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    Quote from enterryier0

    i like economy servers but i havint seen one go down with a snap the best I've seen is city craft and i could notice they had some stuff that was too high too low and could buy wood make into slabs for more so if you spend like 1 week or so looking at prices and all this it could be good.

    just stay away they suck most people don't like them but they like team

    id go with clans if u want team if u don't know what that is it is kinda like a made up system to make clan you go on forums and make rules jobs ect. and the server owner protects their stuff and gives them a clan tag that would be like TC if the clan was The Creepers

    Do a white-list most griefers don't spend time to fill out an application enless its short so make it good like post a hidden code in rules so u make sure they read rules and make sure it a strong application and it lets u get a strong server to show people take pride in their work and time on server and to the server

    i would take out economy and make it like you donate 5$ u get a diamond armor set so you spend real money to get items so its in a way an advantage but a lose so its even and have them get a tag for fun

    take work in the spawn because when i join a server i like it BIG so when i join i want the words OH ****! THIS IS AMAZING! to come out of my mouth

    turn creepers and tnt off or anything that explodes but still keep them so you can make a trap and do damage but don't do damage to world just player

    Make it good don't rank the first person to join your friends any of those you need to trust them and make sure they do their job and don't have them be a ordinary player if they wanna they should not pvp/steal/**** off people so I'm staff on a couple servers i don't even play like i did before i make another account if i wanna do that

    if you follow this its what i find as a PERFECT server so please please PM me or post back id join or if its anything like this id join i mostly want clan but if you go with faction MAKE IT WHITE LIST or it will fail more than it will

    About SPAWN. I'd rather have the amazing behind me, so "OH ****" comes out of my bottom, like it's supposed to be. It's good to have an awesome safe area, but make sure it's very functional, then add the little details that make it special. Again, navigating through a giant spawn is annoying. Give them a rulebook (wait for 1.3) and require rule reading in applications too. This will give them a book to use, and can review commands and rules easily, without having to enter a million things to find them.
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    Quote from Normalneko4

    Basicly i hate it when a server is made hard to join,

    Signup that takes days
    Forces users to sign up on some website,
    All complete chicken ****

    If you subject people to that, They're going to find somewhere else to play

    And another thing you MUST do if you host a server is get an anti greif plugin,
    I recommend coreprotect, its lightweight and simple to use

    And on another note, Nobody likes vanilla servers, Use bukkit

    Actually, if you have people sign up for whitelist it keeps a lot of the unwanted players out. Taking more time to sign up means more quality to a server, if you've found the right one. Either it's a really good server or they're not competent at all. Leeway can be had here, adding wanderers to the server, meaning can look around without joining, but can't do anything, or having restricted access until you have had enough to decide whether you want to register or not. Having this system keeps out a lot of griefers, seeing as they just want to do some retarded thing for a reason nobody knows and move on, not wanting to do work. If you let people in with no whitelist, they'll just mess everthing up, as I've seen with NEXT TO EVERY NON-WHITELISTED SERVER i'VE JOINED. Which is why I started putting a lot of time into finding servers and registering, looking at reviews, ect. You want a special kind of community in your server that you know will play to the best of what the server has to offer. Not only that, but banning, blacklisting, and general keeping track of members is easier when you have everyone's name down on a list. If people take the time to register and apply to a server, they are going to take time and invest in it for sure. Without a whitelist, they build a box, get bored, then leave. Whitelist is a must if you want to last more than a few months, guaranteed.
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    Congratz on page 30! Ironically this post starts page 31....
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    Minecraft name- CJD_22
    Age- 14
    Timezone- United States, Eastern Standard Time

    In Character Name- Waywynn
    In Character Age- 19
    Biography- This will be written in 2 formats. The first one is anylitical informational in the third person. The second is biographical, as requested, in third person.

    I model my character after 2 things. Who I am really, and who I want to be. For starters, my character is very conflicting. This means that aspects of personality tend to contradict eachother. They don't change, but this makes him very hard to read. For example, I have a lot to say, but have trouble expressing it. I have the skill to lead, but am very shy. This goes on throughout. He is very observant, and has the possibility to make deductions through speech (although it's harder through text) I'd imagine him to be, much like myself, of average height, slim, and a not-so-great posture. Hazel eyes, blonde-ish brown hair, to say the information the is easily re presentable and that you can remember. Now, onto the next format.

    Before reading, I have made it a point to make a character who wasn't tortured, plagued, or utterly destroyed by means of a random or otherwise different conscience.

