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    posted a message on Would love some thoughts/help on a renewable mod for bedrock

    My niece and son would love to have our own little personal Hermitcraft server, but they don't exactly understand the amount of time that professional youtubers have to just sit their grinding resources. To try and allow a more casual approach to epic builds in survival mode I'm looking to create a mod to smooth out the acquisition of resources mid to late game. While I'm still puzzling out creating the mod myself I'm open to the possibility that someone has worked on something similar themselves, or has some advice as a starting point.

    The main change I'm interested in making is a chance at getting any given ore from stone/cobble, but also adding some recipes to create more variety in ways to get resources.

    Cobble/Stone Loot Table Changes

    The idea here is that early game while caving and hunting resources you're occasionally getting some resources you need. Mid game a basic cobble generator could remove some frustration in finding some diamonds and lapis. Late game ambitious players could set up a cobble farm to really crank out resources instead of grinding in the mines. I attached a screenshot of the initial thoughts on ore percent chances.

    Basalt Loot Table

    Once the new nether update comes I figure I'll also update the mod to add the new nether resources to basalt.

    New Recipes for Renewables

    Sponge (not sure about this one)

    • 2 coral + 2 vines


    • cobble + stone cutter

    Dirt * 9

    • 8 gravel
    • 1 bone-meal


    • gravel + stone cutter

    Red Sand * 9

    • 8 sand
    • 1 red dye

    Clay * 9

    • 8 dirt
    • 1 bucket of watter

    Soul Sand

    • Stone Cutter + basalt

    Glowstone (not sure about this one)

    • 8 soul stand
    • 1 lava bucket

    End Stone

    • 2 popped chorus fruit
    • 2 quartz
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