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    No! Spawn castles are annoying. Just have a small, simple town that people like to hang around in, and make sure rules are read before joining, so people aren't freaking forced to go through this dumb maze of rules. If you don't want grief, whitelist. If you want an example of an awesome spawn people always hang out in, join massive craft. I've never seen it be empty.
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    Minecraft started out as a game to build things out of your imagination. As it progressed, things became more advanced, and more things were added. Eventually, multiplayer servers were created. This gave the player the opportunity to build and share creations with friends. Finally with the inclusion of survival aspect in multiplayer, some of the first Survival MultiPlayer servers were born. Most were simply consisted of friends playing together. But it was magical. Exploring the lands, finding new things. Hunting, gathering resources. Exploring caves, and conquering the night. All of these things done for the greater good, a few players making a community, building amazing structures from their imagination. Their only worry: mobs, and especially, creepers.

    And now, my friends, look at your multiplayer experience. No longer can you build above ground giant fortresses made of stone without fear someone may come and steal your things, or even destroy your creation. With plugins like towny, deadbolt and lockette, you are completely safe. But really, what good is it? You've gone from playing with your friends to being holed up underground, afraid to go outside. You've gone from having loads of fun exploring and building with others, to locking your doors and keeping everyone out.

    But what else is there to do? With players so untrusting, so disconnected, how can we make them open their doors? With players so willing to destroy and steal, can we make them create and give back?

    As of now, multiplayer is just like single player. No one needs anyone. We can easily go trudging off into the forest and start our own town as in SSP. Anyone can easily make a stone sword, get some food, and roam the wilderness, looking for houses to grief and steal from. The multiplayer experience should be different from the singleplayer experience.

    And why does this happen? It all comes back to: multiplayer is just like single player. No one needs anyone. You need to make the players be a community, work together. You need to make them need eachother for survival. You need to make them want to create, not destroy. And you need to make them want the experience.

    No answer is perfect. No answer will ever BE perfect. But we can atleast try to fix the problem instead of putting roadblocks and band-aids on this "gushing wound". If you don't like my idea that follows, don't dislike the post. Take it further. Propose your own solution. Tell people how we could make things better. How it's even more fun for the people that like the feeling they could lose everything at any moment to enjoy playing this way or your as well.

    What if, there was a world, where you could not survive on your own? Where the onslaught of the night proved too much to bear alone, and resources were to hard to obtain to collect all yourself? A world with so much to explore, and conquer, yet too frightening to venture alone? In this world, small player communities exist everywhere, fighting hard to shine out of the suffocating darkness. In this world, everyone relies on eachother and helps eachother. No griefers or thieves can venture far without being eradicated by the ferocity of the world.


    We make a world where you must band together to survive. A place that has many wonders to discover, and so many things to do. A place that keeps your occupied, and always experiencing something new and unpredictable. In this place you make things out of your dreams, defences of all kinds to prepare when the sun goes down. Finding rare special items that help you on your quest, whatever it may be. You create a unique experience and home you can be proud of. And you'll find, you've really connected. You look at those who have helped you through your journey, and can't help but feel like you've really accomplished something. You trust eachother completely. You even gave one of them some of your first diamonds to make a sword, as he is much better with them than you. And better yet, the adventure's not over.

    Guys, just think about it. You're having fun, working together for a common, goal, not worrying about other players ruining it but the challenging times ahead regardless. You find new things that amaze you, and have your friends help you get through gigantic dungeons to be rewarded at the end with things to help you.

    To do this, I need a coder. Maybe a few. The goal is simple, to make the multiplayer experience different from singleplayer and require help from other players to become successful. Those who are interested, contact me. Those who wish to comment, reply, pitch and idea, or create a whole new version entirely, feel free.
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    Quote from Normalneko4

    Well its like this often when i try gettinginto a whitelist server:

    *Waits a week for registration*
    *One hour later*
    Dammit, i hate this server and now i've wasted a week just getting into it

    Those servers are the bad ones, as you can tell. Servers I join always reply within 28 hours if the application is accepted. But really it doesn't matter if you're playing on other servers while you're waiting.
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    Quote from Vancouver

    "Everyone wants their chests safe, but everyone is always looking to steal."