    I really did have a lot to say. Even with all the wisdom I could offer, all the problems I could fix, no one lended an ear. Conversations were useless. I always was interrupted before I could let one syllable escape my throat, and even that was a privilege. Mostly I'd just be ignored, people even unaware just what they were doing. Every time I was approached it was because someone wanted something from me. No one ever really cared. No one ever really could.
    The few real friends I had; didn't really know me. I couldn't tell them, because they wouldn't understand. Because I tried already.
    My voice could do so much, yet no one listened. I had the power, but not the force. You find that your whole life is an oxymoron. We live to die. Even the meaning is pointless. You could give up, just one slash of a blade. Or you could overcome it.
    Life's meaning is pointless, but life's challenge is simple. You have to rise above your deficiency. Defy genetics. Defy the universe.
    You can kind of tell when you're meant to die young.
    It's what happens when you have a self-destructive personality.
    Your mind is a dark place when unoccupied. When your inside that dark room alone, you have time to think. You think, and think, and think, and everything becomes so clear, yet you know no one will see it. You have the answers, yet no one lets you answer the questions. You sit through, and have the burden to see the irony of life. Have the displeasure of not being able to connect. The one thing you're meant to do, you can't.
    And that's how I came to breaking point. There was just a hollow feeling, everywhere. Cold chills ran rampant across my skin. But you're forced to live life.
    I don't have anyone to blame but myself for who I am. No one killed my family, destroyed my home, ran me out. The only tragedy in my life is life. It just takes a certain kind of person.
    And time moved forward. That's all that happened. Time passed, I grew up, left my home. You keep living, and find your way. Keep trying to defy the world, but until then; life goes on.

    After notes: Waywynn has a Lawful Evil way of thinking and making decisions. As of now, the only "goal" is live. The overall goal is stated, but basically the objective of this character is an experiment. To just be. Just be the character, a regular character, one who just lives as he is, but still has all sorts of experiences regardless. You don't need a tragic history, death, blood, and destruction to have a good character and overall goal. That is what I hope to prove. Thank you for consideration.

    Strengths: Extremely good with language skills, mercantile, bartering, and ect. Is observant, and can persuade without use of magic or illusion. Can settle fights and reach agreements well. Of average strength with exceptional skill with the bow and arrow, which comes from natural talent, as well as everything else like farming, crafting, and swords. Almost all skills involving physical labor are derived from natural talent, but does not mean he is good at them.
    Weaknesses: Skeletons, and at the normal rate, any lethal thing came into contact with. Chronic fear of falling from heights. If there is no guard rail or sure footing, most likely will not climb. Less likely to fight spiders unless forced. Will not enter extremely dark rooms without backup or a light source.
    Demeanor: Will usually speak in "riddles", ie having a sort of coded way of speaking, unintentionally and intentionally, and will usually give advice and say things in the way you'd expect a thinker to say. Normally has a very unchanging, and gloomy (not pouty) mood. Has little tolerance for idiocy, and will snap at those who express it.
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    Before you yell at me, I have searched most of these forums for what I am asking for already, and came across staff requests or servers that I don't want to join.

    I am looking for a "Hard Core Role-play server". That means people are always in character, (except in an out-of-character channel) and gameplay is according.

    First off, I want something that doesn't use the defualt world gen. I'd like a server that has terrain that looks nice, so default gen servers are crossed out on your list.

    Next thing to cross of, no whitelist. I don't care what it is, if there's no whitelist, there's no standards and the players will be crap. Moving on.

    This is very optional, and if you have a server that fits the other criteria, post it. No 24/7. When all the mods and admins are off, I want the server off, no questions asked. Griefing happens when no one is looking, so when no one is looking, the server is off.

    Optional again, I hate when huge cities are spawned in my face and I have to navigate through them to find my way out. I don't know what the city has to offer and I don't care, all I want to do now is find a pig and a tree.

    Factions. I'd be nice to have a server where I can make my own faction, or join an existing one. In other words, player-made factions are highly asked for, but not required.

    Griefing protection plugins. Rollbacks, world protect, all those things to make sure the spawn doesn't look like a pile of crap and 1x1 towers loom over the landscape.

    Applications. This is a big one. I don't want just, email, username, password, ect. That's stupid. I want an application that tests your role play creativity and rates your character, depending whether your character is accepted in or not.

    Infinite world. Along with a custom world gen, this is a good combo.

    Wilderness. If I can't build, it's boring. I want to make my own adventure.

    Instead of something to cross off or cross of if you don't have, here's something I want. Instead of just looking for all those medieval RP servers with the same classes, races, and ect, I want more than that. If the RP server fits the requirements it doesn't matter if it has generic races and classes, to be honest. Whether it's a wasteland RP, medieval, futuristic, I do not care, as long as it fits what I would like.

