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    Still bored stuck at work. So here goes another one.

    Once again this is based off of the D&D post which I will link later once I'm on a pc.

    This Dimension would be something along the lines of the "Lost Cities" dimension, if somewhat scaled-down possibly and a bit more intricate,or somebody could decide to add to the Lost Cities and make this idea like an expansion.

    The description of the dimension would be kind of like Redstone City from Minecraft story mode. Think "lots of pointless inventions using Redstone." Everything should be mechanical in some way, doors, torches, blocks, and even mobs. The idea is steampunk world and this gives a chance for alot of fun reskins of normal minecraft things.

    As far as looks everything should be brassy/copper and iron looking. Probably no actually useful metal blocks so people don't just tear the world down, only decorative metal appearing blocks.

    • Mobs should be robotic, mechanical, steam powered looking so I'd like at glimmars steampunk resource pack for the basis, this could mean robo creepers, wind-up steam zombies, decayed droid skeletons, Tin man Testificates.
    • This mod would give people a chance to make basic versions of classic modded MC machines like grinders and washers and faster metal furnaces in a more vanilla way.
    • This also adds a way to make some fun basic guns and throwables. Make Redstone revolvers and muskets or flintlocks. Easy to balance as more ammo means faster but lower damage, and make them resource intensive and have ammo have low stacks so they're cumbersome. Grenades or canasters can just be reskinned potions with extra effects.
    • To avoid dealing with world Gen since untouched wilderness doesn't mix with the idea of industrial revolution why not make it sky lands? This makes air travel a limiting factor for progression and can allow a more linear and streamlined play through.
    • Air travel basics with balloons or dirigeables with thick cloth or sponges mixed with Redstone and flint.

    This mod would also add a basic place for mod pack makers to throw scifi and futuristic things rather than in the overworld so you don't end up with spaceships next to a farm hut with cows.

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    Stuck at work bored and finally have the time to post this.

    Originally inspired by the D&D request from awhile ago, (I'll link it here when I'm not on a phone.)

    One of the suggestions from that post was a dimension for the Beastlands. Basically imagine a super earth dimension where everything is larger and hungerer, and you are nowhere near the top of the food chain.

    This place should be a "no chill" twilight forest, In this dimension there are no undead, endermen or passive animals, no safe villages or structures to hole up in. Only the wildlands and beasts exist here.

    I feel this would be a good start for anyone getting into modding. As the dimension itself could be crafted pretty easily. I imagine using the amplified world Gen as a basis, adding in commands so only large trees can spawn, perhaps a new color for the sky or adding an extra sun somehow for mystique, and perhaps somehow making it darker at night than the over world to give it more menace.

    Here are some reasonable extra ideas for fun with some explanation usually.

    • Quicksand with the effect of dragging you under quickly without breath (magma in water effect, with somehow forcing the player to begin immediately drowning.)
    • Thick vines, vines that have an effect similar to honey or cobweb, with or without poison.
    • Beastlands/Primal Food could start as unidentified until eaten, simulating the process of learning to survive in an unknown area.
    • No passive mobs, instead having violent versions of themselves, bulls, buffalo, boars, (chickens are already violent so any bird will do)
    • Fun effects like rabies (an effect that causes all mobs to become hostile and attracted to the affected)
    • Tribals? Reskinned illagers would work. Maybe unzombied pigmen now that they're gone from the nether. Perhaps villages with lots of gold accents, like wood blocks with gold trim/edges etc. Overgrown or broken nether portals?
    • Overgrown structures with new ancient stone, something like mossy marble or mossy diorite.
    • Overgrown stone, caves have mossy stone floors and chances at larger veins of overworld ores.
    • Fossils? Boney Stone blocks that when broken give either bones/bonemeal and cobble.
    • Beards? Add a fun bauble accessory to give your character a beard to show how primal you've become. Maybe a little trophy for killing whatever top mob you make the boss.

