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    I'll be hosting a vanilla,1.18, SMP server the first possible moment that I can after the update (Likely Nov 30th or Dec 1st). My goal is to guide the server towards something like the Hermitcraft series found on Youtube. We'll start with from scratch, with a brand new, 1.18 world that's ripe with possibilities. I intend to keep the server running as long as possible - possibly even years into the future. I'll be streaming / recording my time on the server and I invite everyone else to do the same.

    To keep the player base somewhat mature, I will be enforcing a 16+ rule.

    That being said, If you're interested in joining us. Please enter a few things into a comment below and I'll read and review each one to pick our new player base for the server.

    -Your age (16+ only)

    -Your Discord tag

    -Why you're excited for 1.18

    I'll be as active as possible in reviewing each application. Thank you for your patience. And have a great day.

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