About Me

Old-school Minecrafter with a knack for building and adventure.

I prefer to use resource packs with either a medieval or post-apocalyptic theme. See the "Interests" tab for more.


Resource Packs

Apocalyptic: Last Days [32x]The End Is Extremely Nigh [32x]MineOut [16x]

Medieval: DokuCraft: The Saga Continued [32x]John Smith Legacy [32x]Ovos's Rustic Redemption [32x]

Default-Esque: CoterieCraft [16x]

Steampunk: Glimmar's Steampunk [x] • Broken Anachronism [x]

Location The Ethereal Plane

Profile Information

Minecraft SentrySam Steam TheDarkOne_HxC Discord TheDarkOne_HxC