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    posted a message on Petition: Mojang needs to change the EULA!
    Quote from Venusaur

    The item is part of the game, which you can still access on your own server, or singleplayer. What I'm trying to say is that specific server isn't part of the game, so you aren't entitled to anything from that server.

    You bought the ability to play Singleplayer, and Multiplayer. You can still do both of those things regardless if people charge for items or not.

    I can't believe you're seriously making this argument.

    When you set up a server you're under obligation to have all the game's content available for any player in the server, for free, you can't get them behind "donations". The game content is not your property to resell for players that already paid for them, doing so is nothing but a scam.

    You can charge for access to the server, since the server is your property, but you can't restrict game content from players once they're in it.

    But i can see why you're making this argument, since you yourself profit from the scam: http://shilocraft.buycraft.net/

    Also, a protip: If you give something back for a donation, it's no longer a donation.
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    posted a message on Amplified world: most ridiculous hill height levels
    IIRC Savannah plateaus can be that high on the standard worlds.
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    posted a message on Thoughts on new ocean generation?
    The old oceans could be quite extensive on occasion yet didn't bother me too much, but i definitely don't like these new patchwork worlds.

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    posted a message on What biome will you build on in 1.7?
    I'd like to build on top of this, but it's already at the height limit. :P

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    posted a message on Is it legal to copy creations from other public servers?
    Quote from brambleshadow4

    I believe you misunderstand my point, and I feel like you stating that I don't know anything about the copyright system is unwarranted.
    The following link is where I am getting my information. It clearly says on page 1 that authors of original works have the rights to copy their work and have it publicly displayed.

    Here's the piece you're missing: Original work.

    What you make in Minecraft isn't an original work.

    Minecraft itself is the original work(whose copyright belongs to Mojang) and you're just changing parts of it.
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