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    The old generator has bugs. The new generator has bugfixes. The old generator has no biomes. The new generator has many biomes. The old generator had small and conquerable caves. The new has giant caves you will never find an end to. The old generator had no structures. The new generator has buggy and disrupting structures that have a chance to destroy other features.

    Ladies and gentlemen, minecraft used to be a game of fantasy. A game where the fog in the distance made you feel the sharp, crisp air against your skin, and finding things and collecting resources was a fun challenge. A game where you could see anything from a towering mountain littered with charming trees sitting on a small plain, to scattered hills, tops of some trees barely visible. You could find a river clearing split by a large delta, and more charming islands past. Before you think I'm nostalgic, I'll talk about the new generator. Now, minecraft is a game of diversity. Giant, spammed mountains, devoid of life spout across the landscape, hard to cross except by the unchanging land around it. Deserts and plains now make up more of the landscape. Features have become easy to find and repetitive, and caves are now unconquerable, and go on forever. Instead of the unique and varying terrain, seeds are shown for the structure generation, pretty much implying "here you go, now you don't have to work for it." If you had found an NPC village yourself, this would be much more thrilling. Most seeds only cover the spawn and things near it. Wouldn't you like a seed that keeps being as amazing as the spawn 160 chunks away? Even the forests have lost their hills, and rarely spout past 80 blocks, which, remembering 64 is the sea level, is sad.

    I will say this, the old generator was nice. I don't want it back, though. The new generator needs work. I am fine with the new generator being the way it is, so long as it is mastered, which right now it is not. The new generator is supposed to make you feel as if you have a sense of living in a certain place, and find certain things. Like each biome is a new adventure, just waiting to be explored. With gigantic tiaga generated next to flat deserts, and huge mountains devoid of life and trees? Every biome feels like a chore. In the swamp, you must deal with lilypads and the ugly colors. In the jungle, you must find your way past the cluttered ground floor and scattered leaves before you can make it out. In the desert, if night falls, you are in serious trouble, same as the plains. In the ocean, you must endure days and days of sailing before finding any land suitable for inhabiting; as some examples.

    Again, I don't want the old generator back. I'm fine with the new generator, as long as Mojang can make it feel like an adventure again. Bring back the thrills, the hills, and make the generator generate things that will make our eye pop out of our heads, not throw up through our corneas.
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    Quote from abrightmoore

    My view is that this has been playing out like an episode of The Office for quite a few pages now. Somehow you're now policing the thread Seimiro! "You - move on! You can stay. What did you say? WHAT DID YOU SAY! Don't let me see you hanging around here again or there'll be trouble." (Paraphrased)

    In the interest of balance, and to support responding to Shreaders' comments about how representative the number of supporters are, I have started a related (but significantly different) thread:


    It is early days, however I have high hopes for it.

