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    After hundreds of hours of work, this PvP map for MCPE is finally ready!

    It's a Pocket Edition version of the Sethbling map on Minecraft PC called Super Craft Brothers.



    Brief History of this map series:

    Version 1.0 was released over a year ago and was by Khooplah, RubenPE, and myself. After much demand, version 2.0 was completed by my map making team at the time, which was called Team Serperior. (Team Serperior members who contrubuted to version 2.0: Khooplah, Sirius, SHiftER2O, XxhexeditorxX, Tengus)

    I decided to continue the legacy by building the entire version 3.0, except for the redstone alternatives to select your class, which was done by the amazing FloppyDash (@FloppyDash).

    There are 20 new arenas, 20 new classes, and an entirely new layout!

    Check out the list of classes available here: http://imgur.com/a/RruV7

    This map is meant to play with friends over local multiplayer, but you can also host the map on the iOS app "Multiplayer for Minecraft PE" or on a PocketMine server, which you can look up a tutorial on how to do so.

    If you're not aware of how to download and install maps for MCPE, check out the following:

    iOS (no jailbreak needed) + Computer:

    iOS (no jailbreak needed) without Computer [Doesn't work on iOS 8.1]:

    iOS jailbroken:

    Android (no root needed):


    Without further ado, go ahead and download the map for yourself!

    If you'd like to make a Youtube review/playthrough, that'd be really cool!

    If you notice a bug, please tell me on Twitter @SerperiorCraft.

    Check out FloppyDash: @FloppyDash

    The logo for this map is by @anji916

    The promotional renders of classes were made by @LongHairedPlays

    My twitter is @SerperiorCraft

    If you want a download to the full logo by Anji916, here you go:


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    posted a message on Iron Golem Mod [100% like PC] [Custom Mob Model]
    Wait, why is there a texture pack on in the screenshots?
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    posted a message on SerpCraft v1 - Redstone Lamps, Stained Clay, Music, and MORE!
    ~ Welcome to SerpCraft! ~
    This texture pack adds lots of PC and unique features to Pocket Edition. Enjoy!
    Here is a video that explains it all:

    Download [iOS]
    Download [Android]

    Android version Ported by kaikun97. The download link is his, not mine, so if it is not working, that is not my fault.
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    posted a message on Tropical Survival! [JackFrostMiner's Hardcore Survival LP Map]

    Heyo! Here's a fun survival map that I made that is set in a ocean with a pair of topical islands and a intimidating pirate ship! There are tons of caves and more secrets within!

    JackFrostMiner was in need of an island hardcore map, so I completed this real quick for him.
    This is a pieced map, meaning I ported bits from other PC version maps to create this. I also added some hidden stuff myself to spice things up.

    Enjoy, and leave some feedback below!


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    posted a message on [By Team Serperior] Super Craft Bros. Brawl 2.5 [14 Classes, 8 Battlefields]
    Fixed the post for errors that were reported to me by Wild07010! Thanks!

    WOW!! We reached 10,000 downloads on Super Craft Brothers 2.5 alone. And that's just a minor update! You guys are great!

    Also, coming soon:

    Follow me on Twitter @SerperiorCraft for upcoming details.
    Yes, Team Serperior is disbanded, so don't expect this map to be made by Team Serperior. :(
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    posted a message on [By Team Serperior] Super Craft Bros. Brawl 2.5 [14 Classes, 8 Battlefields]

    This is the finished version of version 2.5 by Team Serperior! It has all new features, such as:

    -6 NEW CLASSES, along with the previous 8, making the total 14 epic classes!

    -A NEW battlefield by Tengus!


    -Fixed Redstone Alternatives for choosing a class, to counter the block update bugs

    -No multiplayer glitch!

    -A fun tournament- type game to play with your friends!


    Khooplah- Made the Village and Football Field Battlefields and class chooser/ classified the map
    SHiftER2O- Made the Pyramid, Stronghold, and Swamp Battlefields
    Sirius- Made the Nether Battlefield
    XxHexEditorxX- Made the Candyland battlefield
    RubenPE [Ex-member of Team Serperior]- Made the hallway system
    Hexdro: Changed spawn of the map, beta tested
    Tengus- Made the Mansion battlefield
    Serperior- Directed the project, classified the map

    This map was made by these people above, and not the entire Team Serperior.

    I would like to give a HUGE thanks to all of the Team Serperior members who aided in this map's production. Especially to RubenPE and Khooplah, who have been with me since version 1.0 of this map.



    The original version is by Sethbling, for the PC Version of Minecraft, which you can find here:

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    posted a message on Buoyzure [1-2 Players] [Adventure Map by SerperiorCraft]
    Singleplayer Storyline Introduction:
    Engage in an epic adventure of truth and definition as you, Griffin Engel, struggle to gain a heroic repuation and save your community from a deathly curse.
    Multiplayer Storyline: (Same story except altered for 2 main characters)
    Griffin Engel and Lance Engel, sons of a late wealthy father, have lost hope in their lives after being left alone. When they are given a task by the Oracle in their basement, they spring into action and take advantage of the offer.
    The download button will bring you to a dropbox page with 3 different versions of the map. You can choose from singleplayer easy mode, singleplayer hard mode, and multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is 2 player only. Simply click/ tap the version you want and choose "download".
    The rules are in the map, so without further ado, go embark on the greatest adventure in Minecraft: Pocket Edition yet!
    Credits are at the end of the map as well.
    Please do not give this map away on other websites, although you may link this MCPEUniverse link to share with friends!


    Side Notes:
    -The "Make a Wish" chest is supposed to be empty, so don't report it as a bug please. It is symbolic.
    -If the download contains a "MAC OSX" folder or something similar, just ignore it and put the world file in your minecraftworlds folder.


    Last Update- January 6th, 2014 6:49 EST
    Version 1.0.2: Fixes some overly difficult climbing.
    To update your existing map, simply re-download the map and drag & replace the chunks.dat file from the newly downloaded version to your existing map file.
    This will reset all redstone alternatives, which should not be an issue unless you are on multiplayer and each player is on a different side of the redstone door. Feel free to break blocks if this issue occurs.
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    posted a message on ★[EPIC] The Earth Survival PE | Best Survival | The Planet in Minecraft | MUST SEE | +Download link | QUESTS | ★
    You have to mention that the map is ported and get permission before doing this. Yea. I'm reporting you.Also, the passive mobs in this map are in the same exact place as the other map. When porting a map, entities (mobs) do not transfer over. You stole this from the other guy. No doubt.
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    posted a message on Team Serperior [MAP GUIDE AND INFORMATION] [We have Disbanded]
    ATTENTION:Team Serperior is currently disbanded, we are done, but I decided to keep the maps here. We are taking our separate paths, some to other gaming communities, some are staying here in the MCPE community to make maps, just not with the team. I myself am staying with MCPE, you guys are too awesome! I'm currently making a map with Furminator and 00Solution00. I am also making Herobrine's Mansion playable for MCPE. Thank you all, the fun times Team Serperior had are behind us, but I will always look back.

    Official Topics:http://www.minecraft...l the fittesthttp://www.minecraft...l +the +fittestDownloadOfficial Topic:http://www.minecraft...load-available/Download
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    posted a message on Team Serperior Boot Camp [CAMP OVER]

    -Ended, Please Lock Topic-
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