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    posted a message on Terraleet.com Staff Recruitment! [Looking for Moderators & Designers]
    • Name:Sergio
    • In-game Name: sergi123xD
    • Experience:I have built alot of spawns in many servers and im a great building
    • Why do you want to be an Designer? So I can show the server what a great builder/designer I am:D
    • Could you link or post screenshots of your previous builds which you've used creative-mode and/or worldedit to construct? Yes i could if u contact me on skype
    • How may we contact you? (skype preferred)sergi_likes_cookies
    • Have you read the Terraleet.com goal - What do you think? Do you think being given the power of worldedit and creative that you'd execute great ideas for contests, server events, ect? Yes i have read the goal,I like it it makes players want to go on it,and yes I will give great ideas and if u need a builded you know how to contact me (sergi_likes_cookies)
    • Please tell us a little bit about yourself - What about minecraft do you love? I love minecraft cause you can do what ever u want to do. For example if u want to make a huge castle or mansion go ahead.
    • Hope to be accepted:)
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