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Hello, ShadowTheKid here.

I've been called many names over the years. Dumbarse, idiot, baka, pervert, player, smartarse, clumsy smart guy, wingman and hypocrite, being just a few. But never have I been given a cool, original (or at least semi-original) nickname, so it feels good to be nicknamed "Shadow" on these forums. Even if I don't know any of you guys in real life.

Now, a bit about myself. I'm a no ******** sort of guy whom is prone to outbreaks of anger over little things. Sometimes as a joke to scare people, other times, just to make my opinion loud and clear. Although, most of the time, a mixture of both. 15 years old by the way.

When I first joined these forums, I was a shy, insecure 14 year old who had almost completed his 8th year at high school. I had never had a girlfriend, and I had no goals. I was smart intellectually, but socially I was lacking. My friends called me a pervert because I spent a lot of my time in class, you know... I had started forum roleplaying in that sad part of my life as a form of ecapism, but instead of just escaping from reality, the roleplaying community helped me except myself for who I am and gave me more confidence. I was still lacking socially though.

About a year later, my friend decided he would help me get a girlfriend. On the first day, I was well on my way to having a girlfriend and a few weeks later, I was going out with a girl. This is around when my activity on these forums declined.

A few months after I had my first break up, the same friend as before and I decided to spend our holidays talking to random girls at various locations. At first we didn't have the courage, but after we had almost given up hope, I got a screw it attitude on. I talked to the next girl I saw and from there on, I've been able to talk to anyone.

My life doesn't revolve around talking to women though, as it did back then. In the past few months I've been exploring my interests. I watch anime, I read comics (Batman, Deadpool, Red Hood. Some manga), I play the bass guitar, I'm very into music (Favourite Band: Dream Theater), I'm fairly athletic (can compete on the same level as some of the best athletes at my school in javelin, long jump, high jump, cross country, etc), I consider myself one of the 3 best free runners/Traceur (Male parkour practioner) in the school (although there's probably under 10 people who do it), I'm very interested in fighting/martial arts (One of my inspirations is Bruce Lee. I haven't had much training in martial arts. I've done one lesson of Karate (T'was a free trial luckily) and I never surpassed a white belt in Hapkido. My fighting skill is self taught, learnt from the internet or taught to me by friends, so I'm not great... Yet), and I roleplay on forums (Although, not as much as I used to).


(I've decided to make this little section because music is my passion and I want some sort of proof of that even if no-one will read this)

I've enjoyed music all of my life as most people have. I stuck to the mainstream for the majority of my time, not really open-minded about music at that time. I don't really remember what triggered this, but I hit a phase where the mainstream music was annoying me because most of it's the same recycled stuff over and over again. I started listening to radio stations that played old or local songs to get away from the mainstream pop. I had a few favorite songs, but I still wasn't that into music.

I then heard some of the kids in one of my classes talking about Avenged Sevenfold. I tried them out and actually quite liked them. People were surprised when I told them I listened to it, which made me happy, but I stopped listening to them for a while soon.

It was about a year later, when I started getting into metal and rock again. My friend took notice and downloaded me three songs; Diamond Eyes by Deftones, Violent Pornography by System of a Down and Warrior by Disturbed. Those songs were the ****, and got me into all three of these bands. That's when I think my real passion for music started, although it was small back then. My love expanded at an incredible rate and I was finding more and more awesome bands with unique sounds that blew my mind.

It was around this time, that I witnessed one of my friends playing the electric guitar. I had never seen anyone playing guitar in real life so good ever, and I still haven't seen anyone better than him first hand. I really wanted to play music with him, but I knew I couldn't play with him as another guitar player, so I decided to pick up the bass. Now I'm not too proud of that decision to be honest because I was doing it for someone else and not me, but it was also a crucial one in my life. I didn't tell my friend that I was playing bass to play with him. I didn't even tell him I played the bass at all for awhile. I just quietly got better and better in the background teaching myself.

Then one day, it got brought up and a few days or weeks later I started talking to him about how, even if I can't make it big, I want to make an album to show my kid(s) one day to show them who I am and who I was. I think I inspired him that day, because he wanted to make a band with me then and there. I happily joined, because, although I wasn't expecting it, it's what I wanted all along.

But still, I wasn't exactly passionate about bass. I was passionate about music, but not bass. It took me months, but I finally respected and loved the bass more than any other instrument. I didn't force it, it just happened. It was gradual, yeah, but it was meant to be. Till this day, I'm still too embarrassed about telling my guitarist friend, that he was my main inspiration for picking up the bass.

Now, the band is still running, but we haven't really done much and I'm a much better bassist. I love all sorts of music, but seem to lean towards alternative metal/rock bands because of the variety in the genre. My current favourite bands are; Primus, Tool, Mammal, Dream Theater and Rage Against the Machine. My favourite bassists are: Les Claypool, John Myung, Victor Wooten
Interests Anime, comics, various musical instruments, music, parkour, fighting/martial arts and roleplaying

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