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    Alright, after about a hour and a half of tweaking it (Yeah I know I don't have a life) I finally fixed it. Although I will like your post and up your rep @Alvoria for being a big help. Thanks for everything I really appreciate it, you definitely deserve your title as Moderater. :)

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    posted a message on Question: Optimal PC system?

    Well from my personal experience, I was running well on windows 8 and ever since I updated to windows 8.1 my whole computer has gotten constant fps drops including while playing Minecraft. And also based on what I've experienced, windows 8 runs better than windows 7 so I'm going to says windows 8.

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    posted a message on Andesite, Diorite, and Granite generation?
    I won't go too in depth with this because I haven't put too much though into it (Or I'm too lazy), but I think the three stones should generate at certain layers, rather than at all layers. Diorite could spawn at layers 70+, Granite could spawn at 30 and belows, and Andesite could spawn between those two layers (70-30).

    The reason for this change would be so that the caves would look less 'cluttered' and the stones would blend in better to the cave.
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    posted a message on Trost District Project
    About a week ago me and some friends all started a vanilla survival server. After about a hour into the server, everyone basically split up into their separate ways. Me being a huge Attack on Titan fan, decided that I wanted to build the Trost District. Here is a picture of the city:

    So after lots of planning, me and one of my other friends have decided we would start first clearing out a whole plains biome, then build the walls, and lastly the interior. This city would be a bit smaller than the actual city (Due to the size of the plains biome), but would still be a sight to see. We just finished clearing the plains biome for a whole week straight and it was quite a challenge, especially with a somewhat big hill in the way.

    After we were done, we were left with 29 double chests of stone, dirt, and a little bit of gravel and sand/sandstone:

    (7/18/2014) Update! We finished the back wall and are now proceeding to the side walls! Pics:
    Just the back wall itself took up about 5 or 6 double chests full of stone, we might need to start smelting more cobble...

    Quick update (7/20/2014), started on the next portion of the wall:

    Then kept running out of stone so had to start smelting more cobble, think I have enough furnaces?

    And here is a overall view of what the wall is starting to look like:

    More updates coming soon!

    I will continue to update as the project continues!
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    posted a message on How to cure Zombie Villagers
    My very first video I've made and edited, I'd appreciate it if you give it a look and some feedback. Constructive criticism is also welcomed too and ideas on future tutorials too. (I know this is a short first video :P) Thanks! :)

    Link to the video:

    And if you liked my video, give it a like or maybe even subscribe.
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    posted a message on Elder Guardians can protect your base!
    This gives me a idea, now whenever the official update comes out, one of my goals will be to capture one of these monsters and keep him in a giant tank like in the movies where the villains have lairs with tanks filled with sharks. Like below.

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    posted a message on New Underwater Mob Teaser!
    It may not even be a actual thing from real life. It may be a minecraft original mob like the blaze, creeper, etc. Either way, I'm happy the oceans will actually be dangerous and more fun to explore. Plus it gives us a use for the water breathing potions as well as exploring the new water dungeons. 1.8 may take a while to come out, but in the end it will be a game changing update (in a good way).
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    posted a message on YAFM - Yet Another Food Mod (June 7, 2017)
    As others said above, I think it would be awesome to add a new pie. (Maybe melon or apple pie)

    Also I think it would be nice to add chocolate milk using sugar, cocoa beans, and a milk bucket. When you drink it, you would get the bucket back and maybe you could also have a config for it to give you a speed boost for 10-20 seconds. (Sugar rush!)
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    posted a message on PaneInTheGlass 1.0
    Could you make a download for 1.6.4? It sounds funny but there are a lot of mods I like to play with in my survival world that are not 1.7.2 compatible. It might be a lot of work, but I would really appreciate it.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Is Dying
    Quote from Chaos

    Let's face it, Minecraft isn't the game it once used to be. It is quickly falling apart, and the once loyal fanbase is dispersing to other games, or older versions of Minecraft. There isn't an achievement in playing anymore, and the game is simply too repetitive. Minecraft had its glory days, but now they are over. It was fun.

    Also, you know it dying and being milked by Notch because of the movie. These are its final days. Enjoy them.
    Minecraft is a game based on creativity. The game hasn't "died", your creativity has "died". The fanbase has gotten bigger, I don't see how it's dispersing. Is the game really not making you "scared" or not having enough fun? Maybe install a few mods to enhance the experience.
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