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    posted a message on Midnight Roleplays ( Warrior Cats RP Server ) *NEED STAFF*
    Rank applying for:Anything you have left open I would joyfully take! :)
    Maturity:9/10 (I can be mature and kind if needed)
    Experience:none for any of the staff so its unlikely I will be given that position but I would love to be a deputy or med cat etc.
    Why you want to be staff:I have loved warrior cats and have dreamed of being able to own one but due to my internet that wont happen any time soon but I would only like to be in the clan but if needed I will take another position(that is if you have any)
    How many Warriors books have you read:8 the who first series(into the woods) and have read the first three of second series(The New Prophecy)
    Other: Thank you for taking your time to read my nutso letter you probably already have alot on your hands
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