    Um, not accurate at all?

    I agree with most of the other things you say.

    Yeah, I was kind of struggling to find something to say about that, so it wasn't really good. At all. IDK why I didn't delete it.
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    Sorry for OT, but if you want people to see your thread, there is a few things you must do. One, get the banner. Two, browse the forums, and contribute to topics. Now you need to contribute a lot to the topic, and be nice, maybe help some people out. Once you've got a post that will get noticed, people will visit your page, and some will look at your topics. If they see a topic like this with many views and an interesting title, they will click on it, especially if it's in their interest range. So go out there, post on some threads and really help people! Then they'll help you!
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    Quote from Vancouver

    That really had nothing to do with what I was talking about.

    Me? I was kind of responding to when someone said that when you put lockette on, it tells the community, we don't trust you, you have no hope, im going to put this nanny here to watch you because i dont feel like youre worth it and talking about it is futile. That was part of the idea that they said. That when you put lockette on, people trust eachother less than more. My post is about responding saying that we wouldn't have trust issues if everyone had to rely on eachother. We wouldn't have so much griefing if we needed to help eachother out and were preoccupied a lot of the time. You would trust eachother or fail.

    And really it comes to a middle ground. Everyone wants to have some sort of peril involved, but no one wants to be so close they are griefed and have everything stolen from them. Everyone wants their chests safe, but everyone is always looking to steal. It isn't really fair that you can spend hours building a base and then have someone with a wood pick come in and steal everything you've worked for, then grief it to hell.

    So what do we do? That's where my post comes in. It explains that if you just had the community be a commnunity and need eachother to succeed you wouldn't have these problems. You'd make new friends and have loads of fun, all while experiencing something new. Of course you'd probably have teams of griefers come in, but whitelist would stem most of them, and at the scale I'm thinking, no one is going to last long going around at night or even day trying to take things.

    All in all: responding to- lockette makes the community lose trust and is a useless and annoying tool. It makes people who quit leave their resources forever, to someone who really needs it. It tells people that there is no hope and trust in the server, that they must lock everything to be safe, and that the admins don't care or rely on something to watch them. And the response was: give back that trust by connecting people. If they rely on eachother to survive then by damn they will share a chest. Give the players a reason to not steal 24/7, and not have to lock everything.

    Do you understand now? Or do I need to explain more?
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    Quote from Normalneko4

    Wel when looking for servers, i dont have etime to register for twenty different servers, im looking to find something to join, Within a decent amount of time

    Okay, discussion time.

    Just try a few whitelisted servers and stop being such an American, never waiting for anything at the expense of quality (I'm an American too so don't give me crap about that statement). None of the servers are completely excellent, and I know I've missed things about the NW servers for what they're good for, but really that's all I remember them for. I've tried to dig deep and find all the things about whitelisted servers that are bad, because I know there are some.

    NW servers are hard to find in quality, and are often griefed and not well looked after by admins or owner. PVP and griefing servers are broken, because you can get killed right at the spawn and by the friend's of admins with their diamond armor, as they team up in groups. NW servers usually have run arounds, which are a big thing you have to do before you get any access. NW servers have hit and miss whether the right people were banned for griefing. NW servers are often quit on by many players, including you. Since it is so easily accessible, players will spam buckets of lava everywhere on the jungle, make a 1x1 tower to world height, and then leave. Pros, it is easily acessible. It can allow griefing (basically all of this is the good side of the cons), no one has an excuse of not reading the rules. It can be replaced easily. You can still have a great adventure like on a W server, but rarer, though when they happen they tend to be more exciting until failure.