    Ok, you say I'm policing the thread. That's pretty accurate, but the only reason I get upset at anyone is because they don't listen. First time here, I read the whole OP, and searched the thread using the search bar for people who might've posted the same thing. I see it happen in a lot of threads, people just repost already said ideas, and it gets annoying. The fact is that with this thread, people would learn by reading the other posts. Things like "let's get the old generator back, that'll make everyone happy" has already been said, and is not what we want. Also, "you are just being nostalgic". How are we being nostalgic when we don't want the old generator back, we just want some new features that can be exemplified from the old generator? These kinds of things might be understood if people would read related posts. As for other things that people post as original ideas, I just give them reasons on why they shouldn't oppose. Is it really fair that a feature that was great was taken away for so many versions, to be left with this? The old players are disappointed, and the new players are not able to experience this. It just isn't fair, and so I'm sticking to that belief, though I'm going to be trying my best not to get hostile about it from now on.
    As for your thread, seeds usefulness isn't the main focus here. It is to get people's attention. If you don't know, the relevance to seeds being boring is that the world generation is basically the same for all seeds. Really, people only share seeds for certain biomes spawned in or structures. Structures, structures, structures. "Oh, look, there's an NPC village on top of a stronghold next to a pyramid in the desert, so that you don't have to explore or challenge yourself at all." Really, you're responding to the wrong thing. If you wanted to fight this thread, you'd name it: The Terrain is Bumpy Enough! And Here's Why: or something along the lines of that.
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    Right now, the US Government sees the internet as a threat. It can spread millions of files of information in the blink of an eye, expose operations, uncover information, and most of all, start uprisings. If you look at what happened in Egypt that sparked the rebellion of other countries, you will see that social media had a part in this, and gave the rebels strength from having so many supporters. It seems the US is afraid of what the internet can do to hinder them, stop their laws, acts, and everything else we can band together to put an end to with a few clicks and keystrokes.
    So it comes time for the 3rd time in near half a year where we must contact our law makers and tell them how stupid this is. The fact is, people aren't learning. We need to do something big to show people the effect it has, or protect or "virtual rights". It was said that SOPA was PIPA on steroids, so what's next? Your computer being hooked up with a vaporizing ray that shoots you when you don't put a period at the end of your sentence?
    We need to do more then just stop this bill. We need to stop any other destructive bills from happening. It seems like the government is intent on destroying the internet, and then picking up the pieces later. The fact is, you can see this isn't about piracy. It's an excuse. If they wanted to stop piracy they could've just asked the supporters of the SOPA bill to stop it. That's right, the supporters of the SOPA bill were the ones causing the piracy and distributing software, telling people how to use it. Not that they were the only ones, but they were the reason for SOPA and PIPA's "cause".
    All this is going to do is get worse. You need to stop thinking of what you can do, and we need to start thinking of what we can do.
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    Quote from Pinaz9

    Is this thread for serious suggestions? If not, there ought to be one.

    Aww well. I'll suggest anyway.
    • Bone can do anything a stick can do. (tool crafting, ladders, etc.)
    • Dyes and Redstone should be block-craftable.
    • Monster Attractor- craftable
    • Ender Pearls craftable into some sort of teleportation device. (this may need its own thread, tell me if you think so.)
    • +1 on the Flower biome.

    Bones replacing sticks? If somehow you made it a bit harder to make, it be worth it for better effects. Just getting bone and using it is too easy.

    Block craftable redstone? If you would put some gold in the corners, and have redstone in the middle and on the sides in the crafting table to craft it, then maybe it would be useful as a redstone signal strengthening block. Still, doesn't sound like it opens up new innovation to create better and more complicated machines. Block dyes? Ever try, you, as a regular citizen, to compact paint into a solid block? Because that's what you're asking for here.

    Monster attractor.... no.... stop making the game too easy. Soon minecraft will be able to be played by just moving 8 blocks in 5 minutes.

    Ender pearls can teleport, just right click them and you will move to where it lands, at the expense of half a heart. Crafting them into a teleportation device seems pretty pointless.

    The flower biome is actually REALLY pointless. While we already have all flat terrain except for extreme hills, which are all spammed together. Having flower fields are pointless for more than just this. You can get red flowers, and you can get yellow flowers. You can use this for red wool, yellow wool, and orange woo,. Hm, a WHOLE BIOME dedicated to getting 3 pointless items for anything other than aesthetics. Instead of a flower biome, click on my signature. Which you've already done. I'm disappointed. Anyway, no flower biome. Just clogs up the game, and would be the most repetitive thing ever, next to all the other biomes.
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    Quote from SnowConez

    To think that i was going to post a negative comment based on judging this by the title, well done sir! This will add great variety to land.
    HOWEVER, adding new landscape features might not actually help, as worlds could still look the same. Example:
    Seed 1: Greatly tall mountains, with a beautiful view of flowery plains and vast blue oceans.
    Seed 2 Wide blue oceans with a mountain up in the north, right next wide plains of beautiful flowers.

    Some people might say: "I actually LIKE the new biomes." Someone else might say "I like the new biomes, but the blending sucks." the next person would say, "Y U NO LIKE PLAINS???" To this the answer would be: they are useless.

