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    Dear all Minecraft users. I am the Administrator for QuantumGaming, an online gaming community for people from anywhere around the world. Currently, we do not have many servers to use. Starting from today, I am looking fro someone that is capable of hosting and managing a payed server or quality home run server. If someone is found for this job. If you would like to do this then please reply to this post and pass on to me some details of yourself and some other stuff that would be needed. If you are selected to get the server, you will be granted some awesome stuff. First of all, you would become the owner of the server. You would also be given access to a brilliant pre-built world, competed by Quantum Gaming users. With the world, you would also have access to a full plugin folder filled with heaps of great plugins and most importantly, a permissions folder with ranks already set up and ready to go. Another advantage you would get would be the position of Moderator of the QuantumGaming forums, which is amost the same rank as the forum Administrator. Fianlly, you would have a fairly large group of trustable people to help the server. I would let them know if you got a server and we would all join and help. Please take in mind that I definitely wouldnt take over you server and act as if it't my server. That would be terrible. If your the one paying and managing it, then you should have the right to take charge of it. If you would like something else that I can provide if you got the server please let me know.
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