    W servers take a while to get into, but are fully accessible when you are accepted, as much as any NW server. Rules have to be read before the applicaton is accepted, so you can atleast count that people know them. Since whitelisted servers have to be applied to, and that requires waiting, many players will follow the rules and not get banned, to avoid having to do the same thing over again. They also have admins and non-cheating griefing plugins that can repair damage. Whitelisted servers tend to be more of a community expressing a common interest. But you have to register and then apply to get accepted, adding another account on your hands. It is possible to join and not like it. Sometimes you will not find too many people on the servers. This will probably get fixed as the server gets more popular, but is annoying for the time being. People don't build cobble blocks with doors on it though, they take pride in their work. W servers tend to take care of their community a little better in fear of losing them off the server. W servers can have corrupt moderators, but I'm sure that's the same everywhere. Even so, they do.


    Really, it depends on your player preference. I used to not like whitelist because I thought I could find the same thing on non-whitelisted servers. Wrong. Everything was griefed or just sucked. I have never found a good non-whitelisted server except massive craft, and now that's gone. Now I like it because I know the terrain won't look like crap, people will actually be nice, and it says, "hey, we took the time to do something instead of just putting on a map, building an annoying spawn and connecting". To me it says "we want you, do you want us?"

    To you, you want something fast and ready, at the expense of going through a whole bunch of the same servers until one you find is any good. To you it says "here I am, come get me!" You like the idea of being able to scrap a project and just find another server quickly, even though in reality it might take over and hour or more. The idea of it being fast and ready keeps you occupied, while my feeling of it'll happen eventually, keeps me waiting doing something else.

    To you, it might not be frusterating. Point is, I've tried it, and to ME it is. I want you to try whitelist. But not now. No, when you are ready. When you aren't going to judge anything, or pick at things, but when you want to. When you really want to.
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    I dunno. Having a central hub for players to connect and have fun is pretty important. Have some functional buildings, how you would normally build them, some pleasing features and places to explore. if people come in often, people will hang by the spawn. If you can see wilderness from the spawn, it is a good sign. Trying to flash the player with amazingness is stupid. Make the spawn give an "at home" feeling. Add some personal colors. I don't like spawn cities, but small little towns that work as player communities and are easy to navigate, no matter how much time you've been playing.
    Being bare, naked, and have one building to hide in isn't really all that fun to talk to people in. Make it pleasing to the eye, but not suffocating. I'm repeating myself. Don't make the spawn out of diamond and gold blocks unless you collected all of it on survival and made a point of it. People probably still won't like it then.
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    Spawn is important. You need one or more of a few things for a sucessful spawn: don't make a test, because the questions are so ridiculous it makes me feel stupid. Have the rules already read BEFORE joining the server, or it feels like a waste of time. Have the spawn easily escapable and very easy to remember. Have functional places in the spawn, as well as amenities that makes a hub for the players to come and connect, and have fun, before trudging off into the wilderness.

    Custom terrain is a big part for me. If the terrain isn't generated with a custom world gen, is ugly, rugged, mixed up, and I don't want to play on it because it provides nothing new.

    Goes into the next point, which is, provide something new for the player to enjoy.

    If there is no whitelist, I will not take the time to explore, FORCED into reading a whole bunch of rules I did not read yet because I was not asked to, and then making out of a giant spawn city completely useless to me to find that the terrain is griefed to hell. I want to be part of a community, not some half-bakes loose coffee-shoppe posse.

    Warps are annoying, that's just it. Make everything connected or I'm dis conn ec ting.

    Don't have a stupid server banner floating in the sky. I know who you are, I don't need to look at it disrupting the atmosphere.

    If there is no one who wants to have an adventure together, the server is pointless.


    Ooh... many cobblestone blocks with doors dot the landscape. God... even my starter house within the first day is better than that.