    Here's a few unreasonable ideas:

    • Plant/Tree based mobs, either infested versions of other mobs or actual hostile flora. Spore spitters, vines that reach out, ents.
    • Some new giant bugs, think the Erebus mod, scorpions, mosquitos, wasps, bigger spiders.
    • Compatibility with the major Dino mods such as F&A and Jurassicraft, dinosaurs spawn naturally here but cannot be tamed.
    • Monster hunter world mechanics? No new ores but have rare or summonable bosses to conquer for crafting primal equipment.
    • Giant nature based dungeons? Giant Caverns with traps, towering trees with wasps and bees, volcanoes with magma mobs, infested badlands and jungles? Snow capped mountains with cold damage and frosty mobs? Ancient temples to Noch, Herobrine, Honeydew and Jaffas?

    The idea is that this would be a new addition to classics like twilight forest, mostly self contained, but also so modpack makers can use it as a base for their packs.

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    Well done for having it all thought out and described well. This wouldn't be too hard for someone to make, maybe even yourself since it's already based off an existing mob.

    For modeling I'd start with the original Wither and add to it using "blockbench" which is a simply free program for making minecraft things.

    As for the special abilities, spawning lava would be easy I think. You could have it shoot out a fire charge and tell the game "hey spawn a lava block 10 blocks above where this hits, if it hits an existing lava block." then have it despawn the source block after a second so you get falling lava without ruining the nether with random lava in the air.

    For the netherack digging, I imagine it'd work like dragons in Ice and Fire. Blocks have a rating for breaking and just set the wither to break anything around netherack or cobblestone strength.

    Finally the magma change can happen once it lowers and you can have it change any block it "walks" on into a magma block!

    Love this idea! If it doesn't become a mod of its own it'd be a cool addition to Mutant beasts or mowzies mobs or any boss pack.

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    Hmmm.. Thats alot to take on but I wish you luck! Something like this would be as large as some of the big name mods. You could save some time if you integrate (with permission) some older or dead mods from the past and tweak them to fit the theme. Look into and contact the developers of some of the mods of similar scale, ones like Advent of Ascension or Divine RPG or Ancient Warfare.

    Remember to save some time too by looking at people who have already done some of the things you want to make, like the midnight mod works as a shadow dimension. I'd also suggest looking into some mod packs with adventure themes to see good config work. I really liked the Dimension Zero mod pack as they combined mobs from tons of mods and made it challenging and scary.

    Links to everything mentioned plus some others for inspiration.

    Curseforge - Advent of Ascension

    Curseforge - Divine RPG

    Curseforge - Ancient Warfare 2

    Curseforge - The Midnight

    Curseforge - Dimension Zero

    Curseforge - Electroblob's Wizardry

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    Villages don't get enough attention! I remember getting so excited about tektopia, which is great but it's sad the developer doesn't seem to want to improve it, make it play nice with other mods, or update it at all. It has alot of these features such as the bell and defined buildings using named objects and item frames in specific places. It also had kids, stats, jobs, and assigned beds that changed color depending on if a villager "owned" it or not. As far as the highlighter are you looking for something like the one from open blocks?

    Curseforge - TekTopia

    Curseforge - OpenBlocks

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    This is an awesome idea!, plus having larger boats or something with a powered motor or something to fish off of in an interesting way would be great too!

    As for the kraken idea, here is a systemzee video with a kraken model, Idk if this guy releases these as mods as I've never found anything but its a wonderful idea booster to actually see a decent model to get a better grasp on ideas.

    What If Minecraft Had The QUEST & DUNGEONS Update?

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    Do you have the "repellent" enchant on anything? It's an armor enchant that can teleport enemies away when they hit you, and I think there's a similar enchant for weapons too. That's the likely culprit.

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    Remember you don't have to support them if they're acting wrong, especially as there is an alternative to that mod called "Fossils and Archeology Revival." They both involve gathering fossils and parts and reviving dinosaurs. I haven't had the chance to compare them but they're both longstanding mods with seemingly good talent.

    Fossils and Archeology Revival Curseforge

    Plus here is a fledgling resource pack for it on sphax

    Fossils and Archeology Revival Resource Pack

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    I tried to update this pack with a few snippits from other packs added in as well. It works pretty well on 1.12.2 and its posted over on the sphax forum.

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