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    posted a message on Minecraft as a neutral game/universe

    This could potentially be an unpopular opinion due to the numerous requests otherwise, but I think the game is great kept neutral of certain real-world aspects. I view the MC universe as an open-world, blank canvas for players to generate their own nearly limitless possibilities of a world or gameplay, which seems like a great way to allow creativity and a very effective method to maintain replay-ability. Even with what may not exist, there are options (mods/resource packs/add-ons/etc). There's a fine balance between realism and fantasy -- more generic things like nature is great to see some realistic representation of, while lacking more specific real-world human components is what helps the game remain neutral and enjoyable for escaping reality. I mean aspects such as gender or biological sex, race, cultural references, politics...

    While the game initially discarded the concept of gendered mobs, it's become interesting to see the challenge of making added mobs over time have a hermaphroditic/asexual design. But what's great about lacking gendered mobs is the freedom for players to choose which mobs in their gameplays are whatever gender they want, without the game suggesting otherwise. Given, I still think villager/illager voices need a slight rework to sound more neutral than it seems to suggest masculine (literally simply pitch them up a bit).

    Race exists, but as mixed fictional ones, relieving suggesting real-world ones. Villagers/piglins have a blended tan tone, illagers with medium grey skin, zombies with green, endermen with black, etc. There's reasons for not implementing varying skin tones for these humanoids (especially the villagers), but they seem undisclosed -- perhaps they want to keep it simple (like how many other mobs/species don't have texture variations), or to avoid potential racial criticisms, hence an attempt at a mixed middle tone for neutralism (and, again, providing just a blank canvas for players to create upon -- utilising texture packs for personalised mob skins to one's own preferences).

    Real-world cultural references seem best off left to players to produce (whether with inventive skill of existing blocks/items, or the aid of texture packs/mods). The MC universe is fictional and most real-world references are based on generic things (nature, like species and habitats or ecosystems). Even the humanoid cultures in-game (specifically villagers, illagers, and piglins) have very basic and loosely-based builds and garb (or at least just fictional). Inspiration is likely to be involved in the vanilla cultures, but not full-on emulation of real-world ones for them. But, human-made concepts, such as cultures (involving building styles, attire, cuisines, etc), is more fitting for players to generate for themselves.

    Real-world politics/social movements is not appropriate in the game, considering there are other/more fitting places to provide or promote such opinions (and especially since MC itself is devoid of governments/any powers and conflicts, and real-world issues and relevance to actual historical events; MC obviously isn't a platform for such matters than it is merely a fictional video game), at least if as officially included by the devs -- the company should instead provide them in their articles or social media platforms, if necessary. The only politics in MC should be in player-made story-telling. But overall, again, the game is a fantasy place to escape the real-world matters and enjoy creating one's own world or playing experience.

    There are options for personalised playing experiences in MC, if individuals wish (including any of these real-world matters), which is really great because it allows more possibilities in ways and players can have the freedom to involve anything they want, but just that these things shouldn't be in vanilla (and hopefully, this neutrality is maintained).

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    posted a message on Question About Chat Reporting on Private Servers

    Just wondering if the 1.19+ chat reporting addition would affect or matter on private servers (specifically if hosting a server to play with one other person who is a close friend and you know neither they nor you would ever touch the chat report feature), and if it's even necessary then to disable the "enable secure profile" setting in the server properties file.

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    posted a message on End update

    Just another ore for another set of gear isn't really adding much nor unique, especially after netherite was just added. Wardens don't have anything to do with the End dimension, nor are they designed to be battled anyway.

    Extra challenges would be great overall (not just for the End), or even to improve the existing bosses.

    If there was an End update (whenever that could occur), perhaps some new content and terrain generation changes, but while retaining the dimension's overall "barren" and "eerie" themes.

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    posted a message on Diamond Pickaxe from Minecraft Survival Mode Playset

    It appears like a generic diamond pickaxe, so likely any Mattel one of the same colouration should work (although it doesn't seem to be a common item in many of the toy merch).

    For one finding, see the "Build-A-Portal" series with Alex and a diamond pickaxe (which can easily be found on eBay, Amazon, some toy websites, etc).

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    posted a message on How to make glowing podzol?

    As far as I know, textures alone don't produce actual functional light sources (at the most, only a visual effect via shaders using emissive textures, in a way like how glow squids work). But, I can recommend using "hidden lighting" techniques, utilising transparent blocks in builds with light source blocks underneath them into the grounds so that the light will pass through and glow up the surrounding area -- for example: a torch or glowstone block under a leaf block, carpet, cactus, or trapdoor (and there's several other options for lights and transparent blocks to utilise).

    Another option is the use of commands and giving your player the "light" block (an invisible block when placed with controllable light levels). These were added in 1.17 primarily for use in adventure maps, but it's just another method of "hidden lighting". However, I believe they have to be placed on a block you wouldn't add anything on, because everything (except water) cannot occupy the same block as these light blocks.

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    posted a message on Minecraft stacks

    Mojang doesn't look at this website. Suggest it on their Feedback site instead.

