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    Maybe something more common, like crumbling cobblestone? Makes me think of the old gameboy Zelda games.

    As for the concept, I'm definitely a fan of pitfall traps, but I think that this "all-in-one" trap really devalues the skill needed and satisfaction gained from wiring up a redstone trap.

    The recipe is a bit overpowered, too; compared to a normal redstone trap, all you need is some iron, rather than digging around for ages trying to get enough redstone and pistons to make a functional pitfall.

    If you wanted to make this into a mod yourself, you should change the recipe to use Wood, not Wooden Planks :P
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    Good lookin' mod, especially nice to see that it's updated frequently. Keep it up :D
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    posted a message on Scary topic of 1.8.2
    I thought you meant scary as in some kind of game-breaking topic :P
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