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    posted a message on [WIP] Primitive-based Mod for 1.11.2 maybe even 1.8.9 (FORGE!)

    I thought of a good idea for a mod... It took a bit of thinking... But the basic concept of it, is adding more ores (already been done, I get it), a few interesting mobs, more weapons and tools, different items and foods, new farming plans, and other stuff... Basically, the idea of this one, is a Primitive invironment. Of course, it is not going to be completely accurate, as I sometimes have trouble modding.


    So far, just wanted to say, I have a few things in already. If someone wants to help making some models for mobs, please, save my life and help me there, hahaha. Anyways, I will update soon. I didn't give much detail as I was just etching in a bunch of ideas... sorry!

    I would like some help with 3D models, as I am awful at that. Also, someone to help with textures would help me be able to focus on the main mod and item implementation.

    POLLS: For the fruit, please choose 2 or 3, no more or less. Thank you! :)

    Working on fruit textures. Hope you enjoy it! :D

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