    First time I made my home on the plains wasn't because it was flat. It was because I had never done it before. that all changed once I took an arrow to the knee. Literally. A whole bunch of mobs spawn on the plains, so really, what do you have? Chests full of seeds that EVERYONE complains about, a whole bunch of mobs spawning around you, and a heapload of sheep that you can get what from? Wool, and string. Yay, more fishing rods?! Fishing rods and bows take a while to go down, and once you've got a bed and a wool floor, you're done. I'm picking on the plains because it's the flattest land but it sucks.

    Now let's pick on the extreme hills. "I'm the extreme hills. Look, I'm sooo bumpy. Like my lumps?" Here's what happens: "Okay honey, going out to get grocer- ahhhhhhhhh! *crack* Honey, get the amphetamine..." The very next day: "Finally, some wheat! With this, I can bring animals back! Here piggy piggy piggy... Just come on do- *crack* *squeal* Facking bobshut! He dead!" The next next day: *break* "Oh, honey, going to get some more wood, my pick broke. Lalalala... *opens door* Where are all the trees?! *echo, echo, echo....*"

    Now, tiaga. "Me is tiaga. Me's trees are big and dark, and we go one forever. We spawn next to desert because me's like to build sandcastles (?). For some reason, me's at sea level even though me is colder than everywhere else. Me has flowers and grass, even though me's too cold to have them. They's just have's a barrier around them's that snow's cant's get's through's it's. Me's a smart biome, and can build great sandcastles!


    Ocean. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming all day long. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming all day long. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, all day long. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming all- OK, screw this, I'm drowning myself, even though I have full diamond! Caution: results will not vary. Even with a boat.

    The tundra. I (eye eye eye eye) am the tundra (ah ah ah ah). You (o o o o) will find barely (e e e e) any (e e e e) animals here (ear ear ear) or grass (ras ras ras ras). Or trees (eas eas eas). Blah (ah ah ah ah).

    The forest: Hullo! Hullo! Hullo! Hullo! Hullow! Say all the individual trees in the biome to you. Good morning, do you like your mobs sunny side up, or scrambled? Doesn't matter, because for some reason they don't burn through our leaves! All the mobs will be on your face in less than... oh dear you're already dead. Well anyway, I hope you like our new neighborhood on completely flat ground so that we trees can talk to eachother perfectly, and be annoyingly clumped together! Don't try to burn us down, because fire has been nerfed so badly it's useless on anything other than netherrack! Have fun!

    Mushroom. We arr teh mushrooom biomee. We ave gient mushrooms taht fur sum rezon yo ant place evan en teh dark anymure unless ur in teh cave and cahnt grow dem tear anyway. Look at arr useless cows. We arr on an izland. Diz biome is usefull alret.
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    Quote from Normalneko4

    Basicly i hate it when a server is made hard to join,

    Signup that takes days
    Forces users to sign up on some website,
    All complete chicken ****

    If you subject people to that, They're going to find somewhere else to play

    And another thing you MUST do if you host a server is get an anti greif plugin,
    I recommend coreprotect, its lightweight and simple to use

    And on another note, Nobody likes vanilla servers, Use bukkit

    Actually, if you have people sign up for whitelist it keeps a lot of the unwanted players out. Taking more time to sign up means more quality to a server, if you've found the right one. Either it's a really good server or they're not competent at all. Leeway can be had here, adding wanderers to the server, meaning can look around without joining, but can't do anything, or having restricted access until you have had enough to decide whether you want to register or not. Having this system keeps out a lot of griefers, seeing as they just want to do some retarded thing for a reason nobody knows and move on, not wanting to do work. If you let people in with no whitelist, they'll just mess everthing up, as I've seen with NEXT TO EVERY NON-WHITELISTED SERVER i'VE JOINED. Which is why I started putting a lot of time into finding servers and registering, looking at reviews, ect. You want a special kind of community in your server that you know will play to the best of what the server has to offer. Not only that, but banning, blacklisting, and general keeping track of members is easier when you have everyone's name down on a list. If people take the time to register and apply to a server, they are going to take time and invest in it for sure. Without a whitelist, they build a box, get bored, then leave. Whitelist is a must if you want to last more than a few months, guaranteed.
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    Quote from R3SIS_51

