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    Rain has always been a pain in minecraft. It's loud, and it's just night in minecraft that is less darker but more annoying. So I have a suggestion. We need to make rain better. First of all, the sound. I think it's too loud. I would like it more if the sound is reduced. Second of all, to make rain actually interesting, I think there should be something that really encourages you to go outside when it's raining. Sure, we have charged creepers, but what benefit are they? Obtaining heads? We all know that the chance of a charged creeper succeeding in blowing up a mob and the mob getting insta-killed and you picking up the head and making it safely back to your house is extremely rare. So, I think we need a particular event that occurs when it's raining outside. Slapping in a few mobs and making fishes flop on the ground near the ocean would be nice. What do you think? Do you agree with this idea? If so, what event would make you go outside when it's raining?

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    Just look at the attachment. XD

    ATTENTION: This is just a joke. I used Microsoft powerpoint for this.

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