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    This is an idea that smashed its way into my head after watching Star Trek for the first time (I know, I know, Star Trek is NOT steampunk). I hope to develop the modpack to the point of getting it on a well-known launcher ie. Technic, FTB, etc. The modpack is currently in Minecraft version 1.6.4. I'm VERY open to mod suggestions, but please, don't start a flame war in the comments deciding whether or not a mod should be in the pack. Why? That's my call, not yours. Now then, here is the list of mods in the pack, along with the reasoning for putting the mod IN the pack.

    1. Railcraft - Features many core things than a steampunk theme would require, such as, well, steam. Also things like boilers, rails, and basic power usage. This mod is something that should never be removed from the pack.

    2. Buildcraft - This mod adds things like oil, fuel, and quarries. Also basic item movement. The oil/fuel can be used in liquid fueled fireboxes to produce steam, which will then be used to power the quarry(s) and other machines. Another mod which makes the pack what it is.

    3. Steve's Carts - Because you need a more personable way to get around, and do things.

    4. Biomes O' Plenty - To add to the atmosphere and overall feel of the pack.

    5. Hydrauilcraft - Provides ore processing to the mix. This mod is currently on the chopping block, ie. I am considering removing it. I find the mod to be VERY overpowered. Feel free to pitch me your opinion on it.

    6. Rotarycraft - I know next-to nothing about the mod, but simply reading the description on the homepage is enough to make me completely interested in it as a whole.

    7. Project Red - Some basic wiring mechanics, gems, and volcanoes will all serve to create an overall better pack.

    8. Tinker's Construct - Because some better early, mid, and late game tools with amazing customization are ALWAYS welcome.

    9. Factorization - Adds barrels, an energy system, servos, and other things that are just AWESOME.
    10. Inventory Tweaks - To make inventory organization...easier.
    Some final notes:

    I DO NOT have permission to distribute the above mods to other people, let alone in a modpack. If you want to play with the modpack, put it together yourself. I recommend MultiMC as a way to put together a Minecraft modpack. Here's the link:

    I will include links to the mods sometime in the near future. Also, I HAVE tested to see if the mods work together, and YES, they DO work, besides a few ID conflicts, which are easy enough to solve. If you experience issues, make sure you are using the most recent version of Minecraft Forge for 1.6.4. Also, ensure that you are using the 1.6.4 version for each corresponding mod.
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    I JUST had this idea, so I'm posting it before I forget.

    I think that on the minecraft.net website, there should be an option to create your own server through the website. Similar to that of most online-based games (ex. CoD,GTA,TF2,etc.), you can set up your own server and manage it yourself using your own internet connection.

    Also, there could be a section listing all known Minecraft Servers outside of the website.
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