    That seems to be it, I'll make edits if necessary. If you want an almost example, go to the massive craft server and visit Daendroc. It has custom biomes and world gen. It is an RP server, but no one RPs, or I would play it more often. It has just about everything else, but no RP. I want an adventure, and it worked for a short while but... things happen.
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    Here's some advice: don't spawn someone in a huge city they need to navigate through to get out, and don't use the races at the top. Make your own. Those have been so overdone. Also, ADD NPCS! You do not know how many times I go into a server especially role play and think, hm, ghost town. Fitting. They can't just be testificates either, use a plugin that has better pathing and AI.
    Other than that, make a strict application, a good setup, whitelist, and a few protection plugins and a strict role play rule set and I'd love to join. (If I get my credit card by then and I like it enough, I'd be much obliged to donate)
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    Sorry if some of these are already posted, but I don't have time to read these, only post. Here goes:
    1. Spawning huge cities in your face when you spawn. - I don't care about your city, all it gives me is a second of "ooh" and then half an hour of frustration trying to get out to go build.
    2. Lack of appropriated or directive signs. - Read 1.
    3. Enforce Rules - If it is a RP server, why is everyone talking like a lobotomized hobo?
    4. Griefing - First off, I don't get griefing. I'm not SKILLED enough to do it. That's right, "skilled". Anyway, all the servers who have a whole bunch of structures at or near the spawn ravaged and all that crap is stupid. The ground looks like some giant toddler came along and used it as his sandbox.
    5. Same old terrain - When I join a server, I want a new or specific experience. Also, get a better world gen with some mods or plugins. I'm tired of looking at tiagas next to deserts....
    6. Lag. - Creepers don't explode right, mobs don't die right, yep, this is fun.
    7. No mobs spawning. - Well this really helps while I'm trekking the land, right? No food.
    8. No whitelist. - I can bear waiting so long to get into a worthwhile server. But, uh... all you other non-whitelisters, just keep letting griefers in.
    9. Ghost grief - How does no one see griefing happen? EVER?
    10. Warps - I hate dimensional travel. Just have everything on one plane of existence please? Ok. Thanks.
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    Quote from carydragon

    i prefer the new flat terrains besides people do prefer flat terrains if not they would not have added super flat worlds and no seeds are different i still hate the caves and dungeons but they post villages because there are cool things in the chest and testificates are fun to murder and steal their houses overhangs are be cool and there still are some they are just hard to find or you can use world edit and make one yourself or download some mod or something besides villages are good for the mca mod and some villages have diamonds in it and flat terrains make it easy to build a shack for the first night you have more space to build on the overhangs if you fall you might die even if its over the ocean you might land on shore since overhangs dont go to deep oceans and there are squids everywhere in oceans in 1.7 there was no glitch that squid can spawn near lava (im not sure about that but i think so anyways) in 1.8 there is that glitch its fun to push squids into lava (sorry i dont use grammar for those grammar police ppl)

    Whoa whoa whoa! Ever hear of a thing called PUNCTUATION? I can't tell if you've just insulted my mother or are throwing mashed potatoes in the pentagon. What? His post had nothing to do with that? Oh, well I didn't know. I mean he can effectively use parenthesis one of the most hardest skills to master in writing next to hypens and respective properties.

    Seriously, what are you saying? Lemme try to get through the whole post without my eyes popping out from reading to fast with no limits.

    *huff* *huff* I feel out of breath now. Looking at your post, you are misguided. After writing completely before misguided, I deleted it, because I feel no one can be ALL wrong, even if the first impression would imply. So to actually answer you, you say that 1. people like the flat terrain, and 2, you like the flat terrain. Well, by your wording, it seems like you like flat terrain because other people do, and the fact is you just don't mind flat terrain. Playing with the various mods that add the effect people are asking for on this thread, I assure you that there is plenty of flat land to build with even with the heights, and sometimes in chunks' width or more. Secondly, could you link me the thread that says: "So what about that flat terrain in Minecraft, huh? Can we get some likes?" If and when you find this thread does not exist, you will discover the previous has just been player tolerance. As one man once said "Something's gotta give." People don't like it, they just deal with it and most players just don't know what they've missed, or are 12 and go around killing NPCs, randomly slaying animals while yelling idiotic songs over their microphones. Lemme try to be you for a moment: so yeah i mean npcs are there so you can get to know them and killing them and looting isnt really what the game is supposed to be about jeb even said himself he wanted the player to help and interact with the villagers and help them not kill them also if you dont like overhangs dont go near them and if you didnt know theres a little shift key in the game that you can use to sneak so you dont fall of the edges of buildings or cliffs like you said also the old generation was more about either conforming to the land or really standing out it isnt hard to make a house on the side of a mountain with windows sticking out *gasp* My goodness, now do you see what you do to people? Now, instead of just going >quote >enter >enter text: I could read that perfectly so i dont know what youre talking about >post, how about giving a meaningful reply on the real issue, using proper punctuation (i dont care abt abbreviations or capitalization and i dont care abt apostrophes), or don't reply at all?
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    Quote from greggster990

    Delete meta-inf.