    Dear Notch.
    I have some realy good suggestion. Suggestion nr.1= Like when u have a bookshelf u can place book into it. When u just make a bookshelf it will be empty but when putting books into it its will full. Suggestion nr.2= When u tame a dog he can show u the way to home when u lost. Like when u go little explore the world and u lost the dog can show u the way home. Thats wath i have to say hope u like it. P.S did this smile looks like a creeper XC

    bookshelves were already suggested. God, how 'bout this: for all the people who say "meh everyone just reposts the same damn ideas meh" let's all SEARCH THE THREAD BEFORE WE POST! This makes it so older posts get attention, and no one is dumb and reposts. And guess what else? When you find that post, bump it. Bump it hard. If it gets enough bumps, it gets noticed. If you post here, bump the thread itself. That gets it pinned (which I'm sure it already is).

    As for your dog idea, as far as I know it's new, and that is a good idea, but a slight change. Cats are more well-known for their sense of direction. Add that to ocelots and have dog's ability to hunt. So cats can lead you home and dogs will kill an animal, and stand by the kill and wait for you to pick it up. If this good suggestion is added, you'd have to make sure dogs would start to follow you again if you never made it to where they killed an animal.

    Quote from BrokenEye

    It just occurred to me that smelting a lump of clay gets you a brick, but smelting a clay block doesn't get you anything. If you ask me, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Baking a clay block should get you a ceramic block.

    Ceramic blocks would be very easy to mine, but would have a very high resistance to explosion damage (around 35 or 40, which is a little better than brick due to not having all that fragile mortar). They would also be impossible to set on fire. They would make the glass sound when broken. Possibility of creating even stronger composite-armor blocks by mixing iron and ceramic.

    Is that a legit post for a new block addition to minecraft that has more than one deadend use I see? Yes! U can has bump? U can has.
    Quote from FireHawkDelta

    I already said that... things in this thread are ignored. Why does it exist then? The bait is a mushroom, and you can't let any pigs eat it. Bait out = run. No bait out = usual stupidity.

    Think about this, if you were a pig- hahaha! Sorry, just a little funny thought. Let me start over. If you were a pig, and some strange dirty guy with a glazed look in his eyes came over to you, put a strange thing on your back and tried to ride you, would you be okay with that? No, probably not. Why not just have breeded pigs be able to be ridden without spazziness? A family that plays together stays together. Or in this case: a farmer that forces breeding on pigs gets to ride their babies for exploitation!
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    Quote from NorthenerSouth

    I support you.

    I enjoy building; I play Creative more than Survival at the moment. I realised after I read this that I'm not reallyinspired in what to build by landscapes anymore - all I do now is build on the landscape rather than around it and in it.

    I've still had good ideas for what to build (at least in my opinion. c:), but when I'm looking at natural formations, the most often things I get are "Ooh, I could make a room in this cave" and "I could make a house on this hill" when I get a modest hill.

    Truly astounding things are rather rare. I end up building most of my stuff on Superflat, which, while it has its merits, isn't the same...

    I recently started again on the very first world I made - I put all of the stuff that I InvEdited in when I new to the game into the chests in my InvEdited house and set up home in a tree not far from there. It's so much more exciting. Nice beaches, flat, but still not endlessly flat, mountains and cliffs going up to almost the full height limit of when it was generated back in beta 1.1 (128, of course) and probably more...

    I have maps to play on, but having random terrain gives it a little more flair when it's more... unique to you. I'm not saying that user-made terrain maps are bad, because there are some that I like, but it would be nice to have the random aspect of the terrain back.

