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    Ancestors of the Deep

    Version 1.2.3

    !! DEAD !! Moved to CurseForge

    Hello everyone! I am Searous, the developer of this mod. As it might seem, this mod is not meant to be taken too seriously. The reason for it's development is to allow me to learn and become better at programming and modding with Forge. However, that does not mean that it is going to be a bad mod. I am doing my best to make this a fun, and balanced experience. Also, my source code is available for those who want it. I hope you enjoy this mod! Any and all feedback is welcome!

    What is this mod?

    Ancestors of the Deep is an "a little bit of everything mod". It contains features like world generation, and new items and blocks. It will delve into almost every aspect of modding Minecraft, from simple blocks and items to custom TIleEntities and new mobs. I aim to do a little bit of everything with this mod. I will admit that v1.0.0 is a little lacking, as it only adds a single tool set and an ore. But, I am working on adding more content.


    1 new ore in the overworld

    1 new tool set

    1 new armor set

    1 new achievement

    1 new mob

    1 new misc item

    1 new misc block

    1 secret


    The next version will most likely add one of both of the following.

    I plan to add a crafting station called the Tablet Crafting Table. It is used to craft Tablets used to craft items with the thing bellow this. It will contain a 5x5 crafting grid (maybe) and require EXP levels as well as items to craft the Tablets.

    I plan to add a unique crafting station that only has a unlocalized name at this point: Alchemy Table. Using a tablet, it will display a number of circular slots set on a ring in the GUI. The number of slots is dictated by the tablet inserted into a slot in the top left corner of the GUI. When a recipe is valid, the grey or brown ring will fill with a yellow or gold color starting at the top and going around clockwise until the ring is fully colored. At witch point, the recipe is complete and an item will be constructed, consuming the items in the ring but not the tablet. The crafted item will appear in a slot at the center of the ring. The items crafted here will be used to craft armor and tools in the normal crafting table, however each item crafted will only be able to craft one or two items as I want there to be a use for this system. This is the only way I can think of doing that and only using items from the new dimension. More on that later. This one may take some time, so don't expect the next update for some time as I have never successfully made something like either of these.

    After that update, I play to work on the implementation of a new dimension. This dimension will be titled: The Deep. It will consist, in this update, of a single biome, caves, a single universal mob called the Ancient Guardian. The sky here will be void black, with no sun, moon, or stars. There will also be no day/night cycle.

    The eventual plans are: The dimension will contain one single-segment dungeon (i.e. mob spawner dungeon). A single cave structure (i.e. revien-like structure). One multi-segment dungeon (i.e. mine shaft or stronghold). And a end goal that will remain secret until version 2.0.0. It will also contain trees, a liquid, tons and tons of new blocks and items, more mobs and maybe a few surface dungeons, more biomes and alot of stuff we haven't thought of yet! Honestly, I can't wait!



    *Fixed invulnerability to most damage while wearing Bedrock Armor. This is temparary
    *Bedrock Sharks will no longer attempt to spawn if the difficulty is set to Peaceful
    *Fixed server crashing on load
    *Changed Bedrock Armor recipes to reflect vanilla armor recipes
    +Added a WIP achievement page for later use

    +Added the achievement "Return to The Deep"
    -Removed (most) useless code


    +Added the Bedrock Shark mob. It sometimes spawns when you mine Bedrock Ore

    *Fix for a bug where Bedrock Armor made the wearer invincible


    *Bedrock Ore is slightly more common

    +Added a secret to the game




    Feel free to post screenshots. They might end up here.

    Bedrock Shark Mob

    Crafting Recipes

    Tool recipes are the same as vanilla ones, just using Bedrock Shards as the material.

    Armor recipes are the same, but with a piece of Leather thrown in somewhere. Just throw the Leather in the empty slots until it works.

    There aren't really any unique crafting recipes yet.

    Known Bugs & Issues

    Bedrock Ore can be mined with any pickaxe | no known solution


    All download for this mod will be done through Dropbox. If anyone has trouble with downloading, I will provide a mirror. If you have trouble please tell me, as I want to provide the best experience as possible. I am underage, so nothing is monetized.

    For a list of all available versions of Ancestors of the Deep see the Version List.