    I've done the same thing. To test it, I deleted meta-inf first, then patched in the loaders for the mods (modloader ect). Then I started minecraft so it could take effect. Then, I installed NBXLite and tested it. Installed optifine. Mojang popped up, then blackscreen with no crash screen.
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    Before you flag this topic, be aware that I have been searching and even trying to achieve the results I desire for myself. In all my efforts, this goal is still unreachable.

    What I am trying to do is simple: Find a generator that generates ore, caves, strongholds and ect, while in contrast on the surface generates a flat desert with 4 layers of sand, and 1 layer of sandstone, while being populated with dead bushes, cacti, and the like. Occasionally will generate a small grass chunk with tree(s) and tall grass.

    Now you may be wondering why if I call it so simple, I have not yet gotten what I desire? Truth is, I could make a map, but that would be finite. There are mods for this of course, but most or all (atleast the ones I have come across) are discontinued, not updated, or else. Sure there's the primordial desert, but that's hardly what I'm looking for. I need something else.

    What's so interesting about flat land? Though we are not here to discuss this, I feel it may come up, so instead of wasting a post on this useless issue, the reason I'd want flatland is because of the story I'd make behind it. I could go on and tell you it but that makes the post long and shies people away from reading it.

    I'm not just asking you to "go find it". I'm not just asking "if you know one". I'm asking "Make it. Make it for the community." I've seen a lot of people looking for this, and it is a pretty simple generator compared to a lot of the mods out there. Whether it's in-game or out of game I doubt they'll care and neither will I. Thankyou.
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    Is everyone still using 1.2.3 just for this mod? Or is the title fooling me and I can use it on 1.2.5? I didn't really have time to read everything as I'm in a hurry.
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    Quote from Exalm

    What version?
    I saw something like this in early r53 builds, but I already fixed it there. Maybe I forgot something.

    r53f. I'd just like to point out that I generated the world, played on it for a while, then patched with MC Patcher and HAD to reinstall the mod since the patcher disabled it. The only other mods I had were NEI, along with the required mods (modloader ect.). Then, eternal night. I first noticed the sky outside was darker than normal, and the trees were abnormally dark except the ones near my torches. Also, I can sleep in the bed regardless of where the sun is in the sky.
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    I have a bug. I got some texture packs after making a world, then had to patch and used MC Patcher. It de-activated my mods, so I reinstalled them, it asked me what i wanted for the world and all that when I reentered it, but now it is forever night time, though the sun still cycles. Help?
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    Quote from Exalm


    I love your mod Exalm, and there is a point to why I'm starting the post off by saying this. The first is that, going to alpha gen on a woods world, i found something that is really, really, strange. Basically, I found a great map and started a world on it. There were a few lakes surrounded by high lands. I built my house ontop of the highest point, and made a stairway downward to make a mine. Digging down far enough, I found some stone bricks. Here I'm thinking, "WTF?" So I mine through and find I'm in a stronghold. Well, upon exploring not only do I find that there is a double-connected stronghold, (maybe even triple) AND a mineshaft next to a ravine with a GIANT CAVE SYSTEM. After I was done crying over how long it'll take me to explore it all, I start to think. Well, first off is that the alpha gen code is just fire for the flame of 1.2.5 underground structure generation. Secondly, is that I discovered that the caves in alpha are existent, just don't have entrances. Now this was epic, but the annoying had kind of overwritten that. I had a very nice surface gen and a stronghold was right under it. Nice, but still.... Considering that strongholds are 1.2.5 gens, the cave and mineshaft probably generated with it. Want me to tell you how many hours it's taken to explore part of the mineshaft and the stronghold? Over 5 hours. 5 HOURS! I still have the ravine to explore and EVERY SINGLE cave connecting to it everywhere.... Even with an awesome mod, you can't beat the generator. Make caves smaller. Maybe I'll send in a video to Jeb of me exploring 1; a SINGLE; cave system and maybe he'll listen....
    Relevance to thread: Make caves smaller. PLEASE!
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    Quote from Lolligator

    You may want to do it like this:
    You start in some small building of 3 floors, and there are spawners all around you, even in the lowest and upper floor.
    There's a chest next to you with a few resources to start. It's night, so bad guys come out.

    When the day comes and all burns, you can go out. You can hunt animals and get some stone and wood.
    However, you must reach the house again before it's night. You may not place torches around the spawners to dismantle, or destoy them.

    In that case, why not hide the spawners in a thick wall, and have bedrock in it? get a 3 block thick wall, then put a spawner in, put bedrock on all sides, and put a column of material from floor to ceiling where the spawner is. the monsters should still spawn. Anyway, pics pics pics! I don't wanna download unless we have some pics!
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