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    Just a note to anyone running a recent version of Forge with Multicraft (Multicraft 1.8.1 at the time of writing this), they made a small change in the output in Forge which made it break with Multicraft (players would get a [Minecraft-Server] prefix in front of their names and Multicraft wouldn't show the server as "Online"). I've been going through this with Multicraft support and found the following solution:

    Add the following line into your custom .jar.conf file to make it parse the output correctly:

    start=^(?P<time>(:?[-\d]+ )?[:\d]+)\s+\[(?P<type>\w+)\]\s+(:?\[[^]]+\]\s+)?(?P<line>.*)$
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    A while back Nuttyprot announced the discontinuation of his work on the NP Smooth pack on his website. I, like many of my friends, found his pack to be the only one that we liked that also had HD textures for all the mods that we use. With Nuttyprots retirement he also gave permission for anyone to continue his work providing he gets credit where credit is due and that you link to his website. So without further ado I present to you:

    NP Smooth SW 128x128 Pack
    Original By Nuttyprot
    Continuation by Sekra & wld427

    These packs are 97% created by Nuttyprot and the permission to use them is on his webpage in his post about discontinuing his work. There are a number of small tweaks here and there, a missing texture added or placed in the right slot on the grids etc. and we did also change a couple of the textures. We also made the change to provide slightly darker GUI's so every pack has at least that edited. Some of the packs have different versions for different versions of mods and the reason for this is simply to remove stuff that isn't needed in a different version of the mod and to keep our own version compatibility checking simple. Packs like Buildcraft 3.x might work on newer and older versions and builds or might not, YOU must test it yourself.


    For more screenshots visit Nuttyprots website and if you like (or love like we do) this pack go to his website and DONATE to Nuttyprot!


    November 7. 2012:
    -Links removed due to NuttyProt continuing his work!

    August 9. 2012:
    -Railcraft textures fixed and updated

    August 6. 2012:
    - Fixed the door textures on vanilla packs items.png

    August 6. 2012:
    - Initial release

    Links removed because NuttyProt has continued his work so head back to his website for downloads!
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