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    Please. Update. This

    I even used capitals at the start of the sentence for you!

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    you know some anime can't be watched on youtube (by under 18's or non signed in personnel) its really annoying me. especially when you get something like this:

    *can watch first episode*

    *can't watch the rest. by same person. because its age restricted.*

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    clearly. it is 9(11)

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    this will not be achieved in any of our lifetimes.


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    come on!

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    DSI that ii got just before 3DS's came out.

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    don't we need an IP?

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    -1 cos their dead.

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    Quote from Thunderhoof111»

    knew I was an idiot in the past, I changed according the rules, I am here to help others and organize the forums and add rules which prohibit many from attacking this site. I hate seeing all the trolls and bad-doers on here.

    Efficiency is my main goal, to ensure order and logic. Efficiency is the best way to operate, Efficiency over all else.

    There are 13 months, (how)

    No DST, (this would be easier)

    6 Continents (North America, South America,Eurasia, Oceania, Africa, and Antarctica) (don't agree)

    21 planets of the solar system, Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Ceres,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto and Charon,Orcus,Ixion,2002MS4,Salacia,Varuna, 2005UQ513,Quaoar,2007OR10,2007UK126, Sedna, Planet 9.

    (only 9)

    This world needs change and I'm going to be the one to bring it. What I would do if I time travel (NOOO, KNOCK ON EFFECTS)

    1 Go back in time and manipulate the English language and remove the letter X and remove the letter C and have it only used for "ch" and have words spelled the way they sound (confusing)

    2 Re-do my entire life starting from age 10 (ok, who knows your life)

    3 Stop the IAU from defining Pluto as not a planet (how?)

    4 Stop whoever decided that Europe was a continent (why?)

    5 Save the native Americans somehow (this would be good)

    6 Stop the Spanish,French,Russians,Portuguese from ever setting foot in the "New World" (?)

    7 Engrave the words "Humanity needs Peace and friendship, to destroy is to die, to create is to Live" onto the moon and mars (ok...)

    8 Install a new world order that prevents hunting and killing of animals, including the ones that in farms to be savagely murdered by barbarians(humans) (we arnt all vegetarians, i don't think id survive without meat)

    9 Rule Earth (oh dear)

    10 Stop who ever made the metric system and have it replaced with the USA system (why? tbh i find metric easier that imperial.)

    11 Have military time be used world wide (...)

    12 Have world peace (yay!)

    13 Erase common core math (BANG the world is unable to do 2+2)

    14 Outlaw the use of fossil fuels for anything other than when they are discovered and bring "green" energy to the late 18th century so that all vehicles (besides planes) run more efficiently and the world would be less polluted and global warming would be close to 0 (this is good)

    15 Stop the ozone hole from forming (also good)

    16 Manipulate the person who made the Gregorian calender into making this instead (ok)

    13 months 28 days of each, with an intermission that's not part of the week or anything, it's just intermission and on leap years there is 2. (ok. this his ok)

    Month names below

    1 Solstice (good name!)

    2 Mercury (good name!)

    3 Venus (good name!)

    4 Gaia (like Gaiaphage? uh...)

    5 Luna (good name)

    6 Mars (good name)

    7 Asteroid (ok name!)

    8 Jupiter (good name!)

    9 Saturn (good name!)

    10 Uranus (good name!)

    11 Neptune (good name!)

    12 Pluto (good name!)

    13 Comet (good name!)

    17 Go back when our solar system formed and somehow add more mass to Pluto,Charon,Eris,Haumea,Eris,and Ceres so they won't be classified as dwarf planets (this is how, NICE)
    18 Stop that huge asteroid from hitting Mercury and today Mercury would be bigger. (ok)
    19 Stop that huge asteroid from hitting Mars and it might still have life. (mars lost its atmosphere, not got hit)
    20 Add a law that states that that the population of Earth must be Under 5 billion (why?)
    21 The New World Order that I will create will spend 10% of It's GDP on curing disease and famine, 40% on Space Exploration and colonization of other worlds (Moon, Mars,Venus,Ceres, Mercury and moons of Jupiter) (most agreed, but more disease and famine please)
    22 Establish a Wildlife preservation that is all of Australia, Antarctica,Anything south of Brazil The Arctic and Northern Canada and make it illegal to enter. (aboriginals, natives to those, canadians will not agree)
    23 The world today would be much more advanced and peaceful thanks to me, and the Earth Will be less populated because more people will be living off of the Earth, and I will praised as the Emperor of this world and no one will know any other. (i agree with peaceful, but not advanced, most advances were made due to our world wars)

    24 Ban Eating animal flesh, unless it is needed ABSOLUTELY for survival, and KFC would never be created. (ban fast food instead please)

    25 All forms of Drugs,Smoking,Alcohol,Beer, E-cigarettes are banned and never created in the first place, so nobody knows they ever existed in the first place and thus never uses them. (WOOH)

    26 The Environment would be cleaner and the human lifestyle would be better (yup)

    27 Have very strong propaganda that increases the desire to leave this world behind. (soo... dictatorship?)

    28 No more hunting of animals for fur or fun. No more killing of animals for food or whatever. No more pollution, of ANY kind. (agreed with pollution, not animals for food)

    It makes no sense to me why people eat this stuff when they know it's the leading cause of heart disease, cholestrol and colon cancer and many other problems, it's also very immoral because it's killing and slaughtering innocents, it's the same thing as if aliens came to earth and put us in zoos and ripped us apart in the most horrible disgusting way possible and cackled at every moment of our pain as humans are helplessly raised to be slaughtered and watch others be slaughtered.

    It's also extremely disgusting to see fellow humans dieing of smoking and tobacco companies making profits off of it. In this alternate universe no one knows what tobacco is and it is never made into smoking, in this universe companies control the people, in this alternate universe, people control the companies, and I control them with utmost hope in humanity, a quest for exploration, for knowledge, for perfection.

    Free of savages and barbarians

    Free of Poverty

    Free of discrimination.

    Free of stupidity.

    Free of unequality.

    Some quiz results below

    If you're cunning, resourceful and ambitious, chances are you're going to end up in Slytherin. With an emblem of a serpent, colors of green and sliver, and the Bloody Baron as your house ghost , you can relax in your common room that lies directly beneath the Black Lake.Famous Slytherins include Tom Riddle and Merlin.

    Your mental age is 98, and your mental personality type is The Nurturer. You are the one who can create order out of chaos. You are considerate to everyone, you tend to look on the bright side, and you always try to sympathize with the feelings of others. You are passionate, family-oriented, and generous, and you appreciate intimacy and openness. You are The Nurturer.

    Based on your visual associations, we found that your brain is 50% good and 50% evil. You usually tend to be quite balanced and try to see both side of the coin, though when scorned, you can be quite vengeful and do things that some may say are out of character. You're quite level headed and see yourself as a bit of an introvert and a bit of an extrovert as well.

    responses in new brackets. this is a lot better than how you used to be, i agree!
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    yeah, that guy

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    posted a message on Should Superheroes be banned?

    i thought you were leaving?

    *turns round to yell something to people*


    *bang* *bang* *bang*

    oh, that noise, sorry but thats everyone banging their head on a wall.

    please, this is like "not_much_info" all over again.

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    posted a message on Ask a logical question, get a very stupid answer.

    get the boars out of the dome.

    why does google have loads of stupid questions?

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    posted a message on Answer the question above you


    how do you make drinks in the plugin brewery?

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    posted a message on Stop Curse from owning Minecraft Forum and Minecraft Wiki

    probably the OP, and maybe dextrous. although that could be sarcasm

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