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    So, this is what I'm working on right now. It's still in it's pretty early stages, and it's a lot more complex than it looks at first glance. We will eventually redo the logo and the panorama better, but this is the direction we're taking it in..
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    NO Support

    Their a 'demiboss' and their actually ment to be not as OP as the ender dragon etc...

    OP? Ender dragon. Lolno. MineCraft is too easy, even on Hard difficulty. They are very slowly balancing combat, but really it seems like they don't care. When you can get 97% DR (Diamond Armor, Enchantments, Golden Apple) in a game, the devs clearly don't care about challenge. The enderdragon has underwhelming abilities. All he does is swoop at you. And you can fight the whole battle without aggro'ing the endermen. If he had some sort of ranged attack, better dodging, was quicker, and the endermen joined in (maybe only have so many so it's not too OP until after he dies, then neutral endermen spawn) then it'd be a hard fight. Right now, you just stand on a tower and wait to punch it. Seriously. It's boring.

    There was only a single instance where the ender dragon knocked me off the island. I just ender pearled back onto it. I have never died from the ender dragon. He just isn't that impressive. The only reason to go after him is the massive XP.
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    Quote from Badprenup
    I can verify that it is fairly easy to get that much gold that fast if you know what to do when mining. If you stay at the right levels and use the right tools you can get a couple stacks of Gold in about an hour or so.

    As for the idea, I've never legitimately faced an Ocean Monument so I cannot say if I like it or not. But I will also say that I don't find Gold incredibly useful, and I play vanilla Survival on Hard. I've never needed to make any of the items that Sen4lifE mentioned for Gold. I HAVE made them, but then they wound up never being used and thrown in a chest. So all the current effort of clearing a Monument for a few measly Gold Blocks is not worth it to me. The only reason I want to clear one is for an awesome underwater base once you clear the water out.

    Player Ultra-hardcore. UHC disables health regen. You will /need/ those healing items. Or even hardcore. Dying tends to become a lot more frightful. If you're someone who is okay with dying, then so be it.

    Or try PvP MP. This are examples I had in mind when making my post.

    I don't think there should be 72 gold inside the monument. But an enchanted golden apple would not be unimaginable.
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    Quote from SirRaso
    Ok, don't you think that this will make stuff just too easy? The more automated things are, the dumber we get. I remember when you could just make an easy locking door with redstone and nobody would complain. NO SUPPORT

    ..Closing a door with redstone will not prevent a zombie from 'opening' it.
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    Quote from Master_Hill_

    I'd like to know what in the Nether you're replying to...

    I had intended to quote, but I failed.. Someone mentioned the Nether shouldn't suddenly appear when you mine down so far and were arguing that it was another dimension. Which it is.

    In Castleminer Z, a semi-successful ripoff to MC, you can mine down into their version of Hell.
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    Quote from Starchild10
    Guys, is nobody paying attention to the fact that cats hate water? If you have a cat, go throw him in your pool or lake or something and watch him drown, or either get out, but be realllyyy freakin mad.

    Like I said, it's not legit. It has to be realistic. I don't want Minecraft to be any more unrealistic than it already is. I think we're done here. Case closed.

    Lol. If we're going to be realistic, then lets not use myths.

    Cats do not hate water. Cats hate being thrown into, pushed into, submerged in, or having a shower sprayed on them by someone else. Most people hate other people doing that to them, too. Dogs hate it, as well. They don't mind going into lakes themselves. Cats often sit by the water and swat at it/play with it. They very much enjoy sitting ontop of open fishtanks and swatting at the fish, even deep ones. Bring a domesticated cat near a pond, they'll do the same thing. So it's not very unrealistic. They're not hydrophobic. They just don't enjoy getting messed with.
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    So, here is a little trick I accidentally stumbled upon while mapmaking:

    The trick itself is pretty simple. "/summon ArmorStand {NoGravity:1,Invisible:1,CustomName"Hello World!",CustomNameVisible:1}". What you can do with it, however, can be rather intuitive.

    You can create floating dialogue, above NPCs in your map. Or popup tooltips for puzzles and adventure/quest maps. You can also use them as area popups (a player enters an area and sees the name of the area).

    I could imagine all such things working by detecting when a player comes by, spawning the floating text, and starting a timer that "/kill @e[type=ArmorStand]" that is targeted in the exact area the stand spawns. This could be used for dialogue, and even the tips and area popups.

    Just thought I'd share. I discovered it when making area flags for my map. They're just this, with a custom banner on the head (so a small floating banner with text) to remind me what the area is for, which I intend to delete when my maps are done. Enjoy.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    It's not. It's another dimension entirely. This isn't CastleMiner Z, guys.
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    Please read this entire thread before commenting, questioning, or criticizing.