    Ancestors of the Deep 1.2.3 - Download | Src

    Ancestors of the Deep 1.2.1 - Download | Src

    Ancestors of the Deep 1.1.0 - Download | Src

    Ancestors of the Deep 1.0.0 - Download | Src


    !! This mod REQUIRES Minecraft Forge version or higher to run !!

    1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
    2. Download the Ancestors of the Deep version of your choice
    3. Put the Ancestors of the Deep-x.x.x.jar in the mods folder inside %appdata%\.minecraft
    4. Run Minecraft & enjoy!

    If you run into any trouble with installation, feel free to post here! If you game crashes on launch, send me the ENTIRE crash report and I'll be happy to help!

    Credits / Terms

    This is an open source project. You are welcome to use all assets used to create this mod as long as credit to that asset's creator is given.

    You are welcome to include this mod in a mod pack.

    I will say it again, but this mod will become my reference guide for future modding. You are welcome to use my code in any way you see fit, though I ask you to give me credit if you copy anything.

    Programming: Searous

    Textures: Searous

    Design: Searous, Jay

    Testing: EclipsXoRaiN

    Special thanks to family and friends for support, Jay for inspiration and ideas, and Harystolho» for helping with world generation. Thanks to Sim Gretina for making awesome music that anyone can use!

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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Help with ore generation / world generation || COME HERE IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH ORE GENERATION
    Quote from Harystolho»

    if you want you can see my custom ore generation https://github.com/Harystolho/Hmod/tree/master/src/main/java/com/Hmod/HaryGen

    Thank you! This source works! Of course, I"m going to rewrite it, but still it works! Thank you very much!

    - Searous

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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Help with ore generation / world generation || COME HERE IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH ORE GENERATION

    I know this most likely already exists somewhere, but after a few hours of searching and trying to figure this out myself. Therefor, I ask for help.

    The problem I am having is: Like normal, I call WorldGenMinable for ore generation. However, something is going wrong, and my ore is not generating properly. I'm not a noob nor am I a pro, not sure what I am exactly. Here is my code, and a log from a successful wold generation:

    Main Mod Class - http://pastebin.com/X4xkB9kw

    WorldGen Class - http://pastebin.com/TJGNTZGU

    block for generation Block Class - http://pastebin.com/WkGV2BRv

    Successful wold generation log - http://pastebin.com/WeZVgQbf

    Other information is, I use Eclipse for editing, and am modding minecraft 1.8, forge version .

    The exact issue is my ore doesn't seem to be appearing, even though it should be all over the damn place given the Y cord and chunk spawn tries I gave it.

    I'm making this mod for a friend, and I'd like to get it done as soon as possible. All help is appreciated! Thank you!

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    In-Game Name: sparten_x20

    Age: 16

    Previous Bans: Never been banned!
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    posted a message on MineThrall : A New MindCrack inspired server

    IGN: sparten_x20 (will be changed after 1.8 update)
    Age: 16
    Country: United States
    Favorite MindCracker: SethBling
    Do you understand the rules?: Of course!
    Reason for wanting to join: I've only recently started watching SethBling's MindCrack livestreams, and I really like the community that they have created. I'd like to give you a chance to try and recreate such a community. Also, I've been looking for a good SMP server. I think this would be the one that I would like to play on.
    A bit about yourself? (please be detailed, ask yourself why should I pick you): There isn't much to say, really. I am Searous; I'm a brony. I've been told that I am a generally nice person, and have never been told that I am obnoxious or annoying. I am teaching myself java through Minecraft modding, though I am not really good, I still do it because I find it fun. Ugh, this feels like a list, I suck at writing things like this! I'm up for making new friends, and love to be a part of fun and entertaining communities. I love building things with others, and playing SMP. I am normally on daily, if I like the community and have friends there. I do take breaks from playing Minecraft, though. Normally lasting a week to a month or two. But, like I said, that would change if I like the community. (witch, if this turns out the way we hope it to, then I will, and will probably be on 4-7 times a week) I can't think of anything else I would like to note upfront; I hope your server make it up the ranks, and hope to see you in Minecraft in the future!

    Good luck with everything, and thank you for reading this
    - Searous
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