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    posted a message on [1.5.1 // ALL] [SMP] [Forge] [RPG] - The Legend of Notch: Reincarnation - Minecraft RPG Mod - {[1.6 Launcher Compability]}

    Small comment: The Legend of Notch's legacy mod (not the Reincarnation version) was released under the banner of Team Melanistic (active 2011 to 2015, passive since), but due to the old thread being down, that is not listed anymore. When members joined Team Melanistic, they were asked to either keep their mods privately or to turn them into official Team Melanistic releases and then get promo through the team's channels/contacts that way.

    Sthullen agreed to this at the time, and the Team Melanistic banner and name were listed under that old thread. Ratking15 worked with us for a while to still bring the mod to the people, until Team Melanistic mostly disbanded (its only represented by two members left over nowadays).

    Anyways, if Sthullen ever revisits this thread, I'd like to ask to please readd the Team Melanistic name to the section about the legacy release, since per the agreement we can update (or port over) that version of the mod if we like. Of course not the Reincarnation version which is completely unrelated to Team Melanistic.

    The only reason I am bringing this up now is because a port of the 1.2.5 version of Legacy TLoN down to Beta 1.7.3 is in progress currently, and when checking to see if the team name was still listed, I saw the old thread was gone and the new thread no longer does have it listed and in fact has terms listed that wrongly sound as if they also apply to the legacy version.

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    posted a message on ContinuedBeta Minecraft Mod [Beta 1.7.3] [TESTING]

    Sorry for (somewhat) necroposting. And I think its a real shame you didn't get any feedback to this thread.

    Keep up the good work. I think there aren't enough Beta 1.7.3 mods, and I hope you can take this one to a good place.

    Much success, and don't let the lack of response demotivate you.

    I highly recommend sharing your progress in the GoldenAgeMinecraft Subreddit where all the players are who will truly appreciate the project.


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    posted a message on Worldmaker 2.0 - Map generator to make Planetoids, Vastwood, Mystical Islands and more!
    Quote from sOvr9000»

    I would gladly try to make my own generator, but I have no idea how world files are structured for Minecraft. I did some quick searching and it looks very complicated. Is it even possible to make Planetoids now for versions 1.12.2+ without making some mod to drastically change terrain generation?

    Sorry for necroposting, but yes, absolutely. These generators work via a reverse engineered MC level format. You can just build a save file from scratch with this. The game is not used at all in the process. You could code this to work for 1.13+, and as it stands, it does work for up to 1.12.2 without needing world conversion, although features that have come out since this was released will obviously be missing from the worlds generated.

    Sadly the startreegames.com website has gone down, and therefore the download is no longer available, which is a big shame. @Seibai, if you read this, please do replace the download link on the front of this thread with a direct link to the file on like a google drive or something, as opposed to linking to your now defunct website. That'd be awesome.

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    posted a message on 'Sup, Modding Team with released project looking for more members!

    If you want to be a part of this, hit us up! Discord link still above! Our next update will overhaul our terrain. And we have a ton of assets prepared for implementation in updates afterward. Over 10 new mobs, over 30 new blocks, over 200 structures, and a whole number of new items and sounds as well!

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    posted a message on 'Sup, Modding Team with released project looking for more members!
    A new update for Lands of Icaria was released last week!
    It added the new torches previewed above, some fixes, and a bunch of additional nice features like new signs for our wood types (including flat on the floor and ceiling signs!) and dyed versions of the player storage vase so now your storage room can be color coded!

    Have a look:

    Mod link:

    If you're interested in joining the team, get in touch with me on our Discord server!
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    posted a message on 'Sup, Modding Team with released project looking for more members!

    Today's progress on Lands of Icaria saw the making of models for Icaria's own bone torches (and more).

    Vanilla torches will only offer half their usual light level in Icaria.

    Lignite torches (like the wall torch in the attachments) give roughly the same light level.

    Full light level is provided by Anthracite torches (like the standing torch in the attachments).

    These, among other things, will be found in the next update!

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    posted a message on 'Sup, Modding Team with released project looking for more members!
    Howdy folks!