    This idea sprang up while I was designing a tower. Since I exclusively play on Hard, Hardcore, and Ultra-Hardcore, whenever I put down a wooden door, I put fence gates on either side incase a zombie makes its way and it needs to be quickly sealed. It also isn't bad vs. players and mobs.

    So, when I was looking at the entrance, a wooden door and a couple wooden gates behind it, I thought "what if they were merged." The idea of barred doors sprang up.

    There are a few points to make. I will cover design, function, pros, cons, and redundancy.

    Design & Function

    The design would reuse the texture of both wooden doors and fence gates. The wooden door would operate mostly like it does in game. The bars would not be in the center of the block, but on the side of the block, connected to the door, on whichever side the door was on. Blocks are able to extend out into other blocks. Yes, they will not clip properly, if you somehow, and for some reason, place a door against a block, the bars would be pressed inside that block. I don't see this as an issue. Why the hell would you do that anyhow?

    The bars would be slightly extended fence gates. Extended so that, if it is in a 1xY hallway, the bars would stick inside of the walls and be invisible, essentially. If it was outside, you would see wood connect to the wall material the door was on. This would serve an aesthetic purpose only.

    The function of the door would be so that, if you right clicked the door, it would open and close. If you SNEAK + Clicked the door, it would lock the bars IF you were on the side the bars were on. Sneak clicking is becoming a popular alt key in MineCraft vanilla game, so this is not unreasonable design.

    If you were behind the door, it would be locked. You cannot open it until the bars are unlocked. If you are on the bar side, then clicking (evne without sneak) would unbar the door. NPCs would not be able to operate the bars, however, NPCs (villagers) could open the door if the bars were not activated. I would assume this would be the same for redstone. Zombies, as well, would not be able to knock down does IF the bars were in place (otherwise, of course! They're not reinforced now). The mining time would increase to the time equal to iron doors if the bars were active.

    Pros, Cons, and Redundancy

    This is not so redundant with iron doors. Keep in mind, iron doors require redstone, which can be inconvenient for space and time reasons. A barred door allows you the convenience of operating it like a regular wooden door, and reinforcing it into a strong barrier like an iron door at a moment's notice. It gives you the advantage of locking out zombies, without making iron golems useless, and also having the con of locking out players, as well (or the pro, depending who you are playing with!)

    The cons to this? Heh, it's like locking your key inside your car... In fact, it should be noted that if the door is mined, it should drop into wood and sticks, like a boat, IF it was barred when broken. Otherwise, it can drop the normal item.

    Another pro here is that they are much easier to operate than fence gates and doors together, so you're not accidentally closing and opening the wrong one.


    I'd like to add another point here. Many players on Multiplayer, esp. players in other nations, have difficulty using automated doors, such as iron doors with buttons, since there is a delay from when the door opens on the server, and when it opens to the client. This causes the door to appear (and functionally) open for about 100-300ms for some, making them very difficult to use. A strengthened door that can be manually operated could be a suitable alternative.
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    I do know what this means. But it doesn't really apply here. Local difficulty changes over time to increase the difficulty of mobs that spawn when a player is in an area for a long time. Guardians are not meant to be a regenerating challenge. They are meant for a single encounter, where they guard loot. They are dealt with, the loot is collected, then you leave. If guardians were a more normal mob to encounter, like skeletons or zombies, this would make a lot more sense. The only case where this would make sense is if loot drops increased when the difficulty increased. But since the loot generates when the chunk generates, and the chunk generates with the lowest difficult, this would be a useless feature.
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    posted a message on Make gaurdians lazer charge faster! give them a faster attack speed!
    1. Golden Apples
    2. Enchanted Golden Apples
    3. Health Potions
    4. Night Vision Potions
    Stop playing on Peaceful for once, then come back and post that gold is useless.

    PvP servers tend to raid and slaughter just for gold. Play an world-PvP server and then really try to justify that gold is useless. Or even just a Hard, Hardcore, or Ultra-Hardcore PvE server. They all need gold. Especially H/HC/UHC PvP servers.

    When it comes to PvP, whoever controls the gold, controls the world. You have a very significant advantage if your faction has all the healing potions, and more important, golden apples. Considering Enchanted Golden Apples are MineCraft's "/godmode", it is one of the most important factor in war multiplayer communities. And don't underestimate the usage in PvE. Even if you're farming mats in the Nether, an enchanted golden apple could very much save your life. Even mining in a ravine!

    Gold has not been useless in MineCraft for several updates now. Especially when the required mats for golden apples were increased from nuggets to ingots.

    And no, I'm not joking about the raids. Me and my MP buddies raided a friend's city, and even attacked his innocent players, for gold. Hey, maybe we're dicks. But it sure as hell matters.

