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    posted a message on The above avatar attempts to murder you



    u gon' die tonight.

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    posted a message on ✖ Exiled V2.0 ✖ [6000+ DLs] Survive being outcast to a hostile nether world full of ruins, mysteries, and danger
    Quote from danaphanous»

    Thanks for the compliment Shadow! :)

    These larger maps I actually thought we were pacing decently well, hence the 3-month gap between Cave-In and the next in the series, Exiled.

    But yeah, they can be quite long to play if you intend to fully experience each one. Still hoping to hear the good news that someone has beaten the full game. Been almost a month now! If you do a decent amount of exploring and think about what you've found and seen the puzzle should eventually come together for you. But in the meantime, most players have been just enjoying the unique survival challenge, which is the bigger part of the map. :)

    Noticed you do a bit of map-work according to your description, any projects I should check out? :)

    I pmed you to avoid spamming from the last question.

    But I'm pretty curious about the lore in this.

    I've still gotta finish cave in.

    And from the looks of it, it's gonna be a long year... XD

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    posted a message on ✖ Exiled V2.0 ✖ [6000+ DLs] Survive being outcast to a hostile nether world full of ruins, mysteries, and danger

    Wow, you guys just keep pumping out great survival maps.

    I'm never gonna be able to beat them all am I?

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    posted a message on Minecraft Zombies - Server Needs Engineers and Builders!

    I'd be into building the actual map, unfortunately I'm not very good at redstone.

    But I'd be happy to build as long as you have a server for me to connect to.

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    posted a message on Skyblock survival series with friends!

    Episode 3 is coming out today!

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    posted a message on TaleCraft - A Mod For Custom Maps

    And I have my tutorial with installation files up, so if anyone wants adventurecraft, head over to the subreddit.

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    posted a message on TaleCraft - A Mod For Custom Maps
    Quote from Longor1996»

    I do not know how that could possibly a bad thing! :D

    It's all for the sake of my sanity, and yours too.

    So... I need someone to go to the AdventureCraft-thread over in the subreddit and write a tutorial on how to install+play AdventureCraft. In addition to that, It would be nice if a bunch of people could upload a cleaned-out version of AdventureCraft somewere and then post the download links in the AC-/r/thread, or in other words: Please create Download-Mirrors.

    Could somebody do this please?

    In completely unrelated (?) news, Cryect is pretty alive for someone commenting on reddit.

    Also, the poll from before is closed. The results are to be found here:


    Only 13 people voted... :/

    If I have time I will go ahead and clean out my AC folder and put it on drop box. Should be easy enough. (Cannot have the already installed jars though.)

    [I don't have a reddit account yet, so I'm posting this message here.]

    I'll make a video about it also.

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    posted a message on Skyblock survival series with friends!

    All right, yes this has been done before, and yes this probably isn't great.

    But I've started a series for skyblock just for fun.

    It has edits [Mostly crappy] and plenty of mistakes. But I think it'll be pretty fun.

    Editing and watching at least I hope you will enjoy.

    Episode 3 is in the editing process right now for anybody wondering

    Swearing does not exist in any of my videos.

    I'd recommend episode 2 first (That's the better one.) and then episode 1 (Kind of tedious) in case you're curious about what happened.

    The playlist link is right here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLbQRnMkubit9-lcJ19VjBv6e-TPN0k9S

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Visions of Blades v1.0pre1 (SwordsPlus Revival!)
    Quote from StarshadesJack»

    Wandering Testificates will probably sell things that you'd normally have to explore to find or are generally difficult to craft/create.

    For example, you might find one selling seraph wings or anchor charms (which you'd otherwise have to synthesize via alkahestry which typically requires ingredients gathered on incursions into the mirrored plain). You also might find one selling rare artifacts you'd normally only find in chests.

    There may be different variants of Wandering Testificates that, similar to villagers, have different outfits and specialize in selling different items.

    It's also likely these wanderers will use a different trading GUI with some slightly different mechanics.

    I'm also debating giving the player a way of 'summoning' a wanderer. E.g., create a kind of signal post and then if the player isn't nearby for an amount of time, the signal post summons the wanderer to meander in from afar.

    Makes them slightly more reliable than just hoping one spawns randomly nearby.

    That sounds quite useful.

    granted this IS a villager selling it, so the price might not be as great.

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Visions of Blades v1.0pre1 (SwordsPlus Revival!)
    Quote from StarshadesJack»

    Wandering traveling Testificate? Because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    would like for him to wear a hat but I can't get the hat to render and I'm tired of poking at it for now.

    Ideally, these guys pop up once in a while and sell you rare things. IDK.

    It looks nice. What kind of things does he sell?

    Tools perhaps?

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    posted a message on Deeper caves: caves going more than 2 kilometers underground! Less lag! [400+ Supporters]
    Quote from Slingo_the_cat»

    NO Support

    The lag it would cause... hurrendus

    Do you even know what this is doing?

    It's adding dimensions to expand the ground level. The world cap height is still the same, meaning it will only load the same amount.

    The point of this is to make the underground more exciting, while not adding lag of extra stuff to load.

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    posted a message on TaleCraft - A Mod For Custom Maps

    I guess my subscription for this thread was removed, cause I don't get any updates when I'd like to.

    So hopefully by commenting I'd get it back.

    Also, it's nice to see you're making progress! Progress is what every mod maker wants to see.

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    posted a message on [OPENINGS CLOSED] Back To The Basics (Minecraft LP) Looking for 2 small youtubers!

    If by small you mean REALLY small, then I'm probably the smallest you could get, Granted I have to go re-download my recording software, but I'd like to join otherwise.

    I've tried a few things but had mostly problems when doing them, so I stopped recording for awhile.

    (If you go see from alpha to now the world messed up and I had to delete it, but I didn't delete the video because it was my first [and most horrible.]. I'm most likely going to try to restart that.)

    I believe I have approximately 7 subs. I'd like to eventually get a larger amount, but considering I haven't recorded any since then it'll be hard.

    My youtube account is Farland1ng, but try not to watch my first video, as it is quite terrible. But... Technically all of them are.

    I'd like to do a multiplayer thing in general but recording it sounds awesome to do also.

    I hope you consider me (I cant decide whether an exclamation or a period is necessary to end this post, because a period sounds too formal, and an exclamation just doesn't sound right... So I'll just leave it without.)

    Tiny problem is that I'm in UTC, so that has conflicts with EST I think.

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    posted a message on Korenthylia 1.2 [World maker] (Custom terrain) {Original Canvas}
    Quote from z11111111asd»

    Hello! I want to use your map to shoot some vedio.Can I borrow it?

    I will put the author's name in last place.


    Yes, you may use this map to your hearts delight, just make sure you give me credit at some point, you can even build on it, but make sure it's a significant amount, and then re-release it. (Make sure it's labeled as a edited version.)

    Keep in mind that you cant do that to any other map, so don't do that to other maps.

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    posted a message on funny Minecraft Jokes

    What did steve say when he ate his beef for dinner?

    "Hmm... Chunky."

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