    There is an official texture pack! Ooh, that makes me feel contributed!!! :)

    Here's an example of a good server: You spawn. The rules are behind you, and on the sides. There is a fountain outside, with players hanging around. There are places to explore, and players can own things on the spawn to help them. You can kill time by playing around with some of the gimmicks around, like the portal that has a sign that says "experimental, bathe at your own risk" and teleports you to the air balloon in the sky, in which you could play around in, and jump into the fountain when you're done. There are different worlds, but all connected by boats, which you can easily get back to at any time. There is a world that his custom generated and is huge, and plenty of players willing to accept or join you. You can become a vampire and have special effects at the costs of other things. You can join a faction or make your own adventure. There is a custom texture pack made by the server people themselves. Everyone is always looking for new faction members. New players blow in often, making the spawn a hotspot to meet new people and find new members to play with. There are various chat channels to fit your needs. There are warps, but they are built only by the player. If anyone knows which server I'm talking about, props. I'd still play on it, but things are kinda ruined for me there now. (no, I didn't do anything bad)

    I posted on your lockette discussion as well.
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    I wrote a giant post only to erase it and start over. The writing helping formulate and process my thoughts, I have discovered something that all servers seem to be lacking, yet all (more like a few) of you have expressed in your posts in one way or another.

    Minecraft started out as the game where you can build and create things of your imagination. Going further, the integration of multiplayer made it possible for players to share their creations with others. Then came the survival servers. Small at first, mainly friends playing together. And it grew and grew until now.

    Back then, I could imagine, things were different. Everyone worked together, and had fun, or went their seperate ways competing with eachother to build the best town, rarely having to worry about grief or theft.

    Back then, minecraft SMP was about not spending the night alone, fighting alongside your friends, having adventures, working together to build amazing things.

    Where has that gone? Now, you can survive just as easily as in SSP in SMP. No one needs anyone. People just go around stealing other's creations.

    What can we do? If you really want players to have a good time, and really connect, then you need to make them need eachother. You need to make all of them depend on eachother for certain things, but be able to atleast continue slowly when they're gone. You need to make players share a chest, pooling their items and giving eachother swords and potions. You need to make them have a fierce want of playing with others, exploring and experiencing new things.

    Wait... experiencing new things. We can all easily play SSP, correct? We go to SMP to play with others. Who wants to play survival, just with other people lagging in the background? Why not create a fully NEW multiplayer experience? Full of wonders, mystery, and challenges that SSP doesn't have to offer? Giant dungeons, capable of only being taken down with a group of friends. More mobs or more powerful mobs, able to do more things and get in more places? Make it so you have to fortify and defend, and count on eachother, trust eachother. So no one can just run off with your things. Imagine, special actions a team can do, to get places, or get better effects on things? Useful and needed ores that can only be mined with the help of friends?


    So go ahead, lock your chests, your doors, and close your curtains. Watch as player shadows slip across the landscape. Or, open your doors and share your chests. Experience the world with others. A world where you need to stick together. A world that isn't so fun without people there to back you up. A world where you need eachother to survive. Make it a challenge. It's your world guys, so go make it.
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    Quote from BuildSmash

    'donation perks' in which you can purchase minecraft items with real money. I refuse to do this and will not partake in any server that does this sort of rubbish. It is unfair, players should not get any sort of advantage for donating money, voting for a server or being friends with the admin at all!

    Confusing and Restrictive Protection
    Things like towny or factions annoy me a lot, the thought of not being able to destroy or place blocks in minecraft makes me sick in my stomach. Yes, griefing can be a problem but it is better to have an active team of moderators and some grief-reverting plugins (like hawkeye) then to detriment the players enjoyment by not letting them build or place blocks. The same applys for placing fire, lava and TNT. They have legitimate reasons for use, you should never restrict people.

    Economy systems
    Some people like this, but for me they are just too much work. Trading between players is much more rewarding for the community. If I see things like iconomy on the server, I often just leave. Iconomy signifys a lazy and badly-knit community.

