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    posted a message on I need help finding a very specific older (7+ years) Minecraft Adventure map that I can't remember the name of.

    Okay so this map that I remember but the name escapes me... It was an adventure map. If I remember to start with, you have to go to this mansion for some reason and as you walk the stone path there... there is a house that you come into on the side that has like one villager in it that you can buy stuff from and a personal storage chest (I think? It may or may not be there) and once you approach the mansion it becomes this whole storyline spanning multiple hours. I vaguely remember some of the story beats, but I'm not entirely sure if they are 100% correct. I specifically remember something in the map about you killing your own wife or something that popped up as a story beat near the end of the map, like a realization, I remember a small square room with a window at the very end of the map and like text dialogue in the chat box that is your wife talking to a therapist or something and it's like revealed there that you're the one she was running away from or something like that? I also specifically remember the map having a sewer section also near the end (but not as near to the end as the section I just described with the wife.) and I also remember that at the start of the map right after you entered the mansion there was a big dining room area to the right side of you right after you enter, and another room to the left of you. I don't think the foyer had any staircase going up to a second floor in it, as it was just a simple square room with doors to the left and to the right. The last thing I remember about it specifically is that CaptainSparklez had done a series on it with multiple parts on it like around the time the map was popular. So like this map is really old probably in an earlier version of Minecraft. If I had to guess, I'd probably say 8 or so years ago? Probably somewhere around 2013 but again I don't know it for sure but I'm sure that's it's a really old map. But It's definitely a map that I remember from pre-2015 or pre-2014, but it could be even older than that.

    I've also provided some screenshots of recreations of the rooms that I can remember from my memory. Maybe it'll help you get an idea for what map I might be referring to.

    Here's those recreations I made:

    Note: These screenshots are probably not accurate in size or object placement, but hopefully they help you visualize what I remember the map looking like in my head, at least accurate enough to help it be found.


    2: https://i.imgur.com/L4Xc9Sr.png

    I think the recommended texture pack for the map was the A'therys Ascended resource pack. Or, at the very least, something extremely similar looking to it.

    I would lastly like to point out that it is NOT Herobrine's Mansion. I looked up that map and it is not like the one I described, despite being similar. I would appreciate if someone could help me find this map because I've been searching for about an hour and still haven't found it yet. I am 100% sure that the storyline about the wife and the husband or whatever is actually in the map and I'm also confident about the sewer part. So if your answer has even just one of these features feel free to let me know about it because there's a chance that it might be the map that I'm looking for.

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