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    posted a message on ✦ 8-BitMC ✦ Now Hiring beta testers ✦

    We are currently in beta but we are planning to add as many minigames and game modes as possible

    If you get the rank you will have some basic perms and you will keep the rank forever

    Not much info cause there isn't much to put :/
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    posted a message on Hyperion, my robot

    Hi! I've been working a lot on command block stuff recently and in the process i've made a giant working Robot! I built it on a realm and in testing it has crashed twice because of it. It can supercharge tnt and it can crash the realm by summoning mine carts. But it drops your fps by 30 just by looking at it so its not exactly lag free... but I think its kinda cool, hope you like it :D (Also its about 40 blocks tall)

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    posted a message on Ik its probably not much compared to other peoples stuff but I made a robot called: Hyperion

    Hyperion is a massive 38 block tall robot made of armor stands, hope you like it :D

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    posted a message on Need players for realm

    Hi :D im looking for dedicated minecraft players to join my realm! This realm alternates between survival, creative, and empire building. Rules are simple:

    1. No greifing unless we are doing factions

    2. Pranks are allowed just dont go overboard

    3. Dont beg for op

    4. Have fun :D

    Just leave your ign so i can invite :)

    We have had many new players but we are looking for more. If you can please help accomplish this goal of 100. I will accept anyone who requests to join so join up :D

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    posted a message on Realm players needed

    Hello :D

    I have a realm that has lost activity and I'm looking for new players :D

    Id appreciate it if you'd join. :D

    Here are the rules:

    1. No griefing

    2. No hacking

    3. Listen to staff

    4. No begging for op

    5. Have fun!!!!!!! :D

    So why don't you join so we can make this realm great :) :DA:

    Leave your player name in the comments to join

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