    Mods & Sycophants
    Don't make sycophants mods. People love to suck-up to the admin to try and get a position of power which usually means that the worst people get the highest position. Choose people based on their skills and how they will benefit the server. Not how much they compliment everything.

    Spawn should be tiny, I don't care how amazing a builder you are. Spawn needs to be as small as possible. 30*30 blocks will do.

    Too long to start
    If it takes over 30 seconds before I can punch down a tree I'm going to leave. I'm sick to death of servers that insist on putting you through a maze of rules, or servers that insist you have to find the exist to these labyrinth cities.

    About your thoughts on economy. I like what you're saying. Players should have a place to trade but arrange it themselves. They should atleast have a trading GUI, though so there's no distrust or theft. With the mazes, you are right, they should give you a book full of all the rules and commands (1.3) and have you read before you play, so you're not inching through soul sand. As for the spawn, my server plan was to have a 1 way piston door with a high light level. Get out, no getting in, and right out into the world.

    I agree with that to a good point, but it sounds like you play on no whitelist servers. They have anti-grief plugins and restrictions because they get targeted since you can just join. Honestly, it isn't fair that someone can come into your faction home, go into your chests undectected, or go in detected, grab a whole bunch of stuff and then log out until early in the morning and escape, just because they had a WOOD pick to break through the walls. And so what then? Do you know how long it takes to mine enough obsidian to make a base like that? And what else? Build underground? Boring. It's stupid but there's no other option. Join a whitelist with a specific community that you like, and you should find it's better than a general old non whitelist survival server. Joining a whole bunch of servers till you find one almost decent one is more frusterating then sending in an app to a few servers, waiting while idk, watching tv or playing ssp, and then getting in to something you'd really enjoy.
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    Quote from SnowConez

    To think that i was going to post a negative comment based on judging this by the title, well done sir! This will add great variety to land.
    HOWEVER, adding new landscape features might not actually help, as worlds could still look the same. Example:
    Seed 1: Greatly tall mountains, with a beautiful view of flowery plains and vast blue oceans.
    Seed 2 Wide blue oceans with a mountain up in the north, right next wide plains of beautiful flowers.

    Some people might say: "I actually LIKE the new biomes." Someone else might say "I like the new biomes, but the blending sucks." the next person would say, "Y U NO LIKE PLAINS???" To this the answer would be: they are useless.

    First time I made my home on the plains wasn't because it was flat. It was because I had never done it before. that all changed once I took an arrow to the knee. Literally. A whole bunch of mobs spawn on the plains, so really, what do you have? Chests full of seeds that EVERYONE complains about, a whole bunch of mobs spawning around you, and a heapload of sheep that you can get what from? Wool, and string. Yay, more fishing rods?! Fishing rods and bows take a while to go down, and once you've got a bed and a wool floor, you're done. I'm picking on the plains because it's the flattest land but it sucks.

    Now let's pick on the extreme hills. "I'm the extreme hills. Look, I'm sooo bumpy. Like my lumps?" Here's what happens: "Okay honey, going out to get grocer- ahhhhhhhhh! *crack* Honey, get the amphetamine..." The very next day: "Finally, some wheat! With this, I can bring animals back! Here piggy piggy piggy... Just come on do- *crack* *squeal* Facking bobshut! He dead!" The next next day: *break* "Oh, honey, going to get some more wood, my pick broke. Lalalala... *opens door* Where are all the trees?! *echo, echo, echo....*"

    Now, tiaga. "Me is tiaga. Me's trees are big and dark, and we go one forever. We spawn next to desert because me's like to build sandcastles (?). For some reason, me's at sea level even though me is colder than everywhere else. Me has flowers and grass, even though me's too cold to have them. They's just have's a barrier around them's that snow's cant's get's through's it's. Me's a smart biome, and can build great sandcastles!


