of the simple slower walking animation.

    Really no more detail is probably needed, but just in case, ask!

    Thanks for reading!
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    posted a message on Wool armor
    Wool should have another use of being cheap armor.

    Crafting recipe would be the same as in all the armor.

    The amount of armor for leather is 3.5.
    Wool armor can be 2.0 (Chest: 1, Helmet: 0.5, Leggings: 0.5, Boots: Just to complete the set so it's not a "no boot armor").

    Durability would be half or two-third of leather armor.

    Enchantability would be 6 (Iron is 9, which is the lowest).

    Overall, it's easy to make but it doesn't do much, more of an armor to get you started in the game though it won't last long in the beginning. But at least on servers you can get easy armor if you have shears or able to kill alot of sheep.

    Note: All info was from the wiki.

    Thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on Minecraft disc music
    I suggest a simple idea. Add music disc with the Minecraft music (Such as when you are just walking around).

    It would drop from Creepers and be found in chest, but would much rarer than regular disc, since it's ambiance music. It would be, about 4-6% in chests (Regular % is 8%).

    So that's the idea, it's simple so there's not much more to tell about it. If there's anything wrong, please ask.

    Thank you for reading.
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    posted a message on Torches in pots
    This is a simple idea. Combines both pots and torches into one. You can place torches in pots as if they were candles. The dirt inside the pot can be changed to (I don't know, any ideas?) something other than dirt.

    No new crafting recipes since pots and torches, are already in. A little less light radius (3 less light radius than the regular torch?).

    Anyways that's the idea, if you need me to explain more in detail on a specific topic of this idea, ask.
    Thank you for taking time to read!
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    posted a message on Mini Map with Waypoints
    Wouldn't it be better that you can mark waypoints on the map? But like it's a feature that you can set where you want to set the waypoint marker on the map.
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    posted a message on Crates
    This utility block would be interesting for Minecraft. As the title states, crates. It's small simple idea that can be used alot in survival for moving items in your base. Crates work like chest, except you pick them up with all the items inside and you are restricted to carry it as your only block until you place it in a place. Crates store one less row than the chest (Horizontally, to keep this balance I guess...), and can't turn into double crates (due to picking up one side only). When you pick up the crates, it does slow you down to slowness II (60% movement speed) for one row, then slowness III (40% movement speed) for the 2nd row of items. To pick it up will be breaking it, but to actually pick it up and move it at normal speed, you have take out ALL the items and then you can pick it up normally. You can't drop it when you're carrying it when it has items in it.

    Crafted as said

    P P
    P= Wooden planks (any color)
    W= Wood (The tree block)

    Isn't really hard to craft. 5 pieces of wood and you can make one crate (1 more piece of wood for the table)

    If you make it out one complete color it will be that color, if made out different colors of wood, then the wood you used most will take over the look. Woods and planks can be interchanged.

    So what do you guys think? Can be for a mod, but it deserves to be placed in the actual game.
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    posted a message on Gunpowder lines
    It's a simple idea that gunpowder can be like string. You place it like string. But when you do something that makes fire go on it, it starts burning with a fuse and it destroys the gunpowder on the way. At end of the line, it sets the block in front of the other side of the line on fire! This can also be automated with a such device that shoots a fire charge or something that can ignite it. It's a simple idea that gives gunpowder another function.

    What do you guys think? Do you think this should be implemented?

    Note: Sorry if I explained it terribly, I'm not good at explaining things...
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    posted a message on Zombies spawn and hording AI
    I like that they made the night more feared, but endless amounts of zombies due to player damage. A simple task of killing a zombie near your house to get in can turn into a disaster. But I personally fight good and especially that they are slow. But the first nights will be a bit hard for new players, but peaceful is there.
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