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    Quote from McRiveter»

    Remember kids, if you really really want something, you should get it for free! Just because!

    Agreed, cause the world works that way and it always will.

    Quote from qvxasp3»


    Honestly, when I see posts like this, I kinda want Minecraft to disappear for a day or so, and see how these people would react to that.

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    This all makes sense now...
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    I am currently trying to make a minigame based off of Ancient Greece, and I would like some help with the builds and the custom resource pack. If you would like to help, please pm me, and I can give you more info, otherwise, you can just build the structure, or make the pack and then pm me a link to the download.
    All the builds will be used as arenas for 2-5 people, it is a PvP game. Please try to limit the size of your build accordingly, I don't want the players to get lost and never find each other and the game to drag on for forever.
    I will give credit where ever it is due, and I may not use every build submitted to me.
    If you need to use a texture pack to get your affect for your build, try to use a 16-bit version, and send me a link to it as well, I am going to patch together a texture pack to use with it.
    If you are planning on working on this, please send me a pm on here.

    Structures Currently Needed:
    -Mt. Olympus, with 12 thrones inside, all have something to show what god they are for
    -Something like the globe, and the Titan Atlas holding it up, inside is hollow, and where the water would be, stained glass, will fight inside globe
    -Hephaestus' forge
    -Statue of Notch dressed as Zeus holding lightning bolt
    -anything else you can think of, Ancient Greece related

    Current Resources Needed for the Pack:
    -A mail letter
    -A cooler clock
    -A grape

    Resource Pack so far: http://bit.ly/GodGameTexturesAdFly Mirror: Link Removed

    Estimated Percent Complete: 30%

    Thanks to anyone that sends builds or packs my way! ;)
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    You should make it so saplings don't burn in furnaces, it is too easy to get fuel to smelt iron.
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