    Also, I believe the numbers are based from binary code and powers of 2 (like how stacks of items come in 16 and 64, full blocks have 8x8 pixel textures, the world height went through 128>256>320), so 100 doesn't really fit. It could also possibly be as homage to old-school 8-bit games. The reason for selecting "64" as the max stack limit (as opposed to the other powers of 2) is unknown.

    Fortunately, there's mods for custom stack sizes/limitations.

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    posted a message on Make Minecraft able to have feature of players move their items from world to other world

    Similar to Terraria's mechanic? One reason I don't see this becoming a feature in MC is because of the ability to obtain many resources renewably (and within a reasonable area rather than having to explore/load chunks a lot). Otherwise, there are mods/datapacks/etc for obtaining typically non-renewable resources or switching between worlds.

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    posted a message on Change a texture in a modpack

    It might be the "Upgraded Netherite" mods (all by the same creator)? If through CurseForge, you can go into the Better Minecraft modpack, scroll down to all the "Upgraded Netherite" mods, and toggle the orange icon next to them to grey to disable them. That should allow any netherite items to revert to and display the original/default textures.

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    posted a message on The Lore Expansion

    Mojang seems to believe simply making other MC spin-off games would suffice for "lore", but still as "what-ifs" than anything "official/canon", rather than adding a whole new mode for it.

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    posted a message on Why are glistering melon slices inedible?

    Such is MC inconsistency, not everything is as logical as it may seem. Probably figured there's no point to be able to consume glistering melon but instead to be simply a specific potion ingredient, all the while we can consume other golden produce and use them in other recipes...

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    posted a message on Hopes for feature,

    Any form of tribute is fine, many are not necessary. They did add a splash text. Those who want more can use the available mods/texture packs/data packs/etc for extra features.

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    Not sure if any more colours will be added because the current 16-palette selection is based off of certain old computer graphics, I believe. Not to mention having to add in all the new variations of like wools/carpets, dyes and their sources, terracotta, glass/glass panes, firework stars, shulker boxes, concrete powder, beds, candles, sign texts, etc, and the sources, for every new colour...

    At the least, there are mods/add-ons for additional colours made, while it's unlikely to be in vanilla MC.

    Also, the most variation can be seen via dyeing leather armour, as various possible combinations can provide almost 6 million options (unless I'm wrong, but basically a plethora of colours). So it's likely to find/create a hue close to tan or maroon by mixing certain dyes on the leather armour pieces.

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    posted a message on Trying to find music used in Minecraft video

    No clue. You could try asking the person who posted the video what the track is. There's also song-tracking apps like SoundHound or Shazam you could try to ID it with. There's no guarantee any of these methods will yield results, but they're worth a try at the least. There's also a chance that it could be the poster's original soundtrack, and whether or not that was the full version or a clip of it. Hope this helps any.

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    posted a message on More Customization for Armor
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    Uhm.. first of, this forum isn't run by mojang. They don't even read here.

    This is where you post your ideas, get feedback & then you post your suggestion to minecrafts feedback site or minecrafts reddit.

    Based on what you suggest, we, the readers, would need to know that specific series you watched.

    Do you realy expect people (or mojang developers) to watch a youtube series just to understand what you suggest?

    What i understand so far is that you want random armor customization with effects simular to suspicious stew.

    So armor with possibly: poison, mining fatigue & nausia? O.o

    From how the initial post sounds to me, the Empires SMP S2 series (that I've watched some of) involves crafting custom "essences", which vary results depending on the single items used in them, then using these essences to "magically" change one's armour piece or whatever.

    The comparison to suspicious stew was about how when you craft the stews using different flowers, it results with a stew of some specific effect. So it's like with netherite armour pieces, you use a variety of items with them, but each will result with different customisation of the armour piece. Maybe, as examples, crafting mushrooms with netherite armour would give a mushroom aesthetic, or bones with the armour to create a skeletal aesthetic.

    In my opinion, I think it may just remain a texture pack or datapack or even mod idea. And why only netherite? It should apply to any armour type. If anything, maybe a concept to add different armour like actually mushroom armour or skeletal armour, but they would need to have unique properties to be worth existing beyond just for the visuals.

    I think it would be cool to see fossil "ore" blocks to mine as bone shards or skeleton pieces that can be crafted into bone armour, which could grant some general protection (okay against melee attacks but weak against projectiles, which could be the downside) and maybe act as a guise against skeleton mobs so that the player becomes essentially "invisible" to them (as a beneficial perk).

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    posted a message on The SATCHEL!
    Quote from negative13»

    it's a suggestion for mojang. I really don't think bundles would do much in the first place as I would have no use for them and simply sarc, kinda explains the bundle situation a bit more detailed. I just thought this would be a cool idea I had.

    Mojang doesn't look on this site, so you can make the suggestion on their feedback site. This is posted under mod ideas.

    Bundles were conceived as a way to get extra inventory space early-game (as opposed to shulker boxes, which allow an entire chest's worth of inventory space).

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