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    Hey, I've been looking for a place to express my creative abilities fully. I've been on multiple servers, but some were just too unprofessional (just some teens getting together and not really having a large goal in mind). You seem to have it set, and you also seem like you will have a larger set of build tools, as most other servers just have world edit and nothing else. I have great moderate size building skills; houses, small buildings, gardens, farms. I also have good decoration skill. And can do some good in macro builds like castles or villages. All I need is to be part of a team for bigger builds, and to know your goals on any project I take up. I work best, not when guided, but when informed.

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    posted a message on Looking For Builders, Lore Team, and Moderators!

    IGN: SevenLaggs

    Discord: SevenLaggs#3218

    I would be interested in being on your lore team if you'd accept me. I am also a decent artist and an ok builder. but mainly i can see myself getting behind some story making. I'm fine with smaller scale or larger scale lore. LMK what you think!

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    IGN's; Seven Laggs, Mclain11.

    Ages; 16, 15 (respectively).

    We'd like to join to find a more friendly community, without griefing or thieves, or as little as possible. I am Seven Laggs and will be a shop keeper and architect. My friend would be helping me plan out my builds and running an orchard.

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