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    I can't join because the server is outdated.
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    1.) IGN: Shadow6548 (Prefer Corestrike now)
    2.) Age: I honestly prefer to keep it to myself online. Be aware I'm 18+ though.
    3.) What is your experience with RPGs and MMOs (does not have to be minecraft)?: I started on pen/paper back in the late, great olden days and moved on to Runescape (which is now the classic version) and a few other online RPGs/MMOs and some old DOS and CD games, along with anything that came out on consoles. I still do classic pen/paper when I have the time and invest a bit of time in the newer RPGs (Elder Scrolls, Runescape 2/3.. 4?, etc. etc.)
    4.) What version of minecraft was "out" when you started playing: I started around the time when Classic/Survival Test was released to the public.
    5.) Have you signed up @ the server's forums?: Not yet, but I will.
    6.) Please write at least 3 sentences on why you should be accepted as a BETA tester: In my opinion I should be accepted as a Beta tester from my experiences with RPGs/MMOs that go back to when pen and paper was king. Another thing is my familiarity with Minecraft and how long I've been a part of it and how long I've been playing it, which is always a necessity to be a part of new ideas inside Minecraft. Finally, I'm a bit of a writer and game dev so I can probably help with lore and game mechanics if need be, which you can contact me for any time on here, if you want, which could really help in establishing the world and the game within your server.
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    Minecraft Username: Shadow6548

    Skype: No, sorry.

    Steam: Yes, I have a Steam account. You can find me at C$N | Corestrike | Gone. I'll unfortunately be offline most of the time on my Steam account for a while though.

    Age: I am 17.

    Have you been banned before?: I don't remember any bans on my part, or at least not for a very, very long time, which they were most likely minor.

    What is the answer to the question in the rules?: 409.

    List the rules quickly, and state which one is your favorite: 1. Server is strictly roleplay. 2. No godmodding/powergaming on other players. 3. No metagame, keep out of character knowledge OOC. 4. Roleplay the harsh enviroments, such as unclean water. 5. No stealing your character's story, appearance or name from any media, such as movie, TV show or book. 6.The only playable races are robots and humans. 7. Roleplay fights or at least agree with the other player to use only items. 8. Math and whatnot. 9. Roleplay your character as how you wrote is backstory and talents, don't make a bad builder build a huge steel base for example. 10. Have fun and don't be a jerk to others. 11. Use the Last Days texture pack to see the server as how it should be.

    As 8 is obviously the most important, I'd have to say rule eight is my favorite.

    What made you want to join the server?: The server's title on the forums caught my eye, as I'm a fan of survival and especially apocolyptic types and the like.

    If the server could improve in anyway, what would it be: I haven't played it yet, but I could say that some large cities with backstory and things to discover in them would be nice. Possibly hidden alcoves containing resistance bunkers and bases, and early bombshelters with logs and diaries inside. I could possibly write these things for you if you want, as I'm a writer on the side.

    IC Info:

    Character Name: Josh 'Midnight' Kane
    Character Age: 24 years old.
    Character Physical Description: Standing 6'1", Josh has grayish-black hair, broken up by the occassional silver hair. His eyes are a mix of blue and brown, the brown typically standing out more, occassionally entirely almost overpowering the blue. His skin is a slightly burnt tan. He typically wears an old and tattered black buisness suit, almost completely replaced by off-color patches along with a stained red tie and very worn black boots. Josh also has a light scar on his right hand, starting under his middle finger knuckle and running slanted down to just before his wrist, along with a dark circle scar on his left leg just below his knee.
    ong with a red tie and black boots.
    Character Condition: Stress from the situation he's in, minor depression and a scrapped right knee.
    Character Dreams: To restore some sort of order, while maintaining independance, along with trying to fix in his eyes his family's sordid connection to rebels/the rebellion.
    Character Fears: Another nuclear outbreak happening while Josh has no protection from it.
    Character Skills: Josh has a great knowledge on how to survive in many situations, along with building.
    Character Backstory:

    Josh was born into a bunker, living under the watchful eye of his father for sixteen years inside of it. He was taught everything he knew about the wastes and how to survive in them and various other situations by his father, including how to build and the basics of combat. Once he was thirteen, his father began to slightly force a positive view of the various rebellions and the rebels who conducted them, without him knowing it, which was mostly the only thing really interesting during his life in the vault, besides at fifteen to sixteen when Josh was unknowingly prepared to leave the vault, by forcing the bunker's leaders to let him.

    Half a year after his sixteenth birthday, a plan was set in motion to completely overthrow the leaders of the bunker, feeling too oppressed by their limits and rules, which caused Josh to live in what seemed like to him a small-scale war for half a year. Josh fought at first with his father, until he listened to the bunker leader's stories, which caused him to quit fighting at all, not knowing which side to even fight for, however the uprising was soon to end, in neutral victory. As the uprising drew to a close, leaders of both sides came to a final agreement, reducing the age limit to leave by two years temporarily and reducing the severity of the rules and restrictions of the bunker. Allowing a few select few sixteen year-olds to leave the bunker and return to the vault bearing new skills. Of course Josh was picked along with fourteen other sixteen and seventeen year olds to temporarily leave the vault. Of course almost none of these teens returned to the vault, branching out and building their own lives out in the wastes using their own skills and abilities. Josh is one of the many to never return to the vault. Now 24 years old, he's decided to actually attempt to make a difference in the wastes.

    (I hope that TL;DR backstory didn't conflict with your established storyline.)

    Roleplay Example: A hooded figure walks into the empty storeroom, a hammer in his hand, a broken padlock hitting the ground behind with with a 'thud' as he steps in. The figure places the hammer leaning upright against the wall, surveying the store for anything useful. The figure walks around, each step letting out a 'creak' from the old, wooden floorboards. Pulling down the hood of the jacket, he shows his face, half covered by a black bandana as he walks around, lightly picking things off of the floor and shelves. placing them in the black duffle bag on his back as it slightly bounces and shifts with every step. He picks a grimy bottle out of a small crate, unscrewing the cap and dropping it onto the floor, scowling as he takes a drink of the extremely warm and stale water. Dropping the rest of the bottle on the ground, letting it spill and spread out onto the floor and between the floorboards, he steps to the side and opens a large and ornate box shoved into the corner, slightly lowered as it sits on a broken floorboard. The man opens the box, his eyes lighting up as he reaches in, pulling out a wrapped ruby, a small crack on the front face. That's when I heard the shot, clear as day. I can only imagine how his blood splattered all over the wall as the shopkeeper stood there in the doorway with his bolt-action rifle in hand, bullet just fired.
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    I give this server 100%.

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    · Minecraft Name: Shadow6548

    · Real life age: 24

    · How you found this post: Minecraft Forums.

    · IC Name: Josh "Shadow" Kane

    · IC Age: 23

    · Gender: Male

    · Ambitions: My character wants to be successful in life, but also likes to be in control. He has no problem with slipping into the criminal underworld, and has almost no respect for laws (chaotic-good). My character has big dreams for the future, and will do whatever he has to do come out on top.

    · Personality: My character is free-spirited, sarcastic and fun loving. He mostly doesn't care what other people think about him. He likes to remain in the shadows (hence his nickname) and can be very stealthy if neccessary. He can be very emotionless and evil at times however, but most of the time he likes to be the good guy. He always cracks jokes and makes sarcastic comments.

    · Preferred Job: CEO or a gang leader/mob boss. Any positions of power. His second choices would be bounty hunter, game designer/programmer or a hacker.

    · Biography: Trying to escape the dark life of his past, Josh escaped the crime and corruption filled city he lived in. He arived by plane, leaving all but a small bit of money behind him. Josh had a dark life in the old city, ever since he arrived there. He got dragged into the Mafia, becoming a respected but mysterious leader of the Mafia. He trained his gun, melee and disarming skills while in his old city, making him a seasoned fighter. He's also a veteran to crime, but that's what he's been trying to escape from. After a vicious attack on his gang, he realized that he didn't want to live the dangerous life anymore, so he fled to Sherlock. He's just hoping that his past wont have to catch up to him anytime soon, while he isn't prepared. One hundred dollars and a shabby apartment would most likely not protect him..

    (I know it's early for a mod app, but as they say.. the early bird catches the worm.)

    Minecraft name: Shadow6548

    Real life age: 23

    Time zone: EST

    Skype: None.

    Email: [email protected]

    Roleplay experience: A large amount of Garrysmod RP, and a big chunk of Minecraft RP.

    Server staff experience: I have been staff on a large number of Minecraft, TF2, Garry's Mod and CS:S servers.

    Define meta gaming: Metagaming is using OOC information ICly.

    Define Power Gaming: Powergaming is forcing your actions on another player unfairly.

    Are you a whitelisted on the server?: Not yet.
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    IGN: Shadow6578
    Age: 24
    Why do you want to join?:I love survival island and vanilla gameplay. This seems like a fun server for me as well. The rules are fair for this map and gameplay, as well as punishments. I hope I get picked! :D
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    Get the medic to fix 'em up.
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    Send this man to blow it all up.

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    Quote from Noboomer11


    We all know what moron immature one is on the forums.


    (A badly remembered quote from after he changed it)

    Other than that, I've found a few things wrong right off the bat.

    1. There are obvious spawned materials all over such as, End Portals ALL OVER. Then, there was a huge clump of wool with colors that would've taken a long time to get legitimately.

    2. The "spawnpoint" needs to be fixed. I spawned twice on a bunch of trees which made me take damage to get down, and then the third time I spawned above a ravine that instantly killed me.

    3. The owner is an immature person that doesn't know how to take constructive criticism that would improve his server without throwing a fit.

    That's all I have for right now, but that's enough to turn me away from the server.
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    Quick fix: Start your own private server, then install MD.
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    First name: Brandon

    In game name: Shadow6548

    Age: 23.

    Do you have a mic: No.

    How often will you use our teamspeak: I don't use teamspeak, although I use Mumble.

    How often will you post on the forums: As much as needed.

    About how long will you spend per day on the server: As much time as possible.

    Timezone: EST.

    Country: US.

    Skype name: I can't join Skype.

    How often are you on skype: N/A.

    Would you consider yourself to be a "good" builder: Not really, although I bet I could make some awesome things if I set my mind to it.

    Post pictures of your 3 best creations: (there are many more pictures of the FEAR base and it's HUMONGOUS insides) (Those are the only two I have screenshots of currently)

    What is the best thing about you: I'm a fun loving person that's making jokes to liven up the mood or just for laughs.

    What is the worst thing about you (don't saying nothing): I sometimes don't take things as serious as I should.

    Summarize why we would pick you over someone else: I've been admin/mod/owner in a lot of servers, and I know how to run a server (not code/file wise) very well. I'm also fluent in most of the commands and I can usually come up with creative ideas or things for the server.
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    posted a message on I feel like its over for me.
    You could get backups to old versions of Minecraft. :biggrin.gif:

    I still have a ton of 'em floating around..
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    My full name gives me the webpage of a "investment advisory firm."

    Sounds boring.
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