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    Stahp doing my job. Just because you're a moderator doesn't mean you're actually allowed to whitelist. You must be approved before we let you.

    Ah, Katie told me I could, my mistake! Apologies!
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    In game name: boykidthing

    Real first name: Samuel, but you can call me Sam

    Gender: Male, of course.

    Age: I turned 15 in February.

    Timezone: Pacific time.

    Why do you want to be staff here? (At least 1-2 good paragraphs):
    I've been on this server for about a week now, everything has gone great so far. Made some new friends, had some fun and made a few cool structures. One of them I felt claustrohpobic in, which was pretty fun! Everyone has been awesome so far, a very nice and helpful community. Though, we all will joke around every so often. So far, everything seems to have been going great! So I'm here to make an application for Moderator, because I really am starting to care about this server.

    What experience in Fallout do you have?:
    I've been playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas ever since their releases. Though, I find that Fallout 3 had more of the post-apocalyptic feel to it. So yes, I've had some experience.

    What RP experience do you have?:
    I've been on many RolePlay servers before; two different skyrim servers, a few zombie apocalypse servers (who hasn't) and just the regular medieval roleplay servers. I was on the skyrim server for a few months each, with many characters and stories to tell about them.

    What staff experience do you have?:
    I've had minecraft since very early Alpha, and I've been a part of servers since the day they came out. I always made friends with the staff members and owners, most really liked me on their server. So about a month of playing for servers, I decided to start becoming a part of the staff on them. I've been gaining all types of staff ranks on all sorts of servers ever since.

    Define Power Gaming (1 Paragraph):
    "Power Gaming" is a term that usually means they're giving themselves an advantage at some sort of roleplay that makes it nearly impossible for them to fail, another way of power gaming is to preform an action that would be completely unfair to another, or even a way of cheating through roleplay. For example; Say my character was being attacked by another player in roleplay. The other player preforms a move to attack mine. I would then, of course defend from the attack. The other player then attackes again and again and again, with me always defending or reposting all those attacks. Or say I were to be attacking someone in roleplay without ever letting his character get any hits in, or preforming a completely unfair action.

    Define Meta-Gaming (1 Paragraph):
    "Meta Gaming" is a term to usually mean if someone is taking information that they learned while out of character, but used in character to their advantage. Meta Gaming is basicly a way of cheating the roleplay, and is usually shunned apon in the roleplay community. It's a way of giving you a head-start on something your character doesn't know what's about to happen. For example; Say I were to be in some sort of voice call with someone that is roleplaying on the server with me. He then tell me that he's going to preform and action that I would not like to happen to my character. From him telling me, I know what he is going to do, there by giving me a heads-up on what is about to befall my character. If I were to use such information, I'd be preforming Meta Gaming.

    Say someone is Meta-Gaming, What would you do? (1 Paragraph explanation):
    If I were to stumble upon someone that is preforming Meta Gaming, I would inform him that he is Meta Gaming. If it was a small offence, I would explain why it was wrong and tell him not to do it again. But if it were to be something that he knew he was doing, say giving a friend information about his position through out of character chat, then I'd ban the play temporarily with a reason of the ban, of course. I'd then go on to tell his friend what the banned player did, and why it was wrong. And if I saw him doing such actions, he'd be temporarily banned as well.

    Say someone is hacking, and someone has proof of it, What would you do? (1 Paragraph explanation):
    This can go two different ways; the first way would be to speak to the hacker about if he was hacking or not. If I do in fact have proof of it and he reply's negative, then I'd ban him, of course. But, if he were to reply with an apology for his actions and promise to remove the client, then I'd let him off with a temporary ban.

    Plugin Experience:
    You've seen me use plugins, blf. But if I still need to do this then so be it. I've been using world edit and world guard for many months now, I know factions very well and can administrate it with ease. I know my way around group manager like I do of the back of my own hand. GM is simple to learn and easy to master.

    Building Experience (Preferably Pictures):

    Experience with Application (Accepting/Denying):
    I've been on many roleplay server's application teams in the past. One of which I was made the head whitelister.

    Should you disrespect players if they are disrespecting you?:
    Of course not, I'd show full maturity through most situations by remaining calm.

    Why should we accept you as staff? (At least 1-3 good paragraphs):
    I've always hated this question, but here I go anyway. So, as you probably already know because it's in the staff experience question, but I've been a part of server's staff for a good few years now. I've always been mature as a moderator, Administrator and even Co-Owner in the past. I always remain calm in situations where it needs to be applied, like if I were to get into an argument with another staff member or even just a regular player. If I were to be wrong in an argument, I will stop in my tracks and apologize to the other person and move on from it.

    If I were to say what my best experience as a staff member, it would be for a nice little server called prevail, actually, I shouldn't say little; it has about 100+ players on it daily. But yeah, Prevail was a good place to grow mature as a staff member, it was a wonderful community. I was actually going to become an Administrator for it but I quit the server. I was on that server for a good year and a half. Which is a very long time to be on a server.

    This doesn't mean I'm done being a Builder; I'd like to be both Builder and Moderator if that's fine.

    Builder Application:
    IGN: boykidthing
    First Name: Sam
    Gender: Male
    Age: I turned 15 in february
    Timezone: Pacific time
    Skype (Needed): poopysalesman (sorry about the name, it was make a long while back.)
    Experience In Fallout: I first got into fallout 3 which was a few years back, my older brother and a friend of mine made a trade of games. So I've been playing 3 ever since NV came out, which is when I sold my fallout 3 game. I think fallout 3 had more of the post-apocalyptic feel to it, where you only really notice that you're in a nuclear wasteland when you're at vegas or some old run-down building. I've gotten all the DLC's with those games, all were very fun. I'd have to say I liked operation anchorage the most, it had all these futuristic weapons and armor that helped my through my fallout 3 travels.
    Building Experience: I've been playing minecraft since early alpha, I've always loved to learn new tricks and tips about building when I first started out. I've got most of my building skill from me learning while I play. You would say that is a lot, judging that I had a few years to learn. The rest was by a very nice friend, amazing builder, by the way. His name is bloorajah, he's helped me so much with design and detail, just the little things that make a build stand out better. He said I'd have what it takes to join creative node if I put some time into it.
    Previous Servers: I was a moderator on a very popular server called Prevail Zombies. It got roughly 120 people on the server non-stop. Oh, I also built maps on that server, for a good year I was doing that. I've had tons of experience with servers over the years, I've been builder on many and staff on most.
    Any Bans: It's a shame to saythat I've been banned on many servers in my past, mostly just goofing around with my older brother. But that was when servers were first comming out, I've grown more mature with them now.
    Proof of Builds (Pictures): Here's my latest project; (P.S. please disregard all my earlier projects, they were made a very very long time ago.) http://www.planetmin...server-project/
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