    (EDIT: I don't intend to criticise mods either, although they don't tend to work well for me, so I shy away from them a bit.)

    That turned into a bit of a ramble. :D

    I know what you are saying. I've started a map with an old gen, and I'll tell you, I know that they're very unique. I found exactly what I was looking for, broke the save, lost the data, and have tried looking for the same type of gen that it was before, and after hours of searching and seeing amazingly unique things, I have not found it.

    So I decided something. I'm gonna share this stuff with the rest of the world. I'll start a server with the alpha gen maps but with 1.2.5 mechanics and crafts. How'm I gonna do it? Well, get a charge card, get server hosting, and boom! But first, I'm gonna build from scratch.
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    Quote from abrightmoore


    Nonononononononono... this is NOT at all what it was before. 1.7.3's generator had a LOT of bugs, and I personally like alpha's terrain the most out of all the versions. Yours to mine, let's compare:

    This was taken in an alpha generated world in the NBXLite mod, on a "normal" world setting. As you can see, the hills are bigger than yours, and definitely does not look like a pimple jutting out of someone's face. This is what you should have throughout the land. And going on it further, the "woods" option for alpha gen on the mod provides more excitment:

    The reason it's snowing is because the world has a chance of generating like that. When it does, it will be always snowing, everywhere, not matter how far you go. The biomes will always be densely packed with trees and be forest. In contrast, when not generated as a snow world, there will be no snow at all, and will rain occasionally.

    Now tell me, compared to your little bump, who's is better? Mojang can do better than that. I'm not mad at you, I'm upset at them. As you can see, the terrain generates as (in the first photo) half a mountain and half a hill, packed with trees and transitioning nicely. In the second photo, it's more of a mountain, and what's more, there's a little waterfall and a little nook for a house. No other parts of the map will be like this. They might be similar, but nothing will be the same kind of beautiful. Not just that, but people in 1.8 pre loved the terrain. When it was time for 1.8.1 release it wasn't the same. Snapshots prove nothing there. If the sky wasn't so dark in the forest, it would be even more breathtaking.
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    Quote from Exalm

    Current generator has too many restrictions.
    New biome code is better technically, but it generates biomes randomly and not based on temperature/humidity, resulting in same giant biomes without transitions.
    New generator is better technically too, as biome features are not hardcoded into it, and it gives biomes better control, but it takes out variety.
    Before biome only defined terrain block (sand for deserts), weather, tree amount multiplier, tree type and spawn list.
    Now biomes also define min and max height (Either no mountains or mountains everywhere), colors, terrain features, amount of reeds etc.
    For example, hills in 1.1 and 1.2 are implemented as biomes, as it's impossible to add true hills without making them generating everywhere in that biome.

    Amount of trees per chunk is fixed value now, and depends on biome.
    Amount of trees per chunk in 1.7.3 is number generated by Perlin noise generator, multiplied for some biomes. Of course, trees are more random in it.

    However, it's impossible to have things like rivers and shroom biomes with old biome system.

    If you see some biome once, you know that all terrain in this biome will be same.
    Even Infdev and Alpha terrain was more varied.

    Dear god! the infdev terrain! Saw it in NBXLite, and could barely trek it! Was ravaged and oblong, obtuse and strange. Maybe I've just been pampered by joining in 1.8. Anyway, some of the reason the land is so boring is BECAUSE everything is controlled. We need some strange lands and rare things to occur. I'd say if you and I put our two worlds side by side for about 2048 chunks l x w x h, they'd be very alike and have almost nothing that was rare, except maybe a floating cactus. Sometimes you just got to let things fly. Anyway, about your comment on the 1.7 generator, that really doesn't matter because no one here is (or should be) asking for it back. The dev team should be able to tweak the generator so that what we're wishing for happens, still with the capability for rivers, and ect that you mentioned. We don't want them to backtrack. We want them to DEVELOP, so that the new terrain is as wild and as fun as the old terrain without BEING the old terrain, which includes rivers and the like that has already been implemented, and especially structures.
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