    Quote from ZaffreAqua »
    You have 0% no support from me. Guardians are already quite strong, and in order to even get a good chance at them you need either a good bow and get lucky, or get some of those enchantments. Besides, they're guarding crappy old GOLD for cryin' out loud! Gold is best left as a decor block or for powered rails and that's it. The OP golden apples are pretty much useless in survival. And no, they do not make you invincible. Not even close.

    Yes, they do. Since you made this post, I won't assume you want to do the math, so I will do it for you.

    First, when people tell you that Enchanted Golden Apples put you into godmode, they mean with Enchanted Diamond Armor.

    First, recognize that damage is rounded to the nearest halfheart. This is not a FLOOR() or CEILING() function so it is simply rounded by normal rules (up OR down), which means you have the potential to take 0 damage (invincibility!)

    I would like to start by saying the terminology here should be invulnerability. Not invincibility. The difference is that, if you jump off a 256 block tall tower with enchanted diamond armor and an enchanted golden apple, then you are going to die. You're still invulnerable, because if you've gotten to this point, you're not stupid enough to do that. Hence, it is not a vulnerability.

    Now, here is the protection that you do have. You already are quickly recharging health, and are now protected from environmental damage (in MineCraft, this is simply fire damage. Lava, flaming swords, flaming arrows, and, well, fire) by 100%.

    The armor you are wearing will offer you 80% damage reduction. For 10 pts of damage, this is automatically reduced to 2 (1 whole heart). Enchantments offer you up to an additional 16% reduction, for a whole 96% reduction to the incoming damage. For 10 pts, this is reduced to .4 pts. Already, this is reduced (rounded) to 0. No damage.

    But, lets say you take more damage. A lot more. Like, from someone with a Diamond Sword with Sharpness V who has a Strength II potion activated. Huh, didn't see that coming? Good thing you brought an apple.

    The max for this damage is ( 8 pts + 6.25 pts ) × 2.6 = 37.05 pts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these are the only additions you can make to melee damage, and I believe the enchantment bonus is added before the potion effect?

    So, let's take this damage reduced by your armor's full ability, which is not always the case. The result is 1.482 pts of damage. Seems pretty low huh? It's not when you're in a sword fight with a player who is obviously talented enough to stack these buffs. The damage is rounded to half a heart. Keep in mind that not every hit will be this little, and can be much more damage if your armor enchants don't kick in.

    Now, let's say you have an enchanted golden apple. This damage is already reduced, and the Resistance will not reduce it more (to 1.4079) in the case that your armor kicks it. But it will regenerate your health as fast as your attacker is draining it.

    Let's say your enchantments don't kick in, or you don't have them. The damage against you is now 7.41. That's a ****lot more, huh? I told you, the damage increases largely if you don't get the max enchantment reduction. Which you CANNOT rely on in combat as getting your whole 96% is very unlikely! Now your Resistance I isn't going to reduce it past 7 pts, but see the end of the Instant Damage grenade example for why it is still very important.

    But this final example is the most important, and one that many intermediate PvPers forget. This is what makes an enchanted Golden Apple the most ****ing important item in your inventory.

    Damage Potions. Your armor will not protect you. Your enchantments will. But that 80% reduction your armor gives does NOT apply to Instant Damage Potions.

    A grenade can do 12 pts of damage against you. In fact, it will do this against you if you have basic armor. Even someone protected in diamond armor will die from 2 high tier grenades.

    This is a little more involved. Let's look at the most recent mechanics, where Protection IV x 4 armor can give you 80% damage reduction, like other protection, but is less likely to (see enchanting mechanics). Keep in mind that Protection IV is the only enchantment that will resist grenades. All other enchantments will not. This means that, despite being able to get 80% protection vs. damages like arrows more often when using hybrid armor, you will not be able to resist grenades as well. So, we are assuming you are in P IV × 4 armor.

    This gives you a range of 40% reduction to 80% reduction. This means grenades will do 7 pts of damage to 2 pts of damage, or 3 and a half hearts to 1 heart. That's still a good amount of damage. At least, it's more than any other source of damage will do to you with your armor on (as far as I know, all other sources of damages are reduced by normal armor, except falls). Will the golden apple change this range? No. It will still mostly make you regenerate. It will, however, give you a higher chance of taking a half heart less. Because the range is big here, you're likely to end up, a dangling point that is right on the edge of rounding down. Maybe 6.5 pts, which will round up to 7 pts, and a golden apple would reduce this to 6.125 pts, which would round down to 6pts. This is actually in effect on ALL sources of damages. It is just most noticeable on damage coming from grenades or falls, or if you do not have enchanted armor.

    The damage stacks, 1 pt is 1/20th of your health. It matters a lot more than you may think!
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    posted a message on Make gaurdians lazer charge faster! give them a faster attack speed!
    I support anything that makes the game more difficult.

    Seriously, the difficulty scale in MineCraft has too big of a diminishing return. Killing the enderdragon in full Protection IV × 4, with a stack of golden apples, and fully magic-ed up feels really unrewarding.
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    posted a message on Improved Anvils
    1) By the time you can craft, and more importantly, properly use the anvil, the resources it takes to craft it are a non-factor. You should always return with at least a stack of iron when mining. Anvils are nothing. It is a difficulty gate, and difficulty gates should not be removed.
    2) You must not have yet played the 1.8 snapshots. The enchantments have already been reworked, a long time before this was posted, and now they are much more balanced in costs. Also, it has never been more viable to re-enchant an item than to anvil it. Enchantments are lottery based and low-weighted enchantments would take considerably more levels to get again than to repair an item based on the old anvil system, where repairs became static after you named the item (that is no longer true, though!)
    3) "Difficulty gate."
    4) Tits and balls.
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    posted a message on "Accessories" slot
    My response to backpacks:


    My reason:

    We already have the ability to expand our inventory slots by 23 (-1 if you carry the enderchest, -2 if you also carry a silk pick for it) in a decently thought out fashion. We have enderchests, and enderchest are MUCH more thought out then backpacks. Why? It:

    1) Is difficulty gated. A difficulty gate is a non-linear gameplay structure intended to make something near-unachievable at a certain "level" (in open world games like MineCraft, this is not an actual level, but a subjective yet describable situation in which a player is likely to be in when starting a new world) while progressing in the game, yet has a downward sloping level of challenge in obtaining that item/perk as you progress throughout the game. Ender chests are near-impossible to obtain when you first spawn, but later in the game, they become very accessible and easily replaceable. The ability to use them effectively is also difficulty gated via the need for a silk touch pickaxe (which is less replaceable!)

    2) It does not require an extra slot. This reduces GUI clustering, and development effort.

    3) It does not require excess player customization. This increases multiplayer performance (less player variables) and reduces development effort.

    We REALLY do not need backpacks. Ender chests are much more rewarding way to expand the player's inventory. After all, we already have 9×4 inventory slots to use! That's quite a lot! Especially when things stack up to 64 (food really should cap at 16. Taking 64 cooked beefs is way overpowered. As is 64x Golden Apples)

    What I am saying yes to:

    The rest, basically. More gameplay elements (that can be justified!) the better, especially when it comes to magic and involved mechanics. I think there should be an amulet slot, two+ ring slots, even possible a bracelet slot (may be overdoing it with ring slots, probably one or the other), etc. These items should be craftable by a mat (material: gold, iron, wood, diamond, emerald, or even a combination!) and enchant-able. They should be able to be increased in power via the anvil. This would allow more player statting, and introduce some curves in character design.

    I.E. a ring's material could decide it's sensibility to enchantments, and even what enchantment it is likely to get. Y'know what's a fun idea? Having 2 mats!

    Base mat: gold, iron, wood. They decide enchantability (the order is obvious).

    Bonus mat: emerald, diamond. They change the weights of the enchantments. Like diamonds increase your chance to get combat related enchantments, and mining related enchantments, where-as emeralds increase your misc. enchantments like looting drops %, luck in fishing. Maybe even add accessory only enchantments. Like a luck enchantment, so that if you are in the area when a lootable chest (dungeon) generates, it increases the base % for rare items!

    Heck, I may make a suggestion of this myself...
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    posted a message on Server Overloaded, Experienced Help Needed!
    Thank you for the suggestions, though it's unfortunate the turmoil that had to come. Though I have see you've made up. I will try to concisely remove any confusion.

    I tested running the server on both a 64 GiB SSD (checked for disk errors, none) and a 4x500 GiB RAID 0 (periodic archives are saved on a cloud. Other sensitive data is also backed up elsewhere, so there is no real reason for redundancy, as the majority of it is game files that can be reinstalled/redownloaded. And porn.) There was unfortunately no difference.

    The entire system has gone through a clean wipe. That means absolutely everything was removed and replaced. Nothing can be deleted that would make a difference now.

    I have tried stable, non-dev builds. I don't use Bukkit, I use BukkitGUI. It's an entirely independently developed program that serves as a prompt. The name "BukkitGUI" just derives from the fact that it was originally focused on Bukkit-based servers and easing the use of plugins, but it has changed a lot since then and offers a lot more convenient features. The server itself is still vanilla, and I've launching just from the JAR itself.

    The reason I brought up the CPU being a possible source of the issue is I am already aware of it being unstable due to poor overclocking from the manufacturer I bought the build from (I've already argued the warranty bit with them. They intentionally delayed the issue until it was out of the replacement period). Considering I've ran all other relevant tests and completely wiped the system, it's the last thing I could suspect, unless someone came up with something different.

    However, I will try running both Bukkit and Spigot and see if that makes a difference.

    Edit: It is worth noting that the parameters you gave me have seemed to decrease the frequency of the error.
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