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    posted a message on 🔴 Barty Realms Towny 1.14.4 🔴 - [TOWNY] [SURVIVAL] [NEW SERVER] [ECONOMY] | 1.14.4 | Brand new 1.14.4 server with a new map!

    This server is the dopest server i've ever seen. it's got the best and smartest players and admins in all the land. the possibilities of fun are endless. i rate this bad boy a 6 out 5 simply because im so enamored with this beautiful server. As a fellow player whos name is krisfrank i am definatly bringing the boys to play this gnarly server. gonna drop some cash on this server for sure. and Barty is super handsome and intelligent and has the best server management crew there is. and when the server border gets bumped up you better be on before all the good spots are taken. and when you miss out on the good plots then i dont wanna hear you complain cus you had your chance. I warned you it was going to happen and that this is the best server in the world and you still dont have your account logged in? seriously? like what are you doing in your single player world? hop on and join the fun and bild some cool stuff on this awesome server. If you miss out you'll be crying in your bed for years to come and to be honest maybe if you cant see the potential then you dont belong anyways. we only want the best for the best server. I hope barty keeps up this magnificent server for all of us to enjoy. can't wait to ham it up with the bois.

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