    Ocean. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming all day long. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming all day long. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, all day long. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming all- OK, screw this, I'm drowning myself, even though I have full diamond! Caution: results will not vary. Even with a boat.

    The tundra. I (eye eye eye eye) am the tundra (ah ah ah ah). You (o o o o) will find barely (e e e e) any (e e e e) animals here (ear ear ear) or grass (ras ras ras ras). Or trees (eas eas eas). Blah (ah ah ah ah).

    The forest: Hullo! Hullo! Hullo! Hullo! Hullow! Say all the individual trees in the biome to you. Good morning, do you like your mobs sunny side up, or scrambled? Doesn't matter, because for some reason they don't burn through our leaves! All the mobs will be on your face in less than... oh dear you're already dead. Well anyway, I hope you like our new neighborhood on completely flat ground so that we trees can talk to eachother perfectly, and be annoyingly clumped together! Don't try to burn us down, because fire has been nerfed so badly it's useless on anything other than netherrack! Have fun!

    Mushroom. We arr teh mushrooom biomee. We ave gient mushrooms taht fur sum rezon yo ant place evan en teh dark anymure unless ur in teh cave and cahnt grow dem tear anyway. Look at arr useless cows. We arr on an izland. Diz biome is usefull alret.
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    Quote from TheMightyAnonym

    Might as well throw in my pet peeves:

    1. Aspects of minecraft gameplay being disabled. No fire spread is ok, but lava is actually useful dangit.

    2. No access to common basic commands. /spawn /sethome/ and /tpa are very good for getting around,
    staying far away from griefers, and building a town.

    3. A poorly managed economy. I've seen many servers that make serious mistakes with "admin shops" such as having iron blocks be worth $100, while bars are worth 50$ or something. Buy from one, sell to the other. Infinite money.
    *Also: A common feature of mmos is something called a "money sink" which removes money from the economy. Perhaps you could make it cost 1000$ to place tnt, or add a cool command that costs money.

    4. Lack of dedication to forming a quality playerbase. Having 100+ people is impressive, but it isn't quite the same as a groups of close friends.

    5. Poorly defined or missing rules. An anarchy/pvp server that thinks "no hacks" is the only rule needed... is saldy mistaken. On the anarchy servers I've seen that, I was like "meh, what the heck", and *deliberately* broke all of the "unspoken" rules of the server, such as singling out vips and repeatedly killing them. Aint no rule, right?

    6. Protective plugins that cause more harm than good. World border cramming people together, NoCheat that's configured to be a little too sensitive, anti-caps plugins that mute you if you have two grammatically correct (capitalized) sentences, anti-spam that prevents commands if you don't wait 10 seconds, etc. At that point, I'd rather be griefed.

    You bring up some really great points. The economy thing with the money sink is a really good idea, and should be noted to everyone. Having to pay money to place TNT (and lava, obsidian ect) with basically all the blocks that can hinder or hurt players is excellent.

    Actually, I made a post one time about bukkit houses. Just have the player get 4 chunks when command used /set home, which would determine if the player is closer to which chunks are around him/her. The player would also have to develop the land for so much time before being able to move. This would be fine if in essentials you gave everyone atleast 1 dirt, sapling, a toolset, and some seeds. Then, the player can expand their land by paying money chunk by chunk, as opposed acre by acre. Rollbacks might be easier in this way too, because the plugin would have to keep track of where the land is ect. No more greifing unless you are stupid and invite someone to your home. All abandoned houses can be erased.
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    Quote from auxacto-madanchi

    look through this: https://github.com/W...inControll/wiki

    examples: https://github.com/W...l/wiki/Examples

    looks like a great mod! Wish I had it when I used to run a server

    Github doesn't work. Github never works. Any time there's ever a github link, it NEVER WORKS! Give me a non crappy github link please!
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    posted a message on ***Medieval Role Play*** server with PVP
    If you want a fantasy world, try this: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/terrain-control/. It's going to be hard to get the results you want, but worth it.
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