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    posted a message on Community New Map
    IGN: SeniorChicken
    Age: 16

    Location: TX, USA

    How many servers have you played on? About 4, mostly due to the owner having to shut it down because of inactivity.

    Whats your favorite thing about Minecraft: The freedom that comes along with it. Being able to anything if you put your mind to it

    Why do you want to join this server: I enjoy playing on close knit community servers, and vanilla is the only way to play ; )

    What are you best at in minecraft: Building large storage and farms

    Do you have a mic and will you download and use Raid Call:? Mic is great and would be willing to download raid

    Tell me something about you that doesn't have anything to do with minecraft: I play soccer as well as video games! I enjoy other games like CS:GO, TF2, BL2, and nuclear throne
    Forgot to change IGN slot
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    posted a message on Sporcraft [A small whitelisted,100% Vanilla Survival Server]
    1) What is your in game name so I can whitelist you? SeniorChicken

    2) Why do you want to join? Been looking for a whitelisted vanilla server, and can't wait to play with you again! Remember me from happycraft?

    3) Age? 16

    4) Will you dedicated yourself, to an extent, to this server and its people? Yes, I will

    5) Do you have a microphone? Yes

    6) Where did you hear about this server? Been searching mc forums for a while and asking around
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    posted a message on ForestCrack [Whitelisted and Vanilla. Like Mindcrack/Hermitcraft]
    Age: 16
    In game name: SeniorChicken
    Rate your building skill (1-10): 7
    How many hours can you play per week?: 2+ every day: 14
    Can you record the server?: No
    Will you follow my rules?: Yes
    Do you work well with other players?: Always
    Why do you want to join?: I've been looking for a small whitelisted vanilla server to join and play on

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    posted a message on TreeCraft SMP [Vanilla] [1.8.1] [Whitelist]
    IGN - SeniorChicken

    Skype - partyscoutisbackforeal

    Have you ever been banned before? If so name servers and reason banned - None : )

    What do you do with wild spawners? - build exp/drop farms!

    Age - 16

    Do you have a youtube? No

    Reason you want to join - I'm looking for a small whitelisted vanilla community to play with

    How long can you play a day - At least an hour every day, usually 2+ though

    How long have you played? - 3 years, with breaks inbetween during busy phases of my life

    Will you whine about not getting your way? - No, that's annoying

    Will you argue with the decision of a staff member or disrespect them? - No

    Will you borrow items without permission? - No, I always ask first borrow second

    Time zone/large city near you - US Central

    Tell us something about you - I love to play TF2 and cs:go as well as minecraft
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    posted a message on ►Craft-District◄ --CLOSE COMMUNITY-- 1.8 MINECRAFT WHITELISTED SERVER (Vanilla)
    What is your In Game Name?: SeniorChicken

    What is your Age?: 16

    What Time zone are you in?: US Central

    Do you speak English? (To an understandable point): First language

    What is your Skype? (or by PM if that's better with you): partyscoutisbackforeal

    Would you be willing to use voice communication if needed?: Yes, very open to using skype and other forms of communication

    What is your Favorite Block?: podzol

    Link to your YouTube Channel (if applicable): NA

    In a few sentences, Why would you like to join the Server?: I'm a multi-year minecraft player but had to quit due to school, looking to begin playing again in a close knit community.

    Strongest skill set: Building storage rooms and large farms
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    posted a message on HappyCraft [Small, Vanilla, Whitelisted, New Map, 15+] Looking for new players!
    Minecraft Name:SeniorChicken


    What do you like to do in Minecraft?: I like to build massive farms and storage areas! I also enjoy coming up with new ideas for experience grinders!

    Why do you want to join?:I want to join because I've been looking for a small survival server in which I can build and not have to worry about it shutting down after a week or two. The idea of being in a small community of friends is also very inviting!
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    posted a message on ShadeCrest Vanilla | No rules
    IGN: SeniorChicken

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft? About 2 years

    What Do You Enjoy Doing Most in Minecraft? Mining/farming

    Why Do You Want to Join the Server?

    How Will You Contribute? I will contribute by being an active member of the community.

    How Much Will You Play? At least 1 hour a day, although quite a bit more during summer.
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    posted a message on ***********IGNORE
    1. Age - 15
    2.Skype? - SeniorChickenMC
    3. IGN (In game name) - SeniorChicken
    4. Why should you be accepted? - I feel like I can contribute to the server. I have been searching for a vanilla SMP server that will not shut down. I will be active as much as possible, but as soon as school starts again my time online will be less.
    5. Have you ever been banned from a server? If so why? - No, I have not
    6. What are your "specialties"? - My specialties are storage rooms (Very plain sounding, but I enjoy making them), and large farms. (Largest ever was about 400 melon plants)
    7. Have you ever griefed before? - Only on PVP or factions servers.
    8. Tell me alittle about yourself - I enjoy playing PC games and soccer.
    9. Do you stream/ record gameplay? - No, although I wouldn't mind starting. (My mic. is currently broken though. In process of getting another)
    10. If so what is your youtube/ twitch channel? NA ^
    11. Extra Info you would like to share - Would really enjoy being able to play on the server.
    12. Time Zone - Central US time
    13. Where are you from: USA
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    posted a message on ★ The Bucket [1.7.9] | Whitelisted 100% Vanilla Server [25 Slots] [24/7] [Small Community] ★
    Why should we whitelist you?: I feel like I can contribute to the server, and vanilla SMP is just what I've been looking for!
    Have you read the rules?: Yes
    Tell us about yourself: I've been playing minecraft for quite a while now, although I stopped playing for a while back as my interests began to change. Now I'm back into MC and looking for a good vanilla SMP server to devote time to :D
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    posted a message on UnderOre2 1.7.2 Vanilla Server! *WHITELISTED*
    IGN: SeniorChicken
    NAME: Caleb
    AGE: 14

    What are your best Skills: Creating large farms, gathering resources

    Tell me a bit about yourself and why I should let you join:I love to play minecraft! Especially on vanilla survival servers, which are quite hard to find. I'm a nice guy and I don't cause trouble or grief or steal. That's about it :P
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 100% vanilla survival server with whitelist
    • Name: Caleb
    • IGN:SeniorChicken
    • Age( it really doesn't matter to us):14
    • Why do you want to join this server: I want a small vanilla server to play on :)
    • Timezone: Central USA
    • Tell me a little bit about your self: I like to play minecraft a lot although I haven't played in a while, since finding good servers is hard :/.
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    posted a message on XiboCraft [Mindcrack Based] [1.7.2] [Vanilla SMP] [Whitelisted]
    Minecraft IGN;SeniorChicken Age;14 Why you want to be on this server?I am looking for a small friendly community server that I can speak with the other players and have fun on How long you have played Minecraft? About 2 years Who is your favorite Mindcracker? Nebris
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