    I am SellswordMike, community manager and recruiter for Axanthic Game Studios, a hobby Minecraft Modding Team started in 2018 that can
    trace its roots back all the way to 2011.
    Axanthic Game Studios is the continuation of Team Entership, which was the follow up team to Team Melanistic (2011-2015),
    which itself was the follow up team to Team Austrocraft, the 2nd reincarnation of the original german modding group Team Stereocraft.
    Long story short: we have a long history in mod development and take pride in that heritage (of sorts).

    Our Project

    Since 2018, Axanthic Game Studios has been working on a mod called "Lands of Icaria" which has recently got its first public beta release.
    Lands of Icaria is a very ambitious dimension mod inspired by ancient greek and egyptian mythology.
    It was programmed by a small but dedicated team with just two members at its core, and several more making up the extended team of contributors.

    If you want to read more about the project, go check out our Curseforge Mod page!

    Here are some pictures of the mod for you to look at:

    The terrain of Lands of Icaria is made up of four layers, with the target being for each of them to have their own populator that generates different kinds of flora and structures on them.

    The main enemies in Lands of Icaria are the Revenants! Skeletal remains of the Icarians that once used to populate this whole dimension. However they are not the only danger that lurks in Icaria.

    Lands of Icaria merged with Xenoform55's "Tartheus" mod in 2020, which saw the addition of 3 of the Arachnids from Tartheus into Lands of Icaria, joining the ranks of the various dangerous creatures populating this dimension. In Icaria, almost everything wants to kill you or at least doesn't like being attacked.

    In this mod we do alot of experimentation, including trying new concepts like our portal that works on any ground material and is open at the top, allowing it to fit much better into whatever environment players want to place them in. (also in the background of this picture is our old Aeternae model).

    Previously used in Team Melanistic's old "Candy Winter Genesis" mod, Icaria makes use of fancy lights for our crystals, both as blocks in the world and on entities like the overgrown Revenant.

    Past Releases

    Axanthic Game Studios, apart from Lands of Icaria, has not released any projects yet. All our efforts have been concentrated on this one mod.
    However the previous iterations of the team have released a whole number of mods during the 2011-2015 era of modding.
    Those include:

    Eternal Frost and Eternal Frost 2
    The Legend of Notch
    (only the original mod, the reincarnation was not made by our team)
    Candy Winter Genesis
    Minecraft Evolution
    ...and many more!


    For our mod project we are currently looking for:

    3 Coders with experience in at least one of these fields:
    - Terrain Generation (different terrain for different biomes)
    - Multipart Structure Generation (dungeons made from components)
    - Workstation Implementation (GUI based things like ovens and so on)
    - Advanced AI Coding (special behaviours for mobs, making some of our mobs spawn on and move across the ceiling of terrain layers)

    Up to 2 beginner Coders who can help with implementation of:
    - Basic blocks
    - Basic items
    - Crafting recipes
    - Loot tables

    In addition to that, we are also looking for a Sound Designer who can design the soundscape of the mod,
    from music soundtrack to mob sounds to block breaking sounds to ambient effects!

    If you meet the qualifications for one of these listings, please get in touch with us by joining our Discord server
    and sending us a message there!

    Additional Information

    What we expect from you:
    - Teamwork, dedication and communication! A project will only succeed if one sees it through and dedicates, and a big part of that is communication to make it easier for the team to work together and move forward.
    - Active contribution through coding and pitching ideas and generally taking part in our concept discussions. If you join us, we want you to bring something of your own into the concept that shapes its character!
    - Enthusiasm and motivation. If you don't believe our project can do well, there's not much point in you joining us. If you feel some enthusiasm for the concept and are motivated to help make this a mod like no other, you're our guy (or gal)!
    - Mature behaviour. We treat each others with respect and expect the same from anyone interested in joining.

    How the team works:
    Our basis for communication is our Discord Server with a wide range of channels to discuss aspects of the project in.
    Programming is done using Eclipse.
    Our source code is hosted on Github and we make use of the Github desktop client.
    Most work on the mod is done in the master branch of the mod - only very rarely do we create seperate branches for feature testing.
    3D modelling for mobs is done using Blockbench and Tabula.
    3D modelling for blocks is done using Crayfish's Model Creator.
    Most textures were made using Gimp 2.6.
    A Trello does exist but is not currently being used.

    The team that made the mod thus far consists of:
    (current members marked blue)
    Project Manager:


    Lead Programmer:

    Xenoform55, Foxbud, Tiki, luxtracon, WebFreak001

    Shado47, RCXcrafter, additional assets from old Team Melanistic and unreleased Axanthic Game Studios projects

    Shado47, Concinus, Xenoform55, Carver

    RCXcrafter, Xenoform55

    Additional Programming:
    Akye (LilithTheSuccubus), Poiuytrezay, MCenderdragon, X30thTrovageDRAX, ChowChowSonic

    Community Manager:

    I hope this was able to spark your interest!
    Lands of Icaria is a mod like no other and the feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive!

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    posted a message on [1.14.X] [New] Fluorite Mod [First Mod, need feedback pls]

    See... the issue is. MCreator isnt liked on MCF. If you use MCreator to make a mod, you didnt actually make the mod. The mod was made by the creator of MCreator and you just quickly clicked something together and added some textures which I doubt you even made yourself (for most of them - the ore was you I'm sure). If you want to gain attention and appreciation in the modding scene - take this from someone who has been in the scene for over 9 years: learn Java, code the mod yourself. There is no effort involved in putting together something in MCreator, hence why its frowned upon in these forums. Learning java and how to do forge mods properly not only allows you to do alot more stuff in the long term. Its also YOUR achievement and will feel alot more rewarding and get alot more attention from the community. There are plenty of modding tutorials out there as well. You start simple and work your way to become a good modder. You do not go onto MCF, post a mod with MCreator and call it your first mod (because it isnt stricly speaking even your mod at all), and then ask for feedback. You will hardly get any, and IF its most likely just gonna be a comment saying "MCreator :/".

    I think you got a concept for a nice proper first mod there with the enderfish. Call it infested ores mod (and code it yourself), and give every vanilla ore a chance to spawn a [...]fish mob when mined without silk touch. Add to that some nice drops to those mobs that are useful but not overpowered and voila, you got yourself something thats presentable as a first mod and might collect a number of downloads and some decent feedback.


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    posted a message on Worldmaker 2.0 - Map generator to make Planetoids, Vastwood, Mystical Islands and more!

    Hell yeah. Sadly Seibai hasn't been on these forums since 2017 (and neither has Isabirch) but I hope they come back to this one day. Nobody else does anything even remotely like this. Worldmaker is an absolutely unique product in the Minecraft community with its own little niche audience. Guess the reason it didnt get more popular is becuase most people dont really see the genius in this. But it generates new worlds from scratch from having reverse engineered the level format. And maps that are unlike anything you can generate with other tools (well, most of em at least).
    If this comment bothers moderators for necroposting: Worldmaker isnt dead and it will never be. The worlds it generates still work in the newest MC versions. And Seibai has disappeared for years before and came back. Guess its kinda a staple for him.

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    posted a message on .:: Skylands Adrift ::. [Skylands] [Airships] [MoveCraft] [1.14.4] (Episode 3 is out NOW)

    Getting the pirate rank doesn't actually grant you any advantages on Skylands Adrift though; we don't use it to gate any features. Unlike the server's predecessor (Madrealms: The Skyland Pirates), Skylands Adrifts allows even the guest users (shrimps) to join factions and fly any shipsize. Skylands Adrift doesn't break any forum rules. If you have a feud with a Moderator, please take it elsewhere. Thank you very much.

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    posted a message on Beta+, Generate Accurate Beta and Alpha Terrain with modern features!

    Interesting that you changed the water level by one block. I would also appreciate a mod to accompany this one that removes hunger and makes food work like in Beta, reverts the monster AI to how it was, and possibly reverts brewing to the cauldron system seen in the Beta 1.9 snapshots.

    Either way, great mod. First mod I saw so far on 1.13 that brings back the old terrain, and especially with new structures and everything.

    Tho I do think you should go for the NPC villages to use the design originally intended by notch.

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    posted a message on .:: Skylands Adrift ::. [Skylands] [Airships] [MoveCraft] [1.14.4] (Episode 3 is out NOW)
    Quote from crowleyman_»

    In-game name:: Crowleyman_

    Quote from Creilius»

    In-game name: Creilius

    Why did you two apply again? You were already pirates. ^^
    Quote from beardconecombo»

    In-game name: SovietRedstone

    Nice to have you back wisdom27 :D, promoted to pirate rank! Welcome to Skylands Adrift!

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    posted a message on .:: Skylands Adrift ::. [Skylands] [Airships] [MoveCraft] [1.14.4] (Episode 3 is out NOW)

    You have been promoted to pirate rank! Welcome to Skylands Adrift! :)

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] DarkMessiah95 Minecraft Mods

    Well, since nobody else is posting any comments, let me have a go at it.

    I like the textures. Considering this is presumably your first mod, the textures are done quite nicely, tho not outstanding.

    As for the actual features, like you said yourself, not unique. And thats the big problem here.

    Without unique features that set your mod apart from other mods, you won't get any attention on it.

    Nobody is really interested in downloading a mod that adds obsidian tools and armor for a couple reasons.

    1. Gear in mods that is stronger than diamond gear is generally considered overpowered and not fun to play. On average, people prefer to have balanced gear, and Obsidian Gear does not fit that description. The problem with making mods that add gear is that the normal gear progression in Minecraft feels complete, and natural. Wood, Stone, Iron and Diamond is a 4-step progression that doesn't make any sense to stretch out. To add a new set of armor and tools to a mod only makes sense when it makes sense in a progression system. For example imagine a bucket that can hold two portions of water instead of one and depending what you click with it, it either collects more water until full, or places down the water. That would be a unique feature and add a bit of progression to an item that doesn't have one yet. Shears, bows and fishing rods in vanilla all have a rather low durability and could certainly use both a lower tier version thats cheaper to craft, and a higher tier version that requires better materials.
    2. There are at least a dozen other mods just like this. When people have the choice between many different mods that all add the same thing that doesn't fit in the first place, they choose none of them.
    3. Due to this mod being pretty much exclusively obsidian items that don't fit with a progression, the general feeling people get from playing a mod like this is that of a "hello world" program. Basically the first step of what you learn when you learn to code.

    I don't want to discourage you from making mods. Its an ok start. Just nothing you can expect to get you much attention from the community. The bar has been raised quite high and there are hardly any new modders starting out anymore these days, so if you want to get attention for your content and maybe end up in modpacks and have videos made about it, you'll have to step up your game. Which I understand takes time and unique ideas take time to come as well, but you can do it. A few good things I can already say about this.

    1. The textures are alright (Except for that nether gem ore texture...)
    2. You know how to code armor and tools
    3. You know how to make smelting recipes
    4. You know how to generate ores in the world

    That is a good start. You'll just have to figure out where you want to take your skills. Maybe a mod that adds a few custom biomes with their own features, maybe ores, and unique vegetation and mobs. Maybe a mod that adds a dimension or alters one of the existing dimensions in a way that hasn't been done before (maybe generate a hellish landscape on top of the nether?). Maybe a mod that adds mechanics to the game that make gameplay more engaging. Maybe combat related stuff, maybe religion related stuff; there are lots of possibilities. Don't be discouraged by the lack of attention you're getting at the moment. Just find a direction that hasn't been taken before, or give something that has been done before your own unique twist.


    _Mike out

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    posted a message on .:: Skylands Adrift ::. [Skylands] [Airships] [MoveCraft] [1.14.4] (Episode 3 is out NOW)
    Quote from dirt_block_82»

    In-game name: - dirt_block_82

    Quote from sierra_tang0»

    In-game name: Sierra_Tango

    Quote from Yanoochi»

    In-game name: Yanoochi_

    All three of you have been promoted to pirate rank! Welcome to Skylands Adrift, pirates! Y'Arrrr! :blink:

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