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    posted a message on 1.8 Whitelisted Survival Server
    I applied please respond here, in YouTube, and/or by skype

    IGN: M_tutorialzz1
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    posted a message on Nirvanaminecraft Mature Community Server
    What's your IGN? : M_tutorialzz1

    Why are you interested in joining Nirvana Minecraft? : I've wanting to do a SMP style series for my youtube, plus i love playing multiplayer .

    Why should I let you play with us? : I am pretty experienced in minecraft (to my knowledge) and i believe i could bring a lot to the proverbial table.

    Will you be dedicated to the server? : Of Course!

    Have you read the entire post? : Yes.

    What do you think of the limited space idea? : I think its a great way to form a sense of community.

    Do you agree with the rules? :
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    posted a message on need help making modpack (and maybe launcher)
    If any modders and experienced mod users would like to help with a modpack and launcher I could use some help. My friend and I have already begun work but could use help with troubleshooting, compatability, and making the launcher.


    -Sgt Pepper Games

    [email protected]
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