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    Any plans to continue this?

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    Name or Nickname: Seth
    In Game Name: Witness_
    Introduce yourself and tell us something about you: I'm 18 years old. Just graduate high school and am looking for something fun to do this summer before going off to college. I've been out of Minecraft for a year or so now, and I'm looking to get back into it and play on a server with a great community. Hoping to find a new MC home, in a sense. I love music and could talk about it for hours, and I'm obsessed with pop culture.

    Are you over the age of 18? Yes

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    * In Game Name (IGN)?


    * Age?


    * How can you guarantee you are not a fly by night, never stick around and break my heart kind of player?

    I'll be honest, it's been awhile since I've played Minecraft. I stopped playing due to the workload I took on through school, church, and other activities. The server I had been apart of shut down, and the players scattered. Like you, I also struggled to find a server where I felt like I "belonged". In the five-six years I have been playing Minecraft, though, this server seems like one I have never encountered before. Seeing how much you care about creating a fun and involved community really sold me as it is what I'm looking for exactly. In that way, I feel like that shows how dedicated I could be to this - should I be accepted. Any who, I am still a pretty busy person (aren't we all?), but some more time in my schedule recently became available as I'm about to graduate. I feel like now is the perfect time to get back into Minecraft and this server would be a great place to do so.

    I've ran multiple servers in the past including survival servers and two roleplay servers, the latter of which was a great challenge to keep up with and maintain, but also produced the best memories I have with Minecraft. With that being said, I can at least try to help you with any of the tech-side of running a server, or anything else that goes with running one for that matter.

    Additionally, if you care, here's a little bit about me. My name is Seth. Music is my biggest passion above all. I love following pop culture as well, even with how mindless and pointless it can be. I love a good pizza, Kelly Clarkson is my queen, and one day I hope to make music for the world.

    * What difficulty do you want the server to be?

    I'm a bit of a pansy, so I'd prefer Normal, however it's not a deal breaker for me. :)

    * Do you have a seed you absolutely love and want me to check out as a possibility for our seed?

    Like I said above, it's been a bit since I have been into MC, so I've forgotten what seeds I used to love. I'm not picky when it comes to seeds, though, so I'm good with whatever.

    * What do I do for a career? (Gotta prove you read this lengthy recruit post)

    A travel Psych RN.

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    Our website was just professionally redesigned! Check it out.

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    Updated the post to look fancy.

    We have a new map! Come check us out!

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    posted a message on Need Tips for Writing a Storyline for a Roleplay Server!


    I am a GM on a roleplay server called Darais. I've been placed in charge of writing an outline for the storyline of our first chapter. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on creating a storyline, how to write it, what to say, how to map out player-involvement, etc.

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Darais - New Fantasy Roleplay Server - [LOOKING FOR BUILDERS]
    Quote from sketcuniverse1»
    When, approximately, will this server open?

    Currently no release date, but will have a predicted release date as soon as the map and server lore are finished.
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    Welcome to Darais! We are an aspiring Fantasy Minecraft RP server looking for members to both contribute in ideas for making the server and assist in constructing the server map itself. We do not have a launch date as of yet, due to the incomplete map and lore, but hope to finish such things and make an effective community to both RP in and have fun in general.
    For more information, you can visit our website here.

    You.. Have died. The death was not natural. You were killed, whether it was by someone's blade or by your own clumsyness. And as you died, the world around you began to spiral into darkness. You felt like you were falling backwards.. Though, what seemed strange is that you landed. You landed on a large white, circular, platform. And you were not alone. A few meters away stood a woman? She seemed rather odd.. She was completely white, lacking a mouth and many features, as if she was made of energy. She wore a white dress, had short black hair, and glowing blue eyes and she stood there, looking at you patiently, offering you a single hand. You felt compelled.. You took her hand. Then the woman disappeared into a cloud of steam as your vision went white. The next thing you realized, is that you were laying within a field.. Another adventure awaits you traveler, will you accept this and forge a new fate?

    While the server isn't up yet, you can apply now by clicking here.

    If you believe you're a great builder, we would love for you to apply for our Build Team. If you get accepted, you will be helping us construct a large city and some lore-related building such as a palace, some ruins, and other things. (Also, if anyone is good with World Painter, we'd love some help with that too)
    1. Minecraft IGN:
    2. How long have you played Minecraft:
    3. Have you built for a Roleplay server before:
    4. How often will you be able to get on:
    5. What are you best at building:
    4. Post at least 3 pictures of your creations (Can be anything that you feel shows off your work best):
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    I created this page for help on getting a server hoster, ideas on how to raise money to pay for a host, and to get my ideas out there for a new roleplay server I want to start called, Perandal.

    If you have any ideas on helping me find a server host, or ideas on how to raise money, please post below; it'd help me out so much.



    The Age of Prosperity:

    Long ago, in a time unknown was the land known as Perandal. Perandal was a land filled with peace, magic, and love. Happiness, joy, and unity filled all races of the land; from the majestic elves that protected the forests, the fairies that spread goodwill and peace to all, and even the half-giants that inhabited the mountains. An era of great prosperity, education, and art arose. But, while this appears to be the ending of a tale, this is just the beginning.

    The Dark Age:

    Around the year 128 NS, strange things began occurring. The Vivaldi Forest, home to the elves, slowly started dying. The giant, green trees soon began losing their leaves and turning into a very dark shade of brown. Vines, fog, weeds, and thorns soon grew in the Vivaldi Forest;something was definitely not right. The elves tried to keep the forest from dying, they even called upon allies from other nations and races, but no one could stop it. Soon, even trying to keep the roads clear of the weeds and vines that grew in the place of the lucious plant became nearly impossible.
    The elves started to notice a strange presence in the forest; sometimes dark and powerful. The High Elf King Aldenar of Eldenwood, who was able to gain knowledge from the gods by reading the stars, knew that the era of peace and prosperity throughout Perandal was coming to an end. Aldenar warned all the nations of Perandal of the growing darkness within the forest, but no one believe him. They were all too lost in their own merriness and happiness to face reality.

    After Aldenar increased military presence in the Vivaldi Forest, he received word of strange, dark, and magical begins attacking the troops in the forest. Aldenar also was warned that the presence of the darkness was growing and began to weaken the elves every time they would enter the forest, making them weak and causing mages magic to either fail, backfire, or lose power. These hostile creatures that began to inhabit and the forest were known as Shadow Beings. The Shadow Beings had the ability to suck the life out of people magically through an ancient and dark magic art known as Vita Magic. These beings could not be injured or killed by sword or weapons. The only way to injure a Shadow Being was through magic. Aldenar soon sent out a special group of mages to fight off the Shadow Beings, but soon after killing the Shadow Beings, they would reappear in a bigger, more powerful form.

    Aldenar began to lose hope and decided to go face the Shadow Beings himself, as he was one of the most powerful mages in all of Perandal. He took a small group of mages and went to face the beasts in the forest. After many hours of fighting, he finally defeated the last of the beasts, for now, at least.. As Aldenar and the mages began to leave the forest victorious, yet very weakened, were stopped as vines grew around them in the shape of a cage. Soon, three beautiful women appeared from the shadows and warned Aldenar that the darkness will soon be spreading, and to prepare for battle. The eldest woman gave little information of who they were and their plans, except telling that the three women called themselves the Sisterhood.

    After letting Aldenar and the mages go and being chased out of the forest by a Giant Shadow Being, Aldenar prepared Eldenwood’s defenses and warned the rest of the world again of the threat of darkness being imminent, only to be laughed at again.

    After many months, the Sisterhood, the Shadow Beings, and the Darkness surprisingly attacked Okvarlin, the Orc nation’s capital. The Orc’s were no match for the Sisterhood’s forces with each death of a shadow being only making it revive more stronger, and more powerful. After a short battle, soon the Sisterhood killed Utark, the Orc King, and took control of the throne as an oligarchy. This same unfortunate, unfair, and gruesome battle soon overtook the Minotaur’s capitol, Noletor. With the Sisterhood now having control over Okvarlin and Noletor, the world finally realized the seriousness of Aldenar’s warning and began uniting together to vanquish the Sisterhood and the darkness. Naturally, the Orcs and Minotaurs were forced to join the Sisterhood’s army and fight. But, while the Sisterhood was build their army, so were the Elves, Humans, and Fairies. The Sisterhood’s army was called the Officio Tenebrarum

    , while the Humans, Elves, and Fairies army was called the Exercitus Lux.

    Whilst preparing for battle, Perandal took a turn for the worst. Crime was at an all time high. Darkness filled the land, weakening Elve’s strength and magic, and causing depression among all. Dark clouds covered the planet along with the same type of vines and weeds in the Vivaldi Forest. The Sisterhood were nearing their victory, and were getting close to what they wanted - which is still unknown today.

    It all came down to a final battle at Elvenwood. The Sisterhood’s combined army of Shadow Beings, Orcs, and Minotaurs against the united armies of the Elves, Humans, and Fairies. The fairies and mages of the Exercitus Lux fought off many of the Officio Tenebrarum. But, while the majority of Orcs and Minotaurs were killed, the Shadow Beings continued to revive themselves once again, more powerful than before. After realizing their defeat, the Exercitus Lux retreated their army while the eldest sister, who revealed her name as Tenebris, of the Sisterhood went to finally face Aldenar.

    The Sisterhood made their way to Aldenar, who was atop the Elvenwood Palace meditating and talking with the gods who gave him the only weapon that could defeat the Sisterhood. The weapon was an ancient artifact of the old civilization. It was a wand, named the Augendae, that could cast the most powerful of spells, but using the wand came with a steep price. Depending on the power of the spell cast, it would take years off your life. Aldenar knew that he had to do this to protect his people and the people of Perandal.

    As the Sisterhood fought past Aldenar’s defenses, Tenebris started to duel Aldenar. Aldenar was no match for Tenebris power, and was weakened from the presence of deep darkness in the area. Before Tenebris could kill him, Aldenar drew the Augendae. Tenebris tried to cast the wand out of his hand, but it could not be done as the wand knew its purpose and would not leave Augendae until its purpose had been fulfilled. Tenebris knew of the wand and mocked Aldenar and his desperate attempts to defeat her and the Sisterhood. Tenebris called on the forces of Darkness, something not even the ancients, with their great magical power, could ever fathom to do. As the darkness started to rush to Aldenar, he summoned a great, powerful, and blinding light. As the light and darkness battled against each other for what seemed to be a long time, the light finally overcame the darkness, vanquishing Tenebris and her sisters and the Shadow Beings. But, as the wand’s power came with a price, Aldenar had to pay that price. The power of using this light spell was so great that Aldenar died after using the spell.

    Life did not return to normal for Perandalians. The Humans, Fairies, and Goblins had much hate for the Orcs and Minotaurs, which resulted in many wars that never ended the feud between the two alliances. The Vivaldi Forest took many, many years to grow back into its full potential and beauty. After defeating the Sisterhood, the Augendae was lost. All scrolls and books that contained detailed information on the Sisterhood and Shadow Beings were burned by all Perandalians around the world. The Perandalians quit talking about the darkness that they had encountered and rarely spoke of the past, except when talking of their life in the Age of Prosperity. As a result, a majority of the population, except the elderly who were alive at the time, forgot the information of the Dark Age and rarely passed it down from generation to generation.
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    posted a message on Looking for magic-based RP server.
    As the title says, I'm looking for some heavily magic-based RP servers.
    Comment the thread's/website to the server below with the IP, please.

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    Alrighty! I applied there.
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    posted a message on ♋ Karador, The Lost World ♋ :-: ♋ Medieval-Roleplay ♋
    IGN: Rocket321

    Age: 15

    Why you want to join Lost World: I love the races and how it's not like other role-playing servers. I have a love for medieval things and this server seems like a perfect fit.

    Race chosen: Malvar

    Neutral Evil (could change later due to character development.)

    Backstory (1-2 Paragraphs):
    Myrid, pronounced My-Rid, grew up in the forests in a far-off, distant land. He was born as Kaeldorai. Myrid loved his family and his life. His father, Tanrin, worked as a blacksmith while his mother, Milan, stayed at home with Myrid teaching him how to read and write; skills that Milan learned from her brother, a scholar. In his free time, Myrid loved writing his own stories. He enjoyed writing about life and how hard one must work to get their own happy ending. Life was all well until Myrid's brother, Rontan, was born. At first, Myrid and his brother were close, but as the years went on that began to change.
    Rontan was born with the gift of magic and grew more powerful with it as he grew up. Rontan became the prodigy child of his parents; always outdoing his brother, Myrid. Myrid began growing jealous of his parent's affection towards Rontan. When the two boys entered into their mid-teens, Myrid's jealousy turned to anger, thus resulting in much strife between Myrid and his family-especially towards his brother.

    Myrid became tired of never being appreciated and always living in the shadow of his brother, so he set out to find his own magical powers.He came into contact with a powerful warlock by the name of Engrad. Engrad, while powerful, was also very, very evil. In order for Myrid to have obtain magical powers and become apart of the Malvar race, Engrad had to cast a dark and powerful spell on Myrid. (Myrid was not born a Malvar so he could not have drank the Prophet's Vial in the past.) The spell, however, was so powerful and so dark that the downside of casting it would be that Myrid would always have darkness in his heart; he would never be able to be fully good, if he would ever choose to be. After casting the spell, Engrad taught Myrid to use his anger towards Rontan and his family to fuel his magical powers. Myrid's powers expanded and blossomed over the years and on his 24 birthday, Myrid's training with Engrad concluded.

    Myrid returned home, but not in a well-manner. Myrids' parents were frightened and afraid of him. The years of practicing the dark magic had changed Myrid's appearance greatly; he no longer looked tan and muscular. His hair had turned to a black-silver color. His skin flushed pale with a hint of blue. His skin became rough looking. His wardrobe changed from what used to be bright and vibrant clothes, to now dark, maroon-colored clothing. He demanded to see his brother, Rontan after arguing with his parents for some time. (They were warned of Myrid's coming and sent Rontan into hiding underneath the house) Rontan realized that Myrid would not leave and came out of hiding before Myrid hurt his parents. After a long, heated discussion about how Myrid always grew up in the shadow of his brother, never feeling loved, always feeling less important, Myrid explained that all this drove him to the evil that he has is today. Myrid wanted a duel with his brother and Rontan agreed, as long as Myrid never hurt their parents and never did any evil towards them. After agreeing to this, the duel began. The two Malvarians began fighting, sending powerful magic towards each other. The duel resulted in a final move. Both brothers sent a powerful magic blast at each other that destroyed the whole world around them and sent Myrid and his family to Karador.. Since the duel, Myrid has not seen Rontan or his parents but still continues to work in his evil ways; making sure he will find his brother, and inact his revenge
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    Hey guys, I'm looking for a server that is roleplay and has magic.
    post your server down below! I'd love to play!
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    posted a message on Looking for a roleplay server that has magic!
    As the title says, I'm just looking for a roleplay server that also has magic.
    I'd be willing to download mods too.


    Also, IGN is Rocket321
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