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    posted a message on Error in class 'CodecJOrbis'

    My son wants to play Minecraft and I got an account.

    I installed it on a restored computer I got with Windows VIsta.

    The computer is up to date on all updates.

    All Video and Audio drivers are up to date.

    So I downloaded the .msi from and installed it. Once i got it up it froze up and stopped working. The only way out was to click the Red "X" in the corner and i got the error:

    Error in class 'CodecJOrbis'

    So I googled it a bit and they said it was a problem with the sound. So i turned the sound off and it worked fine, just no sound.

    A suggestion was to uninstall minecraft because a file may be corrupt. I did that and it still would freeze up unless the sound was turned off.

    After reading a few more posts, it seems this problem has been around for a while. So here I am trying to find a solution.

    What is the codec Jorbis? What info should I post in order to get an answer?

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    posted a message on Broken tools for repair - new graphic
    Make tools break but still be available so you can repair them.
    When they run out of uses, The break.
    instead of disappearing, they get replaced by a broken version.

    When I am mining, I like to combine my tools to with repair but from time to time, I lose track and break them without the chance to repair them. Instead, I would like to see a tool "break" into a new broken tool that still takes up space (and has its own graphic) that I can combine with another broken tool of the same type.

    It is just a small suggestion but useful when your diamond tools break and you forget to combine them (repair) and got to go find more diamonds.
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    posted a message on Lower the Bedrock
    I have seen the sky limit raised but does anyone know why the bedrock level is not lowered? It would be cool, imho, to have a negative levels below the lava that you have to swim through with special armor or something with giant dungeons of lava pools and a new monster like a balrog as a boss.
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    posted a message on Make weather an OPTION.
    Who is with me? Make weather an option that can be shut off! ugh...hate the rain. snow not so bad but if it was an option, it would be OFF...for me. Sure, some like it and the lighting is cool but ugh. Options are better. Everyone likes options. big mac or whopper, fries with that? pepsi or coke? pants or no get what I mean.

    Post if you think this is a good, great or awesome idea. If not, post anyways with your thoughts.

    also, make it an option to have 3 types of rain/snow.


    The torrential down pour right now is just crazy! What is this, a monsoon?
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    posted a message on "Leviathan" Towny Survival Server 50 Slots
    Playername: <1shadowsedge>
    Age: <34>
    Field of Interest: <minings>
    What can i do: <farm, dig, fish, dig, chop, dig, hunt creeper...did I mention i dig?>
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    posted a message on "Leviathan" Towny Survival Server 50 Slots
    Playername: 1shadowsedge
    Age: 34
    Field of Interest: finding caves, collecting diamonds, building stuff, making tunnels, earning money, trading goods, chatting and joking around and spreading the word about
    minecraft dungeon party! -
    What can i do: have fun with others, build stuff, nothinf special, donate if i like the server
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    posted a message on 1.5★★ TITΛN ★★ Griefing ✔ PVP ✔ Factions ✔ Craftbook ✔ LVL ✔
    [b]Real Name[ethan]:
    [b]In game Name[1shadowsedge]:
    [b]Your age[34]:
    [b]Country/Timezone USA/central]:
    [b]Why do you want to play here? Sentences please.]: Trying out different servers and checking them out before I settle on one. this is the 4th app I have put in today. played on 3 other servers already
    [b]What do you expect of this server? Again, be verbose.[/b]: I expect to build, collect, sell and have fun playing with others. this is entertainment in my life.
    [b]What kind of player are you? A builder? Raider? Griefer? There are no wrong answers![/b]: Not much for building, collecting stuff and hoarding. I like to mine and explore, farm and store. Griefer, maybe if I get bored or someone tresspasses. raiding sounds fun. i like the sandbox of minecraft, tho I wish there was no lower limit. bedrock seems kinda limiting. oh well, fun is fun.
    [b]How did you hear about us?[/b]: saw you on minestatus
    [b]We value community here. Will you be active on our forums?[/b]: sorta, i am helpful to others. I like to answer questions at and collect points. If I find time, i will post. Downtime I spend a lot of time on forums.
    [b]What is our TeamSpeak server address, and will you chill with us on it?[/b] (Port 9987 copied! I may, if I like the server.
    [b]Do we allow griefing?[/b]: "We don't care if you grief - nothing is sacred, everything is spoils of war" nuf said
    [b]Do we use LWC here?[/b]:
    [b]Did you vote for us on minestatus?[/b]: no, I will if I like your server. I do not vote for something I know nothing of. That is just stupid.
    [b]How many votes do we have now?[/b]:289
    [b]Will you help the server by voting every 24 hours? Set an alarm![/b]:yes, if I like your server.
    [b]Do we use Factions here?[/b]:yes
    [b]Do you accept that you will die a lot?[/b]:hell ya!
    [b]Do you whine or get revenge?[/b]:both, lol.
    [b]Do you understand this server is 100% funded by players (like you), and needs subcribers?[/b]: yup
    [b]Do you understand that we will not give you anything, we won't teleport you, we won't teleport your friends, and you will have to /suicide if you get stuck somewhere?[/b]: hell ya!
    [b]Do you have friends here?[/b]: newp, not yet anyways
    Once you have applied, request to be promoted by an OP or ADMIN in game. Be polite!
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive):
    Where are you from?:
    Your age?:
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below?
    Did you vote for us?
    Extra notes?:

    USA - IL
    no - will if i like the server, won't if I don't
    dislike the tnt off but never use it, too destructive to surrounding blocks. might destroy something i want but I like the option
    dislike creeper explosions blocked, at least let it kill me and the surroundings untouched. I seen this option on another server.
    Still want to check it out, not everything is perfekt
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    posted a message on SweetCraft -=[MMO-RP-PVP-SURVIVAL]= [24/7 - Dedicated]
    IGN: 1Shadowsedge
    No refferer
    over 18, almost twice that, lol so yea
    server sounds amazing, I would like to check it out!

    how long till whitelisting?
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    posted a message on "Could not find the main class."
    what about me? I got a "true" when I put my name in but I get the same message when I try to start minecraft. also, my name to the left, that is not my log in but it is my name on these forums. maybe the previous 2 paid for minecraft but have a different forum name, like I do? so please do not yell "pirate" before you have all the facts.

    back to the question, why does it happen? every time I click on minecraft, it pops up on the 1st try but on the 2nd try, minecraft works. annoying but still, why? I would like to get rid of the message all together. I click on it from my desktop btw.
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    posted a message on RR's Build Server [Shops][Bukkit][24/7][Dedicated]
    Is/Are there anything I need to install for mods? Looked up a few and they seem interesting.
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    posted a message on Best way to find dungeons
    Dungeons are hit and miss(if you mean where you find a mob spawner). I found 2 by wandering around and checking out caves in the area. The first I found near my base (in the side of a mountain) and the second I found while digging down at a 45 degree angle. Luck seems to need to be on your side. I heard the harder the level, the more likely there is to be a dungeon but since I have only played hard, I can not be sure.

    Listen to the music and sounds, when a cave is nearby, you will hear "creepy sound or sonar sound", "rumbling or whooshing wind". A cavern is nearby. Also, listen for mobs and water and dig in that direction. Bring a stack of torches and place a "X" where you hear the sound so you can come back and dig around if you are busy.

    If your not to particular about cheating, hit the "fog" button and look around while you got a few seconds of clear view of the area....but why you playing if you just want to ruin the fun? Cartographer sounds cool but its much more fun to explore and go spelunking. Keep your eyes peeled for gravel and dirt. If you see them, clear them out and much of the time, you will find ore of some type hidden.

    Lastly, once your pretty sure you cleared an area, close it up with cobble stone. That way, mobs will not spawn there. If you leave it open and close it up, mobs will spawn there and you will just follow them back from another direction. Also, if you see the cobble stone again, you will know you were just there, since cobble stone does not occur naturally except when lava meets water and if you hear water and see the lava, you should already know you did not put it there. ^^
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    posted a message on RR's Build Server [Shops][Bukkit][24/7][Dedicated]
    How do I join? I got the message...
    Connection lost
    Failed to login: Bad Login

    why? I just bought minecraft a week ago and still new to this

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    posted a message on new server survival pvp pve 10 slots
    Name: 1shadowsedge
    Why join: want to play multiplayer server
    playtime: 1 week
    add: myself and fun, show off stuff and check others works, single player is fun but multiplayer might be funner
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