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Seriously though, I've been busy trying to at the very least survive life in the university.

Anyways, I don't post often here except for possibly the Forum Games.

It's weird, how I feel like I have to grow up very fast and be as mature as an adult right now; that I have to fit the expectations of an 18-year-old guy or else I'd be seen as childish and not to be taken even a little seriously.

It's weird that I should worry about what I'll do as a adult while I'm young, to have to pick a course to take in school only to regret it later on because I didn't have the right mindset at the time I had to make a choice.

It bothers me how I feel like I have to carry the burden of current issues, to have to choose to either remain ignorant so I wouldn't go insane from all the madness around, or to be informed to have a chance of making even the slightest of differences at the cost of my own sanity.

Other's ideas and viewpoints still bother me, even though I should be able to accept that everyone has different contexts and different opinions.

I know for a fact that I'm not mature, that I've yet to know things about the world, about living a life, and about myself. Yet, I feel that I must grow up now, or I'll remain the stupid self that I am until a bitter end.

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