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    posted a message on Lenovo warranty question
    Well first of all, I will say that the Lenovo y580 is great computer. Got it about a month back. It's definitely a bang for your buck, hardware-wise.
    When I purchased it off amazon, It said it came with Windows 7. However, when it arrived, I found it had Windows 8. I've been with W8 for a while now, after being a W7 user for a long time, and as long as you install "Start8", which adds a traditional-like windows start button to the task bar, you should be fine. It also comes with an option to skip the metro interface entirely, so you don't have to deal with that.

    But whatever feels comfortable for you, go ahead.
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    posted a message on Graphical Bug Involving Optifine
    Thanks, that does the trick.
    Although I wish I could still use AA without that problem. Oh well.

    I have found a way to work around this problem. Instead of using optifine's AA options, I manually enabled java.exe to have AA on my nvidia card.
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    posted a message on Graphical Bug Involving Optifine

    In the above image, you can see buggy pixels visible along the borders of the stairs. This only happens when using optifine. The visual bug also happens with other blocks, and there are a few strange pixels that are around player models. My computer specs are as follows:

    3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM (2.30GHz 6MB Cache)
    Windows 8
    8GB RAM
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX660M with DirectX® 11
    15.6" LED backlit HD display (1366x768)

    Any suggestions on fixes or why this is happening? Thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Omega | Runecraft Ω Towny Ω McMMO Ω Quests Ω MyPet and lots more!
    I, shadowwolf937, would like to apply for architect. I joined Omega at the same time as minecraftnewbie, a year or so ago, and it's been a great all-around server. I am an avid builder, and I like my creations to be aesthetically pleasing. I build a wide array of buildings and structures, even redstone contraptions here and there. I have included screenshots of some of my builds.

    (Added updated images on 11/1/2012)




    Nature Walk (And another watchtower)

    And of course, co-ordinates

    In the future, I shall continue to add new structures and improve upon the town of Windfall and the server itself. I plan to stay on this server for a very long time. In fact, I don't plan on leaving at all! It truly is a great server for builders and PvPers alike.
    Thanks for your time and consideration!
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    posted a message on Character Model Lag
    My friend is experiencing a glitch where, every now and then, his character model appears in the stuck in the same spot for me, and he can't hit any mobs, but he can still see others moving. We know it's not server lag. The arms on his player swing when he swings. Whenever that happens, he has to re-log, and then he will spawn in the area where he appeared to freeze for me, and everyone else. His player model is still vulnerable to mobs and players while in this "stuck" position. This only happens to him. Any suggestions on how to fix?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][Puz/Park/Adv] ShrinkCraft (51,000+ Downloads!) (From the Creators of Escape The Puzzlemaster!) (Digital Diamond!)
    Astonishing map! I had a great time playing it.


    Overall Score: 9/10
    Creativity: 10/10
    Architectural detail & Effort: 9.5/10
    Storyline: 10/10 (Pretty funny!)

    Now you may think that I'm being a little too generous with these scores, but in fact, I'm not! This map was truly a joy to play! It was very original and creative, from the puzzles to the concept itself. Although, there was point in the game where I became quite frustrated. It was at "Parkour to the Sky". Now, I get it, it's supposed to be challenging. But some jumps were just a hassle to make. It eventually became "Climb. Attempt jump. Fall. Climb. Attempt jump. Fall." It was just time consuming, and honestly, not very fun. Aside from that small section in the game, I think it was absolutely superb. The easter eggs and scoring system only added to the fun of this map. A lot of effort was obviously put into this map. The checkpoint system was brilliant, too. But the beds canceled out the purpose of the checkpoint system, since you respawn in them instead of the original spawn. As far as aesthetics go, the map was beautifully created. I did come across a minor bug though. In the test chamber with the lava gap (3, I believe?), there was a safety chest to store your items in. The signs say you can access it from the other side of the gap, but you can not. Very small bug, though. I just used creative to grab my stuff, then fly back over.

    I would most definitely recommend playing this!

    Score & Easter Eggs

    :GoldBar: : 42 :Diamond: : 66

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    posted a message on How did your first wolf die?
    So one day, I decided to go exploring in the wilderness, and I took my wolf with me.
    I ended up finding a huge cave, so I left my wolf at the entrance and delved in.
    Inside the cave, after about 45 mins of mining, I died to a creeper.
    My wolf was just sitting there, loyally. Waiting for my return.
    A few (real life) days later, I found that wolf, just sitting there. I tried to right click it, no response.
    It's like it had no idea who I was.
    So, I decided to put it out of it's misery to save it an eternity of waiting for it's owner's return.
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    posted a message on MCX360 Sells Over a Million copies!
    The Mojang team must be happy campers right now.
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    posted a message on Your Hotbar
    1. :|): 2. :DSWORD: 3. :DPA: 4. :DS: 5. :Daxe: 6. :cobblestone: (Building Material) 7. :Flint and Steel: (Other) 8. :Bread: (food) 9. :--+:
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    posted a message on Which biome is your main home in?
    I have a base underneath the ocean.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series

    Woo! Just completed Spellbound Caves, and I must say, I do feel accomplished.

    Review (contains spoilers)


    +Beautiful structures and overall aesthetically pleasing
    +Traps are well placed, and creatively made (ENCHANTED DIAMOND ARMOR MY ASS)
    +Loot acts as a nice sort of "leveling system"
    +Rail Kits make traveling back to base a bit less slow and painful
    +Gameplay is challenging, but not extremely difficult
    +Freedom of choice is a great aspect, letting the player choose where they want to go next and how they're going to do it

    -Blaze spawners sometimes got out of hand
    -When an over-abundance of enemies were present, I would get low framerates

    This was an amazing experience. The most difficult area for me, was in fact, the college of arcane enchants. Once the blazes started spawning in great numbers, it was very difficult to take them down.
    The loot was usually very satisfying. I almost shat a brick when I got the Ragefell (Heavily enchanted diamond axe).
    One of the most astonishing parts of the game was the ending. Infiltrating the giant fortress got my adrenaline pumping. It was almost like a jailbreak, and the ghasts were similar to giant helicopters, refusing to cease fire. My tactic was to "run and gun", I just ran through the entire citadel. Nearing the end, I pillared up to find the beautiful black wool. Without hesitation, I busted in the glass chamber and snatched up the wool. And for my daring escape, I laid down a bucket of water and repelled down (while getting fired at by ghasts and blazes, of course). And it was such a relief when I booked it out of the citadel... a very satisfying feeling. And Vechs, you're very good at making "Oh ****" moments (Aka, that "enchanted diamond armor").

    Great job, vechs. You never cease to amaze me.

    Death count: 2
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    posted a message on Really strange freezing glitch

    I have a feeling this may help.
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    posted a message on White Text Fix
    Just thought I'd let you know that this mod is incompatible with newest version of optifine (B2).
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    posted a message on White Text Fix
    This is great, do not give up on this mod!
    Users with crap computers (such as myself) find this very useful.
    Although it needs a little work, this is still helpful.
    Many thanks!
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    posted a message on Problem with new lighting system & color depth
    I would also appreciate a solution to this problem. It's not a game-breaking bug, but it's extremely annoying.
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