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    Quote from monkeybeeee1»

    turtle its gross and discusting as a food but cute and and sweet as a pet only sickos eat them

    I think you would be amazed at the amount of things in the real world that're not just edible, they're healthier than most things that may be considered tasty.
    Apart from the nutritional value of turtle meat, many cultures also value turtles as a food source. And my own grandfather would occasionally hunt up snapping turtles to prepare for a rare treat at family gatherings. He liked to batter and deep fry them, and serve them alongside fried catfish.

    As far as programming on/off switches for every single item in the mod (because if she does it for you, someone else is going to want her to do it for them); it should be remembered that there's over 700 items in this mod.

    A much simpler answer is to just not eat the turtles you catch. Use them to create turtle aquariums, to use as a pet. And before you point out that they only exist as items, I'm well aware of this. The default Minecraft fish also only exist as items, and many people have made aquariums for them. You could also practice "catch and release". Pretend to free them by throwing them back into the water they came from.

    And now, my prediction of the day. Some day, someone is going to make you an amazing meal. You're going to have 3 helpings, exclaiming each time how absolutely delicious it is. When you ask what's in it, you're going to be violently ill to realize you've been eating (and loving) turtles.
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    Quote from Xray1004»
    and where i can change the config

    Same place you change all the configs. You find the Snowfall config file in the configs folder of your minecraft folder. To increase the pileup, choose to enable one of the other settings.
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    Quote from Xemon45»
    Is it 1.7.10 compatible?

    The 1.7.2 version runs on 1.7.10, but it's extremely bare bones, and does contain a number of glitches. I love the mod, but due to the limitations, I'm having trouble justifying keeping it in my mod lineup. All of the buildings I'd want to copy and share are more complex than what this mod is currently able to do, but it looks like it has tons of potential. So, I'm waiting until Mr Crayfish has some time to update.
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    Quote from BlastZone100»
    Nice Mod, I would like to see some more features in it though. I will list you through some of my suggestions:

    1. More chairs. E.g. Glass, Redstone block (???)

    2. Kitchen Counters.

    3. Plates



    5. ...

    Mr Crayfish does have an update in the works, which he's calling the "kitchen update". Since you obviously missed his sneak-peak post, here it is.
    Quote from Mr_Crayfish»
    Whats this? A sneak peak of the kitchen update?

    Included items appear to be dual-color countertops, a plate, a blender, a trash can, a toaster, a dishwasher, and a cookie jar.

    So if I'm interpreting the pics right, that's at least two of your requests. "More awesome stuff" is rather vague, and "..." isn't even technically English. He's also already pushed out an API update, to allow modders to hook into his mod more easily, as well as (I believe) configurations for MineBay.
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    Quote from Kilyle»

    I find it funny that Biomes o' Plenty added Rosesters... that populate one of the two flowers we find most commonly throughout the world. I'd love to be able to feed them a dye to make them change color and create other types of flowers.

    Also, I'd like to see the villagers trade for dyes. I had the general idea, I think before the new flowers came in, of Librarians buying green dye (along with many other trade upgrades) -- maybe it'd be reasonable for one or more of the villagers to start trading for dyes in general, a specific color at a time (not clogging the list with tons of dye offers, just every time the dye offer gets updated it's a random dye... minus ink sacs (Librarians only), cocoa (Farmers (or Traders, if one gets added) only), and bone meal (Farmers only)).

    The other thing that bugs me is having blue be so comparatively rare. I don't exactly want to see it be as common as a flower, but it bugs me that just about everything else is easy to get and blue is not only rare but non-renewable.

    As of 1.8, Lapis Lazuli is now a renewable resource, via villager trades.
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    Quote from Janus01»

    the mod doesn't work

    You need to be more specific. Are you able to download? Are you installing properly? Are you making sure it's the correct version? Does it crash? If so, is there a crash log you can post so we can help you figure out the issue? Are items simply not appearing in the game? Did you double check creative menu?

    "It doesn't work" is telling us practically nothing, and gives us no way to help you.
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    Quote from Varka»
    I thought etymologist was a person that studied languages/words/meanings...

    Shouldn't the NPC be called Lepidopterist or Entomologist?

    If you want to get real specific, and if the mod never grows beyond butterflies, the correct term would be a Lepidopterist. And give the guy a break, the term was handed to him by someone else. All these scientifical "ists" are easy to mix up.
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    Quote from ChromoTrigger»
    It adds biomes. The biomes are listed in the first post. No mobs and no crafting recipes I am aware of (except the old ones extended to new woods and such).

    Just what the first post says.

    It actually does add a few mobs and recipes (besides the extended ones.) Though a few may not be able to get from in game. Ambrosia comes to mind. BoP also adds some low-tier armor, such as flower bands and mud armor. It also adds a few tools and weapons. Scythes allow you to clear out areas of tall grass more quickly. There's actually quite a bit in the BoP mod, though the main focus is adding a variety of biomes.
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    Quote from Firefox37»
    These mods should be updated to 1.8 ASAP!

    jk, andy

    These are Forge mods. It requires that Forge be updated to 1.8 before it can be updated to 1.8. Be patient.
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    I think this whole thread is overdramatizing. There's plenty of ways you can play your favorite version of Minecraft. And if your favorite server closes, there's always the option of creating your own. "Dead" and "dying" are the wrong words for a game that's been released and is accessable. Hell, I still play games from the early 90's. "Losing popularity", "fading from the public eye" may be closer. But not even those define Minecraft as it is right now.

    In the end, it's up to you to determine whether a game is "dead", but you don't get to speak for anyone else. Minecraft is far from "dead", or "dying" to me. There's too much I haven't done, too much enjoyment left to get from the game. If YOU get bored with it, don't bother broadcasting it on the forums. Just go find some shiney new thing to take up your attention and leave the people who're still enjoying the game alone.
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