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    posted a message on [Surv] TEKKIT Classic SkyBlock 20,000+ Downloads!
    Tekkit SkyBlock Survival 1.2.5 80,000+ downloads.

    This is the first original Tekkit skyblock survival any other maps of this you see May not be the first tekkit skyblock.

    Newest Download Link: http://adf.ly/QFHrg

    Rules:Do not purposely jump off the island to regenerate your health.
    Do not make a bridge to the mainland.
    Do not use Mods, Hacks, (other than tekkit)
    Do not spawn stuff in with Cheat mode!
    Play on at least easy difficulty.
    Post pictures of your achievements and progress!
    Have FUN!


    1) Build a Cobble Stone generator.
    2) Build a house.
    3) Expand the island.
    4) Make a melon farm.5
    5) Make a pumpkin farm.6
    6) Make a reed/sugarcane farm.
    7) Make a wheat farm.
    8) Make a giant red mushroom.
    9) Craft a bed.
    10) Make 64 stone brick's.
    11) Make 20 torches.
    12) Make an infinite water source.
    13) Craft a furnace.
    14) Make a small lake.1
    5) Build a platform 24 blocks away from the island, for mobs to spawn.
    16) Make 10 cactus green dye.
    17) Make 10 mushroom stew.
    18) Craft 10 Jack 'o' lanterns.
    19) Craft 10 bookcases.
    20) Make 10 bread.
    21) Collect 10 Ender-pearls.
    22) Cook 10 fish.
    23) Craft 10 Black Wool.
    24) Craft 10 Gray Wool.
    25) Craft 10 Light Gray Wool.
    26) Craft 10 Lime Green Wool.
    27) Craft 10 Red Wool.
    28) Craft 10 Yellow Wool.
    29) Craft 10 Pink Wool.3
    0) Craft 10 Green Wool.
    31) Craft 10 Orange Wool.
    32) Craft 10 Snow Golems.
    33) Craft 20 Paintings.
    34) Build and light a nether portal.
    35) Craft 5 Gold Ingots.
    36) Craft 16 Glass Panes.
    37) Collect 50 birch logs.
    38) Collect 64 arrows and craft a bow.
    39) Craft 10 stone buttons.
    40) Craft 30 stone slabs.
    41) Craft 10 signs.
    42) Craft 20 ladders.
    43) Craft 20 fences.
    44) Craft 20 fence gates.
    45) Craft 10 levers.
    46) Craft 10 trapdoors.
    47) Craft 10 stone pressure plates.
    48) Craft 10 wooden pressure plates.
    49) Collect 64 bonemeal.
    50) Craft 20 cobblestone stairs.

    Tekkit Challenges

    1) Exchanged Items to get 10 iron
    2) Exchange items to get 10 Gold
    3) Exchange items to get 10 Diamonds
    4) Get a generator
    5) Craft a macerator, Extractor and Compressor
    6) Craft Alchemical Chest
    7) Craft A Energy Condenser
    8) Craft Any Type of Energy Collectors
    9) Make A Dark matter
    10) Make a Red Matter
    11) Make a Swift Wolf Ring
    12) Craft 10 of wooden, cobblestone, Stone, iron, Gold and diamond pipes
    13) Make something automated (buildcraft with industrialCraft or anything in Tekkit)
    14)Go to the end
    15) Craft a batBox
    16) Craft a MFE
    17) Craft a MFSU
    18) Craft Dark Matter Armor
    19) Craft Red matter armor
    20) Craft Nano Armor
    21) Craft nano Saber
    22) Craft Quantum Armor!

    Please Post Any Questions And Ask for any help In the Comments Below.

    Newest download link: http://adf.ly/QFHrg

    (!!!IMPORTANT!!!) No changes will be made to this map anymore due to real life Issues.
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    Thread has been edited, Sorry it took awhile.
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    Hey if all you guys are reading this we have reached 400 downloads and i would like to thank everyone that has left some nice feed back and also who has tried the map out once again big thankyou to you all
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    Just saying new version going to have red power and buildcraft mabey also changing ender island and Equilivent exchange island
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    Sorry Had issues Have to go through link to pictures intill i fix it Sorry
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    Have a Skype?: yes the_dex1
    Do you think you will survive?: i think i have a chance
    Why do you want to join the server?: its sounds very cool and want to try it out
    (OPTIONAL) Do you think there is anything I could do to improve the server? mabey